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US Treasury Department ties Venezuelan diplomat to Hezbollah

June 18, 2008

Today the US Treasury
Department identified
two Venezuelan citizens as Hezbollah supporters,
identifying their names, businesses and activities, accusing them of providing
support for the terrorist organization and making fundraising efforts in behalf
of that organization in Venezuela.

The charge are not new, exiled reported Patricia Poleo made
charges with even more details last week in her column in Nuevo
Pais. Poleo gave names of people who come to Venezuela to train Venezuelans as
well as Venezuelans who travel to Lebanon to train in guerrilla warfare. Poleo
also linked one of the men designated by the Department of the Treasury as
being linked to badass Chacin’s Vice-Minister Tarek el Ayssami.

The Treasury Department froze the assets of the two
Venezuelans. One of which is actually a new era diplomat for our country, who
was in charge of the Venezuelan office in Syria and is now at the country’s
Embassy in Lebanon. As I noted a few days ago, it was the new Minister of
Finance Ali Rodriguez who took charge of destroying the country’s diplomatic
service, replacing professionals with only supporters of the revolution with no

I am sure that tomorrow we will have Minister of Foreign Relations
Maduro call this another attack on Venezuela and the usual empty garbage the
thugs spew out when they are caught red handed, but I wonder whether Maduro
will address such issues as:

—The Venezuelan diplomat Ghasi Nasr al Din is also known
by eleven different names in the best tradition of badass Rodriguez Chacin. Maybe
we can learn who was in charge when this guy was nationalized Venezuelan or how
many ID cards, names and the like he has.

—The other character in this plot, Fawzi Kan’an is known
by about seven other names, with a variety of birthdates and birthplaces. Maybe
his ID number is fake, as the number is simply too low for someone who claims
to have acquired the Venezuelan nationality in 1997. Maybe Maduro can also
enlighten us on this. Kan’an or whatever his name is also accused of funneling
money to Hezbollah, as well as setting up its office and community center in

Of course, in a Government with no accountability or checks
and balances, all we will get are denials by the same thugs and hoodlums that
we have by now all gotten accustomed to.

In any serious country there would be at least an investigation,
but in “revolutionary” Venezuela, impunity rules if you are a friend of the

Remember suitcases full of cash? Remember sugar concerns in
Barinas? Remember structured notes?

Thugs and hoodlums run and rule in Venezuela!

Venezuela is being run by irresponsible, miserable hoodlums

June 18, 2008

While there has never been any doubt that Minister of
Interior and Justice Rodriguez Chacin is the closest thing to a hoodlum and a
public gangster that there is in Venezuela, his irresponsible behavior either
shows that the man is close to an intellectual retard or he thinks we are.

During his various tenures as Minister, Rodriguez Chacin has
assumed multiple identities, used them for personal enrichment, allowed FARC
leaders to come to Venezuela legally, nationalizing them and even allowing them
to vote, as he has flirted with the worst elements of the FARC, who impressed
with his personal destructive qualities and inhuman nature, labeled him a badass.

But he is much more than a badass, he is simply an
irresponsible bastard, who has no respect for human rights and who does not
assume the responsibility he has to share in the failure of the Hugo Chavez
Government to stop the growth of crime and homicides during the last ten years.

Because it has been ten years since Hugo Chavez got to power
and for nine of them Hugo Chavez did not even acknowledge the crime was even
close to a problem. He can ignore that the homicide rate had tripled in those
nine years, he can ignore that he had promised to fight crime when he was a
candidate in 1998, he can ignore that more Venezuelans have died in the last
ten years than Iraqis in the war in Iraq, he can ignore ten years of absolute
disregard for the human rights of Venezuelans, but neither Hugo Chavez neither
his Minister of Interior and Justice can ignore their responsibility for the
pain, the sorrow and the sadness that with their negligence they bring to so
many Venezuelan homes everyday.

But rather than accept that responsibility, like so many
other failures of the empty Chavez revolution, instead Rodriguez Chacin shows
what a miserable human being and “leader” he is when he begins classifying
crime as relative, telling us last week that weekly deaths in Caracas were down
to zero, but backtracking this week and acknowledging that there are 40 deaths
per week in this city, absurd for a city of five million. But then he shows he
is a man to be despised when
he states
that deaths between gangs are not part of citizen safety¨ and that
“crimes of passion” are
also second-class homicides
, not worth his time or his tears.

What´s next? Dismissing crimes against old people? Or opposition members?

Give him one more week and this misery of a man maybe will tell
us that stray bullets should also be ignored when compiling crime statistics
and well, I guess suicides are also not his responsibility and cab and bus
drivers are also asking for it by driving late at night trying to make a
living. This is a socialist society after all…

Because it has been ten years of total irresponsibility
where all problems, whether inflation, shortages, crime, garbage, unemployment,
kids in the streets, poverty and the like, are always the responsibility of
some long forgotten Governments or people, who nobody remembers or cares for
any more. People who had many faults, but at least there was respect for human
rights and the law and while there was corruption, it was kept in check by the
rightful institutions, which have been destroyed by Chavismo to protect their
stupid project.

Remarkably, Chavez, who claims to care so much for the
people, not only brought back this man that should be in jail for stealing and
killing fellow citizens, but keeps him in his all powerful position even if he
legislates at will on his shadow the most absurd bill to control the population, while
creating his own “badass” hierarchy of crimes.

But “badass” Chacin is in the end just a poor soul who
through his friendship with Hugo Chavez has managed to impose his non-existent
system of values and his disregard for human life and rights on all
Venezuelans. Who has managed to reach dozens of levels above his Peter
principle, where death is irrelevant, human rights just a vague concept and
playing at being soldier and guerrillas and being a tough guy, are more important
than assuming the responsibility of running and managing his Ministry or upholding the laws of the country.

The fact that this irresponsible Minister remains in charge
today, is simply another sign of the tragedy that the Chavez Government has
become for our beleaguered country.

And Chavez and him are responsible for the deaths of close to one hundred thousand Venezuelans in ten years.

A record for the type of miserable, irresponsible hoodlums they represent…