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As Chavez backs down on intelligence Bill, everything these days seem to be an error by the revolution…

June 8, 2008

It is part of the clueless nature of this fake
revolution that after a Bill is conceived, drafted and executed by Hugo
Chavez under the umbrella of the Enabling Bill, his servile collaborators
all defend the Bill, telling us in grandiose and pompous words why it was
necessary and indispensable and how the law does not violate the rights of

But can you get anymore bizarre than the autocrat himself
coming out and saying he can not defend the undefensible…

Can they
be any more incompetent and inefficient than that?

I mean, who wrote the Bill? Why did Chavez sign it into Law? Or even, did he sign into Law or is he
so far removed from the day to day operations of Government that some of
his close collaborators wrote it and executed without his

And after none other than his Minister of Justice
defended the Bill, Chavez comes out and says “The Law is bad…we made a

To say nothing of the blind and dumb followers who
attempted to convince their readers (if any) that the Bills was necessary and had
merits and how the stupid opposition human rights defenders, bloggers and
the like were utterly lost in the face of the wisdom emanated from the
Bolivarian Presidential Palace.

Can they be more stupid than that?

now seems to be that my thinking and that of my fellow bloggers,
politicians and writers is closer to Chavez’ thinking than the stupid
Chavista herd, who hails, follows and defends anything the autocrat may say
and suggest.

And they have have never looked as stupid and empty
headed as today, proving how idiotic their worship of the fake
revolutionary is.

Because the oxymoronic “intelligence” Bill in the
end simply shows the lack of intellectual depth and consistency of the
stupid Bolivarian revolution, which ten years after being in power is still
searching for definition and direction and bows under the pressure and
criticism of national and international opinion.

Because nothing
seems to be going well for it lately. From the capitalistic decision to charge for
broadcasting the revolutions messiah, to lowering public transportation
fares, to the intelligence Bill, everything is labeled an error, not by us
in the opposition, but by the creators of the ideas.

Sadly, it is
not that they have changed their minds, but it is simply that after ten
years in powers the same brainless and superficial yes men surround an Hugo
Chavez looking for direction, but reacting to every flip and flop of his
dwindling popularity. Meanwhile his supporters act like the deaf and dumb
pinball wizards of yesteryear, cheering the verbosity and errors of the
autocrat, acting like the religious fanatics they have become.

now we have a commission to review the new intelligence Bill, for which
there was no commission, or discussion as established in Article 211 of the
Bolivarian Constitution, which calls for the citizens to be consulted in
the process of creation of formation of laws.

But in the end the
truth is that Chavez believes in neither the representative democracy that
he has spent so much time destroying, nor the participative democracy that
he spends all his time ignoring.
Because once again, he shows that
he only believes in Hugo Chavez and whatever his whims and desires may be
on any giving day.

Even if he changes his mind the next day, calling
it an error. In fact, the whole revolution is just a gigantic error, which
has troubles getting even the most basic things right.