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Maletagate: Local Cartoonists are having a field day!

August 12, 2007

Local cartoonists are having a field day with the Maletagate affair. From left to right: Bozzone: “All that scandal for 800,000 dollars?”. Darwin: :”It seems that here we wash the dirty linen at home, but the dollars abroad” and Zapata: “Boot and Bounty”

Some species of my own, one without flowers

August 12, 2007

Two species from Eduardo

August 12, 2007

Eduardo M. sends these two pictures of his plants, now in clear competition with his brothers Santos, which can only help this page and its vieweres as they have wonderful plants as shown below

On the left a picture of two generations, on the basket at the right side of the picture is Cattleya Jenmanii semi-alba Armando Mantellini which has eight flowers and on the left is a seedling of the same plant croosed with itslef. On the eight Cattleya Lueddemanniana Margaret.