Two more double standards at work: Chavez’ brother and the not so innocent OAS

July 13, 2009

Double standards seem to be the rule of the day in this cynical world of Venezuelan and Latin American politics. Today we suffered through two cases, one new, one old, where the double standards of the robolution and its new found friend the OAS and its Secretary General are simply too sickening to pass up and note:

i) Those “poor” Telesur reporters: And while we are being bombarded by repotrts of the mistreatment of the Telesur reporters in Honduras (who just happened to be driving cars that had been reported stolen), I learn of the fact that Chavez’ brother, the Governor of Barinas State Adan Chavez, had New York Times reporter Scott Dalton kicked out of the political event presided by him, because Dalton was “suspected” of being a CIA spy or something like that.

Meanwhile, the outcry over Honduras detaining and kicking out the Telesur reporters does not cease, but Chavez was shown to be behind the effort to violate Honduras laws and promote the referendum to hold a Constituent Assembly in Honduras.

The difference between the two? Telesur is the very overt TV station of the Chavez revolution and its role in transmitting what is happening in Honduras has been very political from day one. While the OAS and the Venezuelan Reporters Association condemn what happened in Honduras, no mention is being made of what the Presidents’  fascist brother ordered done last week. Where is Izarra when it does not affect his personal and/or political interests?

ii) The not so innocent OAS: And the cynical and not so innocent OAS Secretary General Insulza turns out to have played a much more controversial and relevant role on the Zelaya referendum. Not only did the Supreme Court of Honduras rule the referendum illegal, but it turns out that the Congress of Honduras asked the OAS to withdraw the observers from the illegal vote and the motion approved by that body  expressed its surprise that the OAS would take part in such an illegal act and explicitly ordered to “express its profound indignation on the participation of the OAS in this illegal event and ask for the withdrawal of the observation mission”.

So much for Insulza’s claim that it is difficult to “interfere” with the internal affairs of a member country. In fact, via Daniel, in this note from Chavez YVKE Mundial radio station, none other than the Director for Electoral events of the OAS, Raul Alconada, tells Telesur (who else?) that everything is ready for the illegal referendum under the hostile (to the Honduras independent powers) supervision of the OAS. And while Alconada talks about the “State”, he should have said the “President” because the State, as represented by its Congress, asked that the OAS withdraw it mission and the OAS had to know that the Honduran Supreme Court declared the act illegal.

Thus, Mr. Insulza not only had a double standard on the case, but consistently helped  Zalaya on his goal to change the Honduran Constitution, despite the repeated calls to the OAS to stay away and noting the illegal nature of the referendum proposed by Zelaya.

Thus, Mr. Insulza claims on the Ledezma case his inability to interfere with internal affairs of a country, but on the other hand participates actively and aggressively in Zelaya’s attempt to undermine the rule of law in his country. And once Zelaya is removed, Insulza moves swiftly and strongly to condemn Zelaya’s ouster in a manner that was not used in in similar cases in Bolivia and Ecuador, while ignoring Hugo Chavez’ abuses of political and human rights in Venezuela.

A true double standard in both cases, which shows the ability of Insulza and Chavez’ cronies to be cynical and totally biased under similar circumstances.

10 Responses to “Two more double standards at work: Chavez’ brother and the not so innocent OAS”

  1. GWEH Says:

    Good point Jerry … that’s if he got them back. They probably did a delete all or reformated the cards with the cameras … most likely Nikon or Canon DX or full frame DSLRs using type 1 CF cards.

  2. Jerry Says:

    re: Dalton’s memory cards…plenty of data can be recovered even if erased or formatted over. I’ve saved hundreds of pictures this way from faulty or accidentally erased memory cards, so unless the agents who confiscated the equipment did a 0-1 format/ overwrite the data, chances are an experienced reporter like Dalton will know how to get it back.

    I hope so, anyway. It’s always nice to read outside reports that try to show the real picture instead of recycling the government press releases.

