Chavez defends and praises Mugabe: It takes one to know one.

September 28, 2009


(Mugabe sleep at the Margarita Summit)

At the ASA Summit this weekend Dictator Hugo Chavez gave Robert Mugabe a resounding backing saying:

“Mugabe has turned into the target of attacks of various institutions of the world system and through the world press he has been satanized, he is attacked…I want to give him our moral and political backing…The people recognize him for his anti-imperialists fights. He is a man that has spent all his life in the anti-colonianism fight. We have to align ourselves in his defense”

This is the same Hugo Chavez that criticizes Obama “because he has not denounced the military dictatorship in Honduras”, which is not even true. But while Chavez made this criticism in New York last week, he came back home to meet with some of the bloodiest Dictators on the planet, just a week after he had visited most of them. After the Margarita meeting, only North Korea is missing from Chavez’ list of face to face meetings with the worst Dictators of the planet. After his defense of Mugabe, visiting Kim Il Sung will add nothing to our understanding of Chavez’ true frame of mind.


6 Responses to “Chavez defends and praises Mugabe: It takes one to know one.”

  1. Roger Says:

    NPR today had a great review of a new book “Crude World”.

  2. HalfEmpty Says:

    My old buddy Farmin B Hard was this close to posting here.


  3. dubya Says:

    Sudan´s genocidal President did not turn up in Margarita as was rumoured, obviously too worried his plane would be escorted over international waters…

    And how will the UN react to todays murder of many protestors in Guinea? The UN are a corrupt talking shop and spineless!

  4. Gringo Says:

    Kepler: not to mention his opinion about DinnerJacket, Kadaffi, the Joos, etc.

  5. Kepler Says:

    But Larry King and other journalists never ask about Hugo’s opinion on Zimbabwe’s human rights’ situation. It is so disgusting!

  6. Guido Says:

    Gee, Miguel, you are over reacting, cool down, man!

    He is missing NK _and_ Fiji. Without Fiji they do not have a Pacific branch of United Dictatorships…

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