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You are right, but you have to go to jail

May 21, 2007

I am away, so I have
not been able to post at all, but did not want the recent decision about
RCTV by the Supreme Court to pass without a comment.

I am no lawyer,
but basically the Court seems to be saying, we can’t say anything because
your rights haven’t been violated (yet!) and what you are arguing about is
that the correct procedure has not been followed and that is not for the
Constitutional Hall to decide, but for the Administrative Hall Thus,
the Constitutional Hall is saying that what RCTV argues is that it is not
for the Executive Branch to decide but for CONATEL and thus the other Hall
should decide.

The Court also skirts the Constitutional issues of
freedom of speech and the like. Thus, the Court seems to be saying “Tienes
razon, pero vas preso” (You are right but you go to jail), that is they
skirt the important issue and tell the other Hall to look into the
administrative procedures of the case, i.e. it should be CONATEL that
decides or not.

Meanwhile, Chavez acts like the Dictator he is, saying: “The only way that RCTV will not have the concession removed is for
me not to be President”

Which in the face of the opinion, is spoken
like a true Dctator/Autocrat