Chavez calls the opposition’s victory excrement, announces plan to not follow popular will

December 5, 2007

Eerie show today, when the military
high command was holding a press conference to deny there had been
pressures on the President to accept Sunday’s results, when the autocrat
himself showed up. The video is right here (sound not great!):

Chávez y la victoria de mierda de la oposición
Uploaded by frankib

Among the lowlights:

–On Sunday, he ordered
military mobilizations towards the Governorships of Sucre and Zulia in case
the respective Governors decided to destabilize.(Note that he claimed last Sunday to have known he had lost since early Sunday evening)

was also ready to take over the media and shut down TV

–He said four times the opposition victory was “shit” and his defeat
“dignified”. (I guess he means shit for him, or I am interpreting it
wrong?). By the way, saying that word is against his own muzzle law, which bans the use of such language on TV and radio.But autocrats are above the law.

–He also said that had the votes all been counted (???) the
Si may have won, but he did not want a victory like that. (Preparing us for
turning around the numbers on the A block?)

–He accused General Baduel of boycotting his militias

–At the end, he starts saying goodbye and the stops and turns around and says that he will pass an Organic Law to create the militias and the rambles about Sunday and how he had everyone monitored even from the air and how he had everyone infiltrated.

–Chavez had said earlier that the King of Spain had sent congratulations to the people of Venezuela and that was a first step in improving relations. He also said the Spanish Prince would be carrying a persoanl message for him from the King who told him to shut up and Chavez has asked for an apology. The Spanish Royal House has denied both the congratulations and the message from the King.

All in all, a very worrisome spectacle by the Venezuelan President, full of hate, absolute disdain for Sunday’s results and even the suggestion that he may do something about it. It was a message that will not gain him supporters or sympathy, it was a message that may only create fear in the Venezuelan population and ratify to those that did not go and vote and those that voted, why it was they wanted his proposal rejected.

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