  3. GWEH Says:

    A little naive for Dalton to keep camera memory cards with various days work where they could easily be found. He won’t make the same mistake twice.

    The chavistas fucked up for they have no idea who Dalton is and maybe they don’t care but what goes around comes around. A world-class guy like Dalton is not going to feature the chavistas in kind light… not even benefit of doubt and Dalton’s work will be more enduring than anything produced by chavismo.

    Chavez is stamping his legacy for posterity!

  4. FC Says:

    If Ledezma’s stunt works to prevent Insulza from being re-elected it will be worth it.

  5. Sean Says:

    Makes you wonder at the sheer pointlessness of Insulza’ sudden (and forced) interest in Ledezema. What will Ledezma achieve other than publicity for his very just cause because he in fact talking to a Chilean Chavista and therefore nothing will happen but waffle. I don’t believe for a minute that all of a sudden Insulza will wake up and talk about about “democracy” in the true sense. The OAS is redundant and should be disbanded. Ciao!

  6. Gringo Says:

    Here is another Insulza/OAS double standard. This is what Insulza had to say about Fidel Castro.

    “One of the greatest sources of the legitimacy of the Cuban system is named Fidel Castro. And I say this with much respect and almost admiration for his character. …Our experience is that Fidel Castro is a person who has occupied half a century of life in the hemishpere, for good or for bad, like him or not, and that personality has ended up by imposing himself as legitimate within the hemisphere or within Latin America, a regime such as we have today. And it is strange, recognizing it amongst ourselves, myself, that we speak of democracy in Latin America but we don’t have today regimes that substantially question the Cuban regime, which is a sign that legitimacy exists. When that source of legitimacy is no longer there, I believe that the regime has to change….…..The Cuban system can evolve in the manner that Cubans want and second that we do not intend to impose solutions nor create conflict or unrest within Cuba.” (1)

    Note Insulza implied that Fidel made the Cuban regime legitimate, and that when Fidel was no longer on the scene, the regime was no longer legitimate.

    By contrast here is the OAS on Honduras.

    “Members of the Organization of American States gave the interim government in Honduras 72 hours to reinstate democracy or face possible suspension in a resolution approved on Wednesday.”(2)

    Time and patience for a totalitarian regime that has lasted a half century, but ASAP for a democratically elected government in which the legislature and the Supreme Court decided that the President had violated the Constitution and had to be removed.

    The issue of double standards has never existed for Thugo and his minions, because they have always framed the issue in terms of power, not ethics. What they can get away with and what they can prevent others from doing. Or as Lenin said, “Who—whom?” Thugo’s response to being called on double standards is, “So what? What are you going to do about it ? As for myself, I will denounce you to the heavens.” For people like Insulza, who perhaps still has some semblance of ethics when called on the issue, calling them on double standards may actually shame them. Thugo has no shame.

    (1)My translation of text on link; I first transcribed the italicized part into Spanish.

    El systema Cubano puede evolucionar in la medida que los Cubanos quieren y segundo que no intentemos Imponer soluciones o crear una agitación o un proceso conflictivo dentro de Cuba.

  7. Virginia Says:

    Double standards and blatant lies. The VTV and Telesur reporters driving the non-returned car were released at 3 am after the Venezuelan ambassador interceded for them. That was on July 12th.
    But the declaration of ALBA leaders to withdraw their ambassadors from Honduras (June 29) bears the signature of the president of Venezuela, who a few days later challenged Obama: “Why don’t you withdraw your ambassador as we did with ours?”
    The diplomatic qualifications of the Venezuelan ambassador in Honduras since June 6? Expert in military logistics, specialized in submarines and “tiros de combate”.

  8. concerned Says:

    The emperor has no clothes…All of these false leaders supposedly supporting the will of the people under the guise of democracy are being seen for the self serving, want to be dictators that they are. It is time to end the madness.

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