Fascist is, fascist does!

August 26, 2009

Only a fascist regime rewards repression with such efficiency and speed:

Chavez rewards National Guard Colonel for his repression of Saturday’s march


13 Responses to “Fascist is, fascist does!”

  1. jiec Says:

    Why is there a Cuban flag to the right of Bolivar’s portrait?

  2. jsb Says:

    “Why is there a Cuban flag to the right of Bolivar’s portrait?”

    Because it’s the first colony of Venezuela.

  3. jen Says:

    Who cares about the Cuban flag…that’s not the point! The question is who will be the next to sell his soul? Torres doesn’t look too proud of himself if you ask me…time will tell what happens.

    I think I’ll link this on Twitter…good job!

  4. GWEH Says:

    because that same ceremony saw the former Cuban Ambassador to Venezuela (on Chavez’ left) receive his farewell.

    BTW, that Colonel whom Chavez awarded was trained by the Cubans. That guy is the real thing: a totally brainwashed fanatic (a la Eva Golinger).

  5. Kepler Says:

    You know what? We should take next time a better loudspeaker or two and have someone well trained to give another speech, one about how Arne chacón and oligarchy, about the Chavez family and La Chavera and the other fincas (how can you buy that with teachers’ salaries? and: would they, if they say the other farms are not theirs, care to show who owns them and declare publicly in Barinas they do not have anything to do with finca X, Y, Z?)
    and so on.

  6. firepigette Says:

    These inverted value displays are to be expected of this regime.

    Those people who think that folks who espouse Cahvez’s inverted values are ” well informed” have a different opinion on informal education than I do.

    The essence of education and information is to increase the human level of an individual’s understanding.Knowing that we are ‘vendepatria’ and not caring is really akin to not knowing either the context of our ‘knowledge’, nor its consequences, nor its true meaning.In other words, there is no understanding.

    How can we be well informed and not understand at the same time?This to me is a contradiction in terms.

  7. GB Says:

    What a worthless POS of a human being…take your pic.

  8. Gladiatorinasia Says:

    Is he wearing platform shoes in the first photo??? How short is he?

  9. m_astera Says:

    How tall is he? Last time I looked, Wikipedia said he was 5′ 4″ or 175cm.

  10. Kepler Says:

    Chavez?175? No, he is much smaller.

  11. jen Says:

    Another Napolean

  12. m_astera Says:

    Apologies, my mistake. Put the wrong figures into the calculator.

    5 feet 4 inches is 162.6cm.

  13. gringo Says:

    chavez & Colombia wars. Complete story:


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