Things get really bizarre as the Venezuelan media seems to ignore the interesting news

July 29, 2008

I have been quite disappointed at the so-called “mainstream
media” for not covering the press conference today on the final results of the
Aragua primary. Here we have a
truly democratic, transparent and efficient process with final results less
than 48 hours before the polls closed and only Noticiero
Digital managed to have coverage of it
. It is now 9:30 PM in Caracas as I
write this and I can’t find anything in either El Universal, Globovision,
Unionradio, ABN, El Nacional or Tal Cual.

Noticiero Digital posted it before 3 PM (The press
conference was supposed to have started at 11 AM) picture of Maria Corina
Machado and all included.(You can read and find out all about the primaries you wanted to know (or not!) including the final tally as well as a look at the round ballot, probably a first in the world, at The post with the final tally was up right after 1 PM)

Maybe they were afraid to show how easily Aragua resolved
its problem while Chacao is mired in a confusing mess of candidates,
bickering, accusations and confusion.

Maybe that is also why Ismael Garcia’s speech in the
National Assembly telling Deputies that this is no revolution or socialism and the
Government is full of corruption, is also nowhere to be seen in the regular media.(Disclaimer: I don’t particularly like Garcia)

Oh yeah! And the Venezuelan Supreme Court ruled on one
request for an injunction against the resolution by the Comptroller
disqualifying the person that presented  from holding public office. Had it gone the other way it would have been messy.

At least Tal Cual did
on Minister of Energy and Oil Rafael Ramirez’s statements that when
electric service has been interrupted recently. it was not a blackout or a power
cut, because it was done only for maintenance purposes.Get it? I certainly don’t

I guess next time the lights go out, I will have to call
Electricidad de Caracas to ask if they really went out or they are doing
maintenance and they disconnected them for my convenience..

This explanation must be like the one about crimes we don’t
care about if they happen, like when hoodlums are killing each other. Or
maybe it is like
the discussion
in the Mercosur Parliament by Paraguay’s Partido Nacional,
which the President of our Parliament says was not  discussed because
only one Deputy brought the subject up and nobody paid attention to him anyway (Nadie le paro!). This must be
like whether the trees fall or not if nobody is in the forest to see them do it.

What do I know? I don’t even haggle when I go shopping to
help the Government stop inflation. Maybe the CNE did report the rest of the votes in the December referendum, but they did not tell anyone and did it quietly and secretly.

This is a revolution after all…just a bizarre one…

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