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A nice set of flowers, mostly species.

August 5, 2007

I am now back with some of my own plants below. Did not have much before, but things are beginning to bloom.

Above left my prize winning Cattleya Jenmanii Castro x Rosa, I repotted it and had stop flowering, but it ahs clearly come back with force. On the right is a Cattleya Gaskelliana Alberto x Hot Fire. Both are Venezuelan species.

Above is this fantastic specimen plant of Dendrobium Insigne. Over 100 flowers like that one the right. The bad news, they are only open for two or three days. This is its best flowering so far.

Above is a nice picture of a bunch from a Brassia Datacosta. It is hard to get it all in focus but it worked this time. On the right, one flower up close. Each flower is like six seven inches in size because of the spindly sepals.

Nothing that repetitive in today’s news from the robolution

August 5, 2007

—In El Nacional, I read that the Venezuelan Supreme Court in all its screwed up wisdom, ruled that foreigners do not have the same rights as Venezuelans on the economic front. The merits of the case are irrelevant to the decision, the Court simply said that the protection given by the Land Bill to those exploiting land for agriculture does not apply to foreigners. So much for Venezuela being a country of immigrants.

—And speaking of that Court, what was that Venezuelan Justice doing in the Miss Universe contest as part of the jury? Did the Court pay for the trip to that revolutionary event? And is it true that one of the Justices was not born in Venezuela, as required by the Constitution?

—And how about Deputy Iroshima Consolacion Bravo telling us in El Nacional that the new foreign exchange Bill is aimed at “minimizing the existence of the parallel market” because it has been going up so much. Maybe the Deputy should look at this story in El Universal today if she wants to understand why the parallel exchange rate keeps moving up. In the printed version there is a graph and it is absolutely scary. Bs. 5,000 per US$ or more by Xmas? You can bet on it!

—And how about funny man Deputy Julio Moreno, President of the Comptrolling Committee of the National Assembly telling us that there is more control than ever, but later admitting not one person has been sanctioned for corruption in this Government?

—And the cable car has been free since the Government took it over. I think everything in the country should be free from now on. Gas already is, but food, electricity and cellular phone service should all be free too.And we shouldn’t have to pay for RCTV.

—And the Government authorized the import of 500 million eggs, that’s 20 per citizen. Maybe local producers will be undercut in price by the imports, they will go under and next time we will have to import a billion eggs. (BTW, I had fried quail eggs yesterday, not a bad substitute, plenty of them here, but you have to fry a bunch to make a dent!). Will they be free?

—And Chavez’ nose keeps getting bigger and bigger. First he says that his support of Kirchner’s wife as a candidate for the Argentinean Presidency is not an intromission in that country’s affairs. And then he claims he never gave an ultimatum about Venezuela’s entrance to Mercosur. I guess he does not know what intromission or ultimatum means.

—Finally, my brother and others wonder that if it is true, as Chavez says, that Venezuela and Cuba have become one Nation, does that mean that any Venezuelan that steps into US land can stay? The US Coast Guard is going to be busy.

Venezuelan Electoral Registry on the web

August 5, 2007

If you are so inclined in this webpage you can find and download the complete Venezuelan Electoral Registry. You need Access to handle the data.

Nice talk, cool Internet

August 5, 2007

The Internet is cool, because on a Sunday morning I can watch this interesting talk from the comfort of my living room (also below, but there are many more in the link, like this other one by Rosling on Poverty!). And I can stop it. Or watch it again…