How quickly does Hugo Chavez forget his fake beliefs in democracy or Venezuela, a democracy no more!

October 2, 2008




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In 2003
Hugo Chavez was grandstanding around the world claiming he did not believe in
“representative” democracy, because he only believed in
“participatory” democracy. Supposedly he only believed in the
“people” and not in those elected by them to make decisions.

Of course, at the time he had a plural National Assembly that wanted to discuss
things and the like, which went against his vary autocratic and dictatorial
nature, so the word participatory would come out of his mouth every ten words.


Not any

Because the “people” decided in December in a referendum that they
did not want many changes to the Constitution, but instead of accepting the
decision of the “participatory” democracy associated with a
referendum Chavez simply went back to the only form of participatory democracy
he likes: He participates the people what it is he wants, independent of the

Because yesterday after midnight the Venezuelan National Assembly approved
the Organic Bill for the Organization and Management of the Territory
which contains the same concepts rejected by the “people” in last
December’s referendum.

The Bill gives Hugo the autocrat (dictator) the right to be the “supreme authority
on the organization and management of the territory” conducting public
policy in the building of a socialist geographical space”, all concepts
rejected in the referendum and thus in violation of what people voted.

The Bill also gives Chavez the authority to name the same “Regional
Authorities” that voters said last December they did not want, a new
position which represents Chavez in the regions and have a hierarchy above the
elected Governors of the country.

There are other morsels, like the whole territory of the country is defined as
“public utility” and all subject to expropriation, also a concept
rejected in the December referendum.

So, when people come and tell me Venezuela is a democracy because Chavez was
elected, they better be prepared t tell me how it is that Chavez can ignore the
vote of a referendum and legislate at will what the people rejected explicitly.

Of course, they will just go on a tangent that simply demonstrates that they
are Dictator lovers with no democratic principles or beliefs in human rights.

But we knew that even before this or the 26 Bills approved by Chavez the
autocrat (dictator) under his enabling Bill were passed without consultation.

Because in the end, Venezuela
ceased being a democracy long ago, when Chavez began walking the gray areas he
is not afraid to step of these days. And as rights and laws are violated the
fascists of the left continue to raise their ugly heads to defend the

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