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When your Minister of Justice and the Interior is a thug and a badass

June 5, 2008

I am still traveling but friends always keep me informed of
the most up to the minute news.

You have to love it when the
Minister of Interior and Justice in charge of police and on the enforcement
of the new “intelligence” Bill is called a thug by Investors Business Daily
(), however IBD will never have to buy a used car
from the man anyway.

But when old reliable Der Spiegel tells us that
the FARC thinks that Rodriguez Chacin is a “real badass” that was
seeking such “humanitarian” and “caring” aid aid from the FARC such
as explosives, ambushes and the like, it really makes you proud to be part
of this glorious country with such a gentle and generous Government

ording to Der Spiegel:

The interior minister — described by FARC as
“a real badass” — was
apparently so impressed by the guerillas that he asked them for
assistance in training Venezuelan militias. “Rodríguez Chacín asked
about possible ways in which we could share our knowledge of guerilla
war,” Marquez wrote on Nov. 14, 2007 in an e-mail to Reyes. According
to the message, the Venezuelans were seeking information about “modes
of operation, explosives, camps in the jungle, preparing ambushes,
logistics and mobility … Everything that would be required to react
appropriately to a US invasion.”

What is never clear is if these
techniques were being sought to fight the outrageous crime levels the
Chavez Government has allowed in Venezuela, or to have the Chavez
Government fight its own citizens some day.

Hope we never find