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A normal/bizarro day in Chavez’ Sunday variety shows in fours acts

August 19, 2007

Today President Hugo Chavez was his usual self in his Sunday variety show, always coming up with surprises to entertain the audience, threaten them and make everyone wonder about his sanity:

Act I: On the subject of why he needed so many new weapons, he said they are need for the guerrilla war against the US, including the recently acquired sniper guns with nightvision. Said Chavez: “Any American that goes up a creek, pum, pum, we shoot him”. I guess Eva has been warned! But more importantly, I wished he had explained to us the use of submarines or jet fighters in a guerrilla war, since he recently acquired so many of them.

Act II: On the subject of Maletagate, Chavez said that neither he, nor President Kirchner had to give any explanation on the matter of the US$ 800,000 brought by the now missing Guido Antonini. He blamed the whole scandal on the US once again, but in Argentina, the file on the case being investigated in Buenos Aires says that the order to send the money in the Enarsa plane with Antonini came from Chavez himself and was given at a lunch the day before!

Act III: Chavez let his imagination run. Since he can’t solve the basic problems of the country, like poverty, malnutrition, crime, the homeless and the like, he then escaped into his own Harry Potter fantasy world. He said he was going to build artificial islands all over the Caribbean sea to protect the 760,000 squared meters Venezuela had to the North and that nobody had ever cared about. He said these cities would eventually grow and be inhabited by thousands. (Gulags?)

Act IV: As his very special guest he had soccer player Maradona on the variety show. Maradona, a one time Argentinean soccer star and more recent drug addict, was greeted by Chavez as a great man. What a disgraceful example to Venezuela’s youth this man represents!

And thus another week of the bizarro/normal Chavez show went by leaving all Venezuelans eager to see what the autocrat may come up with for his next variety show.