Did the military pressure Chavez to accept the No win and did they make a deal with him to soften the blow?

December 5, 2007

1)    Chavez talks on Sunday about his dilemma

2)    Chavez says he knew the No had won early on Sunday

3)    Chavez
says today that on Sunday night he ordered military movements on the
Zulia and Sucre Governorships, because they had plans to destabilize

4)    Diario
Vea had a headline ready saying the Si had won. That’s fine, you may
want to be ready early, but as seen in the video below, the front page
of Vea also had percentages for the Si victory.

5)   Eighty hours after the polls closed on Sunday, the CNE has not been capable of producing a second bulletin with the results from the referendum

6) The shit hit the F.A.N. (totally stolen from Escualidus Arrechus in Caracas Chronicles) today when Chavez showed up at the press conference of the military high command

7)    The Mayor of Libertador District, Freddy Bernal, the same one that on April 11th.
2002 was taped calling for the Circulos Bolivarianos to come down and
fight the peaceful march that was ambushed and two dozen people died
and hundreds were injured, was taped Sunday night saying :

says Rosales and Baduel are going to Plaza Bolivar due to the results
of the election, we can’t allow this ti happen as this has been a
bastion of the revolution….but the worst part is Bernal says “These are
instruction fro the fundamental leader….and await instructions, the
leader himslef via this network will tell us the actions to take…


And today we are supposed to believe that the military did not pressure Chavez on Sunday?

Yeah, sure

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