According to Venezuela’s People’s Ombudsman soaring crime is just a “sensation” created by the media

July 19, 2009

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One of the true innovations of the 2000 Bolivarian Constitution was the creation of the position of the People’s Ombudsman or Defensor del Pueblo. With its creation, the old office for the defense of human rights was taken out of the Prosecutor’s Office, given an independent status and the rank that human rights deserve in a modern and democratic society.

Unfortunately, it never delivered on the promise. The first person to occupy the position was German Mundarain, a mediocre and lowly character who spent his tenure at the position defending Hugo Chavez and ignoring the blatant violation of people’s  rights like the Chavez/Tascon list and even the flagrant murder of poor Venezuelans day after day.

Mundarain was thankfully not renewed in the position and nobody thought we could get someone as willing to please the Dictator and were a little (never have high expectations with the revolution!) encouraged that a younger person, Gabriela Ramirez, reputed to be a Diosdado soldier was named to the position. And while being with Diosdado should not be considered a positive recommendation, I did know that Ms. Ramirez was actually royally screwed when she was a candidate for Chavez, when the  PSUV gave her little funds for her campaign, just because of her closeness with “Pretty Eyes” Cabello.

But it was not to be. Ramirez has turned out to be a female version of Mundarain, at times more radical, but always coming out to defend the indefensible regime of Hugo Chavez and its antics and seldom expressing a word in the defense of the meek and weak.

But I must say I was astonished, with a regime that has lost its ability to amaze and surprise me anymore, when Ms. Ramirez came out with her rather novel, daring and silly theory about crime and homicides in Venezuela.

According to Ms. Ramirez, the person that is supposed to be defending the people and their rights, the problem is not that there is insecurity in Venezuela. Rather, this high level of improvised theorist of what is happening in Venezuela says, it is more of a “sensation” of insecurity, created by, you guessed it, the media, who hammers on the subject thus creating this generalized feeling that there is a problem that does not exist. Then, in the greater mind of this neo-fascist of human right defense, the solution is to attack the problem at its roots, forcing the media to stop promoting this “sensation” or “feeling” that murders have increased during the incredibly positive regime of Hugo Chavez, neo-Dictator.

I guess this lady may have been too young (or care?) to know that in 1998 when Hugo Chavez became President there were around 8,000 murders a year in Venezuela and that number is currently at around 14,000, after topping 16,000 in 2004. (Some believe the lowering of the number is simply fudging). Thus, she should worry about reality, because 8,000 were unacceptable then as much as 14,000 are today, particularly because the deaths occur largely among the poor, the ones that have the least capability to defend themselves.

But homicides and kidnappings have become the rule of the day and gone beyond anything imaginable and much more than a simple “sensation” created by the media. In the last six months a client of mine was kidnapped while driving his 1990 Malibu (The kidnappers were not fooled, they knew exactly who he was) and a person I know and respect quite a bit, was kidnapped and remains in the hands of the kidnappers almost three months after he was taken away.

But these are the ways of the revolution, they improvise and invent concepts right and left even if they have no clue about what they are talking about, which leads to people like Ramirez defending human rights, the other Ramirez as head of PDVSA  or Merentes in the Central Bank or, yes,  Chavez in the Presidency.

And the whole thing is so depressing that I have to end by translating Laureano Marquez’ take on the subject which he entitled “Sensational” , quoting Kant in that “Patience is the strength of the weak, while impatience is the weakness of the strong”. The article was not as difficult to translate but for the last sentence, which refers to the TV show Sabado Sensacional which used to fill six to eight hours of entertainment every Saturday in Venezuela.

Sensational by Laureano Marquez in Tal Cual

It has been said this week in Venezuela that this is not a country without security, but it is a country in which we live a “sensation” of insecurity. Everyone has attacked the author of the phrase, without realizing that the postulate is a transcendental concept that even is philosophically impeccable. To me, this stuff takes us back to Kant, the German philosopher, who understood the concept of sensation as “the effect over the representative faculty, as far as we are affected by it”

Who can assure the more than 59 people that died last week in Caracas that they are truly dead? Do we have the capacity of involve ourselves in spiritual inights? Probably, Kant and his Ombudsman would say that “the object”, the lead bullet, produced over “the representative faculty” of the victim the “sensation” of dying. The only difference with other vitals sensations is that this will be a lasting and definitive sensation, but that takes nothing away from it.

Probably the relatives have the sensation that they buried him and the morgues the sensation that they collapsed…I will go even further; Do you, dear reader ever have a feeling that we only have a sensation of Government, that this shit can not be happening?

