Venezuela’s rocket launchers found in the hands of FARC guerrillas

July 27, 2009

(Este post en español aquí)


So, yesterday Colombia says that they have found rocket launchers sold by Europeans countries in the hands of the FARC. In fact, this had been around for a while before yesterdays announcement.

Colombia said in its press release that it had notified the countries selling the weapons and today Sweden, requested information from Venezuela as to how the SAAB racket launchers that General Rangel inspects in the picture above, could have ended up in the hands of the terrorist group.

Of course, the Venezuelan Government, caught red handed once again, helping the guerrilla group just refuses to acknowledge that this is the truth and Foreign Minister Maduro denounces it as a “brutal” campaign against Venezuela by Colombia. As usual, Maduro does not go to the crux of the matter, which is how the FARC got its hands on the rocket launchers. Because the Venezuelan Government has never reported that the weapons were missing.

But the Emperor has no clothes and there is too much evidence of Chavez’ support for the FARC, no matter what the Government and its cheer leading PSF’s may say. This is the typical Chavista behavior, first, deny everything, the “Yo no fui” (It was not me) attitude that we have seen so many times. Second, the “we are the victim” position and we are being attacked just because we are not liked for our political stance, and finally, even if there is serious evidence, never, ever address the evidence. The rocket launchers just “disappeared” and who says they were not stolen on purpose to make us look bad.

Maybe Insulza will look into it…yeah, yeah!!!

27 Responses to “Venezuela’s rocket launchers found in the hands of FARC guerrillas”

  1. Thank you looking for details. It helped me in my mission

  2. hoodia Says:

    Nice but i think something is missing.

  3. Jack Says:

    They had two months to come up with an explanation before Colombia went public with this

  4. […] Lanzacohetes venezolanos encontrados en manos de la FARC Julio 28, 2009 (This post in English here) […]

  5. GWEH Says:

    Sweden was right behind the US in arms embargo of Venezuela.

    Regarding a comment from Concerned: Venezuela may well be providing Iran with military gear and armament. The Iranian Defense Minister was recently in Venezuela some say negotiating purchases including latest generation Russian night vision goggles that Venezuela had acquired from Belarus? Others say two Iranian Republican Guards on that same trip died aboard the Mil-18 crash that week (the crash that was shrouded in secrecy).

    In the end this is many levels more complicated than meets the eye and the public and media are little informed compared to many country governments and their intelligence agencies.

  6. GWEH Says:

    Folks lets not get sidetracked by the agents of deception and other off-topic unrelated talk. This is about Venezuelan issued AT4 anti-tank weapons in the hands of FARC.

    To answer some questions: AT4s have been used by the regime as props in their press conferences and montages. At first the regime did not bother with the little details including type of weapon. This left unanswered questions particularly those who knew the weapon. Gradually “journalists” started getting smarter (Patricia Poleo) and began to correctly identify AT4s and question the regime’s version of events.

    I doubt FAN can account for all its AT4s. I have seen plenty in non-FAN hands but one question remains: are those pictures of fired or unfired weapons? Shrinkage of stockpiles would not surprise me.

    Regarding the issuance of Venezuelan passports to questionable foreigners who arrive via Iran Air flights from Iran, that is the purpose of those money-losing flights: to move unmolested between Damascus, Tehran and Ccs.

    Regarding Margarita Island, Hezbollah has contacts there going back to the IVth Republic. Back then, the American and Israeli intelligence services kept close tabs on suspects via their Venezuelan counterparts so when there is talk today of Hezbollah in Venezuela it’s not someone talking out of their ass.

    Regarding the Iranian containers bound for Venezuela that where inspected in Turkey: it was determined from the equipment being sent and the chemical traces found that the Iranians were shipping a ‘high-explosive’ factory to Venezuela.

  7. Nobody Special Says:

    I decided to find out if “Crow” was correct, because while I live Margarita Island and haven’t heard anything about terrorists and rockets, I could just be “out of the loop” so to speak.

