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Chavez truly bizarre as he perfomers triple summersault on Intelligence Bill and goes into one of his “loving the people” moods

June 10, 2008

Today, President Hugo Chavez performed a triple summersault, reversing:
–All of the intelligence Bill, rather than certain parts as he said he would do last Sunday, abrogating the whole thing.
–Giving up his ability to reissue it under the Enabling Bill, which expires soon
the Bill to a National Assembly that after almost a year and a half may
not remember how to legislate under the new Constitution.
truly remarkable turnaround, another one in what is now a long string
of flip-flops in a very short time, which makes everyone wonder what is
going on in the autocrats mind.
The whole
thing was actually quite bizarre, maybe confirming that Chavez is
letting others run the country and he has become hands off on the
details. Among other things Chavez said:
(??) introduced some articles. This was like when I introduced the
Constitutional reform. They (??) introduced I don’t know how many more
articles and each of them (??) came with one idea, introduce that
there. And if one (?) is not careful, letter by letter, article by
article, then maybe things get complicated. They can get complicated”
they (??) introduced something, this, these articles, like 20 for
example, about the legality of proof.It is inconvenient. Not only is it
inconvenient, it is truly contrary to the spirit that moves us. It goes
against the Constitution, I have no doubt in saying it”
continued by criticizing article 16, “This article 16 is the most
disastrous, this is a disaster. Now I guarantee this, as long as I am
here this article will not be fulfilled. It can’t be. That is why the
decision I take today is to abrogate the whole thing…”
Chavez never clarified was where the Cabinet’s Attorney (Procurador)
was in all this, who “introduced” these disasters in the Bill and
whether he read it article by article or at all before it was signed
into a Bill. And by the way, didn’t anyone send the proposed Bill to
any member of the Supreme Court for revision before it was signed? 
After ten years, Chavez has yet to learn even the most basic principles of how to run a Government…
In closing on the subject, Chavez said that his Government “does not persecute nor will it persecute anyone”.
Which is very funny, given that today this order by the Bank Superintendent was leaked:
which a Military Court asks the banking system to provide any
information on any account that former Chavez buddy and confidant General Raul
Baduel may have at their institutions. Funny how Baduel, now that he
has become a member of the “opposition” is being persecuted by a
Government that does not want to persecute.
Or maybe,
just maybe, someone “introduced” that investigation into the Court, or
the Court was “fooled” into investigating Baduel, who up to a year ago,
was basically untouchable. Because either Chavez is lying or nobody is really in charge of his Government. 
Or perhaps, Chavez
does not know (yet?) that his Comptroller has blacklisted 400 politicians from
running in the regional elections in violation of the Constitution.
Eighty percent of them happen to be opposition, a remarkable number given that
85% of the regional positions are occupied by pro-Chavez politicians.
if you think this is all bizarre, Chavez then called on the Venezuelan
private sector, formerly known as the hateful “oligarchs”, to invest and create
strategic alliances with the Government that has persecuted,
nationalized and harassed them. In this new, new, new version of Hugo
Chavez, it is now the “foreign oligarchs” who are the enemy, who come here
only for profit and to take away the money of Venezuelans.
could almost fool me, but who can forget Chavez’ infamous “love”
campaign in the 2006 Presidential campaign, which lasted about a week
and a half before his customary aggressive verbosity returned. 
just more of the same, we have seen this Chavez movie before, he is
trying to change because he is in trouble, but he is doing it too
early, he will return to true autocratic form soon enough for all to see and some foreign fool will come to the comments section to tell us what a democrat this guys really is.