A picture from the clueless revolution

July 27, 2008

A friend and former student Efrain, sends me this somewhat mystifying picture taken near Carupano in the Eastern part of Venezuela. It is a ¨Bolivarian Educational Unit¨that goes by the name, I kid you not, of ¨Costilla de Vaca¨, literally Cow´s Rib. Amazing they could not think of a historical figure, battle, regional theme or accomplishment to name the ¨Ünit¨.

But even more mystifying are the drawings of ¨Before¨and ¨Äfter¨. It seems as if all the revolution has done is change one rudimentary tool for another, a scarf over the head here and there, but that’s it. I fail to see any real significant change in the before and after pictures.

Which only goes to show how slippery the revolution, its accomplishments and its goals have become even to the hardcore supporters of Chavismo.

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