    Well, I kept my eyes open and looked around carefully this morning while spending some time at the beach… and I saw some massive rocket launchers here at Playa El Agua on Margarita Island !!!!!

    The sneaky terrorists are using beautiful women to transport and hide their missiles in a very sneaky manner… with the women hiding the rockets inside fake breasts which are covered by only the smallest of bikinis. There are women all over the beach… walking or laying around with these rockets in plain sight! It’s even possible to see the “sensitivity adjustment buttons” on the tips of the rockets… especially after the women get out of the cold ocean!

    The government needs to immediately pass a law that will prevent these rockets from being hidden by the bikini tops! Someone alert Miraflores immediately!

  8. concerned Says:

    Not sure about the specifics of the Iran containers. I just remember it in the news several months back about the use of Venezuela sea and air shipments diverting arms into Iran violating the arms embargo. Not selling, only diverting.

  9. marc in calgary Says:

    I had thought the french were the major supplier to Iraq, and as much as I dislike using wiki as source, here it is…
    It’s listed in “Program development 1960’s – 1980’s” … “All told, 52% of Iraq’s international chemical weapon equipmente was of german origin” … and a few lines later it states, “Around 21% of Iraq’s international chemical weapon equipment was french”. It’s quite a selection of suppliers though, the japanese, chinese, US americans, brazilian suppliers… it is as Lenin noted when asked where will we get the rope to hang the capitalists, “they’ll sell us the rope”. Most of the industrialized countries lined up to sell this to Iraq, and as Kepler noted, it is a global mess.

  10. Kepler Says:

    FC, I mentioned Germany first because I knew you were going to jump in.

    Even the German state TV denounced that about their own government.
    I think Germans in general have less problem recognizing the shit created by their own land than SOME other people about their adopted or native country.

  11. FC Says:

    I know German technology was purchased by Saddam for his bunkers, this was in several different books I read concerning the Gulf War, one of which was the General’s War.

  12. Kepler Says:

    Anon, you can put GERMANY in font 100, for all I care. Firstly: I am not German . Secondly: I don’t get hurt by hard things said about a country, even if it is mine. (false) patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.
    Thirdly: I don’t care who sold more chemical weapons in this particular case. I know Sweden by a long shot does not compare to the US in helping Saddam-like regimes. Here I am dealing with a mostly US public or people who live in the US, but in general I am amused all over the world by how people start pointing the finger at other “evil countries” and don’t like hearing the truth about their own countries. It doesn’t help they check only sources in, say, the US and Latin American world (or Italian or French).

  13. AnonIII Says:


    Let’s not forget that the biggest sellers of chemical weapons to Sadam were GERMANY, France, and Russia.

  14. Kepler Says:

    Concerned, you have some details about those containers? Russian?

  15. concerned Says:

    Venezuela (Chavez) is in the process of increasing arms and not selling. The launchers in the hands of the FARC could have been the result of corrupt military trying to make a few dollars. Then again, Chavez gets a woody every time he talks about the FARC, so if he were asked for two launchers, he would probably give them ten for free just to show he is one of the gang.

    The containers of weapons to Iran are just passing through Venezuelan hands from the original sellers in an effort to allude the arms embargo. Venezuela itself does not possess credible arms for sale to Iran.

  16. Kepler Says:


    Robert is right. It could be anything. Anyway, we know Germans and US Americans sold weapons to Saddam, US Americans sold weapons to Iranians (Shah and later the Contra case), US Americans gave lots of weapons to the so-called Freedom Fighters in Afghanistan (aka Taliban), French gave weapons to half of Africa’s dictators, Belgium to quite some as well…
    Russians provide weapons to even more…so, when it comes to “not show sympathy”, we find there is a whole global mess.

  17. Roberto Says:

    According to the head of the Swedish Govt. Arms Export office, the launchers were sold to us in the 80’s. So it would be interesting to find out “when” they were lost.

    Plenty of time to have been sold pre Chavez, BY Chavez, or during his term. I am sure we’ll never really know, and it does give Chavez some wriggle room.

