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A little late, but the Devil much easier to find now!

June 11, 2008

When I started this blog almost six years ago, I was not sure where this was going to go, sort of assumed most of the readers would get here via and never gave much thought to getting the domain names. In fact, I remember even thinking that nobody would ever want to type something like to get to my blog anyway.

Over the years, people have asked and I really never thought much about it. Then last week, while traveling I thought of checking if the names were available or someone had kidnapped them to hold them for ransom. But lo and behold there they were, available for purchase. So, a little late, but almost at blazing Internet speed, starting today you no longer have to google “excrement” to find me (I am at #4 after Wikipedia and dictionaries), but can simply click it in there at devilexcrement and devilsexcrement just in case you try it with or without an “s”.

Thanks to the bro for his help.