When ignorance takes over a country: Minister of Science Chacon and earthquakes

September 16, 2009

Last April, there was an earthquake in the early morning hours with a magnitude of 5.4 in the Richter scale. Jesse Chacon, the current Minister of Science and Technology came out and made this very public statement:

Now, I don’t know who told Chacon then about this non-existent models that predicted that in 1,000 years there would not be another earthquake of this magnitude, because the area where that quake took place has had stronger quakes every sixty years. So Mr. Chacon did not know his science, nor his history when he made that statement, because he was proven wrong ver fast last Saturday, when Caracas was shaken by a quake with magnitude 6.4 in the Richter scale, a full order of magnitude higher than the “impossible” event in 1,000 years predicted by Chacon.

But this is the man that is guiding policy in Venezuelan science these days, despite the fact that he has no knowledge or training whatsoever in science and confuses science, technology and even making modern products when he talks about what science is. This was demonstrated by his letter to Science magazine a couple of months ago, where he noted among the accomplishments of science in the revolution, the access to computers by school kids, a cell phone factory and the fact that Venezuela purchased a turnkey satellite from the Chinese.

But that has been the hallmark of the Chavez administration, he has had a bunch of Nescafe instant Ministers that he has rotated from one position to another, without these Ministers having any knowledge or training in the newly found position. Chacon has been Minister of Justice, Telecommunications, Infrastructure and Science, among others, and he has pontificated with the same style as the video above in each of them.  A year ago his topic was police systems, now its science and technology, next year it will be healthcare or who knows what. This is the hallmark of the Chavez administration: Improvisation by former military with little management experience but who walk through positions acting and talking as if they had intimate and extensive knowledge about their positions.

And in the process they do irreparable harm to whatever they do, from oil, to light and heavy industries, to science, culture, to agriculture, the track record of destruction by the Chavez revolution is truly remarkable. Minister after Minister talks about projects, future, but never about accomplishments, there are so few of them. We always hear about oil projects, never about the completion of one. We always hear about grandiose promises (Remember the Amazon pipeline, the 16 refineries with other countries and the grandiose gas and oil projects?) but we never see Chavez inaugurating any of them, because they never get completed or even started.

It is the revolution of ignorance that has taken over our poor country and Jesse Chacon is simply setting the bases so that Venezuela’ s Science and Technology system is destroyed, such that it will insure that we remain an underdeveloped country for years to come. His ignorance and arrogance is the guarantee of that.

15 Responses to “When ignorance takes over a country: Minister of Science Chacon and earthquakes”

  1. moses Says:


    Check the theory mentioned in this link, the writer sees a link between colder tha average sea surface temperature and quakes …


  2. GB Says:

    Obviously Mr. Chacon is ignorant on the theory of plate tectonics.

  3. Boludo Tejano Says:

    Simon Romero: Showcase: Deadly Streets (Caracas)

    Some stunning black and white photography


  4. jen Says:

    I’m beginning to think that Jesse’s little kid could do a better job as Minister of Science and the last I heard his kid was about 6 years old…

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  6. loroferoz Says:

    Nothing new, gents, move on… this is typical venezuelan military monkey behavior.

    Anybody who has had to deal with some officer of our glorious armed farces in a management position has seen this before. You have to give them points for self-confidence when they talk authoritatively (the operative word here) about things they know less than squat about and order around the knowledgeable people.

    Only the small brains and the enormous arrogant ignorance do not measure up to that. The thing is, this specimen is unleashed…

  7. framethedebate Says:

    Let us not forget the high speed train connecting to Argentina. Too funny and so very, very sad.

  8. Kepler Says:

    Have you read this article in The Economist about the Ayn Rand fashion?

  9. GeronL Says:

    Wow. Led by incompetents. I bet its like living in an Ayn Rand novel.

    My country seems to be heading the same way.

  10. deananash Says:

    Miguel, your clear documentation is excellent. I know from your previous posts that this is one of your objectives and concrete examples such as this will at least give the future the opportunity to clearly know the truth.

    Speaking of the future, reading this post finally helped me to understand what I always thought to be an “evil” part of the Bible. The verse that mentions that ‘the sins of the father are paid for by their children’ or something to that effect.

    I always thought that meant that God was going to punish the sons for their father’s sins. I see now that it really means that the sons will reap the fruit from the trees that their fathers nurtured.

    Every day that Venezuela continues down this road of madness is another week, month or year that the country will be mired in poverty.

  11. Kepler Says:

    Deanna, give me time, give me time.

    Wait, wait, wait. I need more time.

    Give me time. Espeeera, musiuo del carajo!

    OK, you may be right but the Empire is evil!


  12. island canuck Says:

    Miguel said:”…and the fact that Venezuela purchased a turnkey satellite from the Chinese.”


    YoYo Sat is now turned off. Another colossal failure & US$400,000,000 down the drain.

  13. Deanna Says:

    It doesn’t take rocket science to improve roads, schools, build housing, recover Vargas (after a decade of ruins!!!). If the Chavez government hasn’t been able to do that (a decade is a long time), how does anyone think they’ll be able to successfully develop “peaceful” nuclear energy???? Name me one so-called minister, governor, deputy or even alcalde of the Chavez regime who has been efficient, knowledgeable and not corrupt?

  14. HalfEmpty Says:

    Nescafe instant Ministers


    But (there’s ever a but), a bland name, InstaMin21! would move product as would, InstaMiracleBol you have the concepts but hire out your marketing.

  15. Joker Says:

    Ah, that classic bolero should be re-written: “Pasarán más de mil años, muchos más, yo no sé si tenga amor la eternidad…” anyone care to fill in the rest with a revolution theme???

    Perhaps the seismographs were not properly calibrated, and thus, the quake was really a magnitude 5.3

    Or, maybe he should have pulled a Jose Vicente Rangel: “What quake???”

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