10 people injured in Puerto La Cruz as Chavista cops and supporters attack protesters

August 3, 2009

(Este post en español aquí)


While all eyes were on the attack by Chavista blond diva Lina Ron, on TV station Globovision, more than 10 people were injured as people in Puerto La Cruz in the East of Venezuela, were protesting the shut down of radio station Orbita FM 107.5. As hundreds of protesters were gathering near the radio station, cops from the municipality of Sotillo, began shooting at the peaceful protesters and were joined by red beret Chavistas, throwing stones and hard obcts at protesters.

A truch was burned by the Chavistas as the protesters had to take refuge in nearby buildings. The attack did not have the visibility of Chavez’ buddy and supporter Lina Ron attacking the local media enemy of the revolution, but it was more vicious and carried out with the aid of the local police, leaving ten people injured. By the time the attack was carried out, neither the Prosecutors office nor the Minister of (In)Justice El Aissami were around to give the usual recipe of platitudes about the Government persecuting those carrying the attacks and the Government had nothing to do with. Because there is no longer a Government in Venezuela, just a bunch of political hacks and fanatics trying to get Chavez’ attention.

And the injured should understand that it is no good to stand in the way of the “process” and they should simply get out of the way or else…This repression is to guarantee your freedom, get it?

7 Responses to “10 people injured in Puerto La Cruz as Chavista cops and supporters attack protesters”

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  2. jen Says:

    Apology accepted 🙂

  3. paul Says:

    your right Jen-sorry. PLC has lots of great memories for me, I do miss the place.

  4. jen Says:

    ummm with the situation in Venezuela like it is that’s all Paul can come up with…sometimes it’s best to stay quiet…

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  6. paul Says:

    Is she farting?

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