  18. dillis Says:

    Sorry but I have no sympathy for any country that sells arms to this madman in Miraflores. What did they expect?

  19. Kepler Says:


    Could you help us understand this here?
    1- how expensive are those AT-4? They don’t look that disposable to me, but I have no clue.
    2- do you think that AT-4 in that room was “planted”?

    I am amazed at the kind of artillery you find in Venezuelan closets. It is at every level. The brother-in-law of a friend of mine is a factory owner. Once he was robbed in the Caracas-Valencia motor-road and they took away his car with, among other things, a powerful hunting rifle with night vision, my neighbours got robbed while sleeping (thieves put them to sleep with a gas) and gone were their weapons.
    I read the news about weapons findings in Tocuyito for ages and they find grenades, rifles and all kind of stuff on a regular basis as others find lice in a street dog.
    The military are utterly corrupt and weapons disappear all the time.

    So we may be dealing with anything: Chavista officials gave those weapons 2 years ago, 4 years ago, in 1992, some other officials gave them 2 years ago, 4 years ago, in Caldera times. I want to consider all possibilities for the moment

  20. Hans Says:


    I always thought it is the other way around 😉
    Venezuela sends weapons and Labs to Iran..
    Last news over here, the customs of tuerkey stoppt some containers coming from Venezuela going TO Iran… full with equipment.

    And Maduro/ Assami are like childs that got called stealing sweets.
    It is just so embaressing!

  21. Kepler Says:

    I hope I did not Scare Crow. Crow, sources?

    I agree with Miguel.
    Something that I find also strange is the timing and the person who said
    that from the Israeli government:
    nobody else than Herr Lieberman
    Not really a Lieber Man if you tell me. He is considered even among Israelis as one hell of a radical, the one who had proposed getting rid of Arab Israelis by switching lands, among the mildest things.
    They are trying to speed up further expansion of settlements in already overcrowded occupied Palestinian territories and do not allow Arabs to build there, in land they have inhabited since time immemorial
    (actually, most of those Arabs are nothing but Jews and Christians who lived in Palestine when the Islam invaders came in and who had been there since time immemorial)

    Yes, the Iranians have influence and perhaps they are getting passports.
    The rest is…

  22. zamuro Says:

    lol “yo no fui”… “eso son puras mentiras…”

  23. moctavio Says:

    This weekend the Israeli Government said Venezuela was giving passports to Iranian citizens who would come here and then spread to the rest of Latin America, sonce they dont need a visa. The rest of what crow says is speculation, I think.

  24. Kepler Says:

    Crow, please, give sources.

    Gweh, thanks.
    Indeed the timing is rather curious.
    I wrote some questions at the end of this post:

  25. Crow Says:

    SAAB racket launchers are just the tip of the iceberg, Islamic terrorist are preparing to launch a major campaign using Venezuelan territory, Venezuelan passports and Iranian weapons on the USA and its friends like Colombia, and anyone else who looks to the US for help. Right now, Iran is shipping medium range missiles to Margarita Island off the coast of Venezuela. These missiles are capable of hitting Colombia and the US… FARC has recently begun working with Iran and Islamic terrorist to boost its capabilities. Wake up Obama…

  26. GWEH Says:

    some comments on AT4s: this is a disposable weapon meaning you fire once then throw it away. Discarded AT4s are often gifted thus you will find them in people’s homes. A used AT4 has been a favorite prop of the regime’s when doing ‘assasination attempt’ or ‘destabilization attempt’ press conferences. An AT4 was used for the Maiquetia Airbus Shootdown claim. The young lawyer street executed in Anderson cover-up had a used AT4 in his room.

    When Garcia Carneiro became defense minister, he started the practice of keeping AT4s inside vehicles. They were in his car and those of his bodyguards. He also kept them at his offices in the ministry.

    If I recall correctly, some guys were recently arrested peddling three good AT4s… the close timing is suspicious.

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