Random notes on a lazy Sunday in the Venezuelan revolution

July 20, 2008

Castro announces
that he will give up Government owned land to private
farmers. Funny, I learned long time ago from my friend Carlos Machado Allison
that the Venezuelan Government owns more than 50% of the country’s land, but
ahs never done anything about distributing it. Thus, if rather than take over
productive land, Chavez had given away the unproductive land in the hands of
the State, he may have gotten a positive return. Instead, he destroyed
productive land and got little in return.

Nacional tells people what we all knew
(except the opposition?) : That poverty
in Venezuela went up in 2007. Don’t try to look for an explanation, it is very
simple, Chavez won the Presidential election in December 2006, thus he did not
need to worry about his “people”. Thanks to high world oil prizes he went
looking for worldwide fame and spent money trying to get it, while his
“misiones” suffered from lack of attention, incompetence and inefficiencies.
Inflation went up, shortages intensified. Then he lost, he said “uups” and has
tried to change things as oil prices went even higher. But things are hard,
distortions in the economy hard to overcome, so things are not working out…

—And former Minister of Everything Jesse Chacon, now
candidate for Mayor of the Sucre Municipality in the East of Caracas, sympathizes with the
criminals of that municipality
. He claims they have been excluded and
forgotten. But he fails to understand that their criminal acts have tripled
since Chavez took over, so is he arguing that Chavez has excluded them even
more? That is part of the tragedy of the revolution, after ten years, they have
no plan about how to deal with the most basic needs of the population: Housing,
hunger, health, unemployment and crime. They want a “revolution” but they have
spent ten years defining it and have yet to find it. Meanwhile, hard working
people I know were collectively mugged in a bus in Petare on Friday and had all
the belongings (including their paycheck stolen. I also offered to drop
somebody that works for us closer to his home, but he preferred to g back to
our office and take the Metro (implying two more hours to get home), rather
than standing on the street and be mugged. These are very hard working people
that are definitely excluded and forgotten by the revolution.

—And Hugo
Chavez announces
that the sugar processing plant CAEEZ that he gave US$ 250
million in 2003, will receive an additional US$ 36 million, moving it from the most
expensive (and corrupt) sugar plant in the world, to…

The most expensive sugar processing plant in the world.

It is also four years late, thanks to revolutionary (and
corrupt) management. But Chavez needs to throw bad money after it, as the plant
is located in his home state of Barinas, where his whole family seems to be
running for office against the dogs of the empire, oligarchy, corrupt, traitors
that have been with Chavez forever and now have had enough. Of course, these
acts of corruption have never been denounced or investigate so these people
that were Chavista up to a few months ago can run for office.Wouldn´t it be fun if the Chavez family loses Barinas? It’s possible, they ahd a hard time filling the stadium for Chavez’ speech, despite the buses. People that went did not even stay for the main act.

—And in good news for the opposition, William Ojeda finally gave
his candidacy for Mayor of the Sucre District in Caracas, allowing
Carlos Ocariz to run and likely win for the opposition against Jesse Chacon.
Ojeda was quite stubborn and refused to accept what the polls were saying.

Should I remind everyone that I want primaries for
everything? If we had had them the opposition would not be having be having the
problems it has been having.

—Pleasant thought of the day: And Hugo Chavez better be
careful in how he treats Ruffian the Comptroller. Just think, if Ruffian gets mad at the President, he could disqualify him from running for office for up to
15 years.

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