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Another step in the fraudulent change of the Venezuelan Constitution as Chavez’ Constutional coup moves forward.

August 21, 2007

The Constitutional coup that is being perpetrated on Venezuela’s democracy by Hugo Chavez and his cohorts continued in earnest today, as the farcical and fraudulent change of the country’s magna carta reached absurd levels.

Just as a remainder here are the steps followed by the autocracy so far in this process, including today’s developments:

1) Naming of a Constitutional Reform Commission with no legal basis to draft the changes without any discussion with anyone outside.

2) Chavez received the draft and still in secret worked on the document to remove and add his whims and desires without any consultation.

3) Chavez announced his proposed reform without discussing it with the commission desribeed on point 1). This happened one week ago.

4) The changes include modifications of the fundamental principles of the Constitution, which would require a Constituent Assembly composed of members directly elected by the people. Instead, Chavez proposes the National Assembly, 100% pro-Chavez modify the Constitution, which is only valid if the fundamental principles are not affected.

5) Today the National Assembly continued the fraudulent process, approving all of the proposed changes on their first discussion without any debate. Not one comma was changed. Even the basic principles of modifying laws were not followed. Yes, there were speeches, but none of the discussed the reasons for the changes, their contradictions or even their meaning. This despite the poor quality of the text handed out by the President.

6) A time limit of two months was imposed for the approval of the Constitution, despite the protest of pro-Chavez groups. There can be no time limit imposed on such an important change.

This is fraudulent, illegal and represents the completion of Chavez’ coup d’etat on the country and its laws under the guise of following some “democratic” steps. What Hugo Chavez did not achieve in 1992 with weapons and blood, he has now accomplished by deceit and treachery.

Watch now how Chavismo stops any possibility of voting on each new article of the Constitution at the upcoming referendum to approve the Constitution. If it were done this way, the only change that really matters to Chavismo, the perpetuation of Dictator Hugo Chavez in power with his indefinite reelection would never be approved by the Venezuelan people.

Not as bad as I thought

August 21, 2007

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