Have you ever thought when oil prices go up beyond one hundred dollars and you keep contemplating the same poverty, that what we have here is a sensation of wealth? When you hear the corresponding Minister saying that he is going to end with the workers and that he will lessen their working conditions imposed by the –employee-Government, that what we have here is a sensation of socialism? Don’t you have the sensation that here what they are doing is ripping off the money shamelessly? With what happened in Curiepe don’t you get the feeling that people are getting pissed and that the “people’ have the sensation that they are being screwed and that is why they are going to shut down radio stations so that people do not have the sensation that they have sensations? To me, by now, I have no doubt; Venezuela is a country, which is:

Sensational! (like the TV show)

15 Responses to “According to Venezuela’s People’s Ombudsman soaring crime is just a “sensation” created by the media”

  1. I really like what you guys are up too. This type of clever work
    and exposure! Keep up the great works guys I’ve included you guys to

  2. […] De acuerdo a la Defensora del Pueblo, el aumento de la inseguridad es una “sensacion” creada por los medios Julio 21, 2009 (This post in English here) […]

  3. […] According to Venezuela’s People’s Ombudsman soaring crime is just a “sensation” created by t… […]

  4. Deanna Says:

    Is there a virus going around in Latin America? Now Ortega also wants to change the Nicaraguan constitution to allow successive re-election for presidents!!!

  5. frank Says:

    Gringo: The number of 8,000 murders for 1998 appears to be high. Given the 1998 murder rate of 22/100,000, and the 1998 population of about 22.8 million, that comes out to around 5000 murders.

    I did a search for Briceño-Leon, from Laboratorio Venezolano de la Violencia, and he puts the number for 1998 on 4,400 and he says that violence had remained stable since the early 90s (with a peak in 1992) until Chavez came to power. It was up from then on. There is a interview with him in Analitica (in Spanish):

  6. Crow Says:

    A Spanish Catalan newspaper is reporting that Honduran authorities have seized computers found in the Presidential Palace belonging to deposed president Mel Zelaya. Taking a page right out of the leftist dictator’s handbook, these computers, according to the news report, contained the official and certified results of the illegal constitutional referendum Zelaya wanted to conduct that never took place. The results of this fraudulent vote was tilted heavily in Zelaya’s favor, ensuring he could go ahead and illegally change the constitution so he could remain in power for as long as he wanted to.
    This is the man that the OAS, the UN, and the Obama State Department want the Honduran people to reinstall as their leader.

  7. GWEH Says:

    wait till crystal meth hits Venezuela. At some point the Mexicans, Chinese, Colombians, Venezuelans, Cubans and others are going to realize that making meth in an ALBA country is so much better than dealing with Colombian grown coca!

  8. GWEH Says:

    Here it is:

    I can see Chavismo counter-information and deception swinging into action with conjecture, hearsay and unsubstantiated tales of US (CIA) drug running in Central America during the 80’s … that’s the best they can do unless you want to include their ‘DEA running drugs’ in Venezuela claim. Then they will go into “the USA is the number one consumer of cocaine blah blah blah…”

    But Venezuela is the NUMBER ONE PER CAPITA consumer of cocaine in the world and this fact is nothing new. That is Venezuela’s dirty little secret along with the lowest median age (12 years) for cocaine addiction (basuco). Really, Venezuelans beat Colombians at their own game.

  9. Gringo Says:

    frank: Is the number of murders for 1998 right? The number I’ve heard is 4,500.

    The number of 8,000 murders for 1998 appears to be high. Given the 1998 murder rate of 22/100,000, and the 1998 population of about 22.8 million, that comes out to around 5000 murders.

    I am with those who believe there has been some fudging associated with the post 2004 lowering of the murder rate, since WIKI about a year ago listed the murder rate as being in the 60s circa 2006.

  10. Deanna Says:

    Yes, GWEH, he is one lucky guy with a strong constitution. Fortunately, the shooter didn’t have a good aim; my nephew is still recovering.

  11. frank Says:

    Is the number of murders for 1998 right? The number I’ve heard is 4,500. The estimate for this year goes as high as 19,000, as appeared in a newspaper today (don’t recall if it is El Nacional or El universal).

  12. GWEH Says:

    He survived seven bullets? Wow… let me guess: small caliber (.22/.308/.38) jacketed ammo but entirely possible with any other caliber. That is one lucky guy.

  13. Deanna Says:

    I guess it was just a “sensation” when my nephew recently got held up by a “malandro” in his little farm, who wanted to steal whatever money he may have had, and got shot up with seven bullets going through his body (making at least 14 holes in total: thank God, they didn’t hit any vital organs!) And I guess it was just a “sensation” we had when one of our relatives in Trujillo walked out of an aunt’s house, never to return again!!!Hopefully, we can have a “sensation” of happiness when this Chavez nightmare is finally over.

  14. GWEH Says:

    Venezuela’s homicide rate extrapolated to the US would be 10X the current US homicide rate or roughly 1 million homicides per year (mostly by firearm).

    With those numbers the US President would be termed genocidal and probably impeached.

    Crime and insecurity are the #1 reason folks leave Venezuela.

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