XXIst Century Socialism Union Leaders, race horses included

October 4, 2009

With 54% plus of the vote Chavista Wills Rangel, a former Adeco and Carlos Ortega aid, won the oil union elections representing Chavez’ PSUV party via the FUTPV union slate.

And you have to love the symbolism of Rangel, a former Adeco, sitting in front of a terrible Chavez painting, talking about socialism.


But note on the lower left he has a little Chavez figurine, with someone that I have yet to clearly identify (Any help would be appreciated) and then…that symbol of the peculiar bolibourgeois socialism: A picture of his race horse winning at the La Rinconada race track in Caracas.


Those are the values of XXIst. Century Socialist union leaders in Chavista Venezuela…

Do I need to say anything more?

16 Responses to “XXIst Century Socialism Union Leaders, race horses included”

  1. Horses need hay or grass, oats, vitamins and water. Most horses are fed twice a day. We interviewed someone who feeds their horse 4 times a day. She gives her horse the same amount of food, but in smaller amounts at a time. Horses have small stomachs so that can only eat a little bit at a time.

  2. I used this photograph in my blog, thanks!
    Isn’t the other guy Jorge Rodriguez?

  3. Kepler Says:

    We are screwed.
    I don’t think this cannot be repaired but as long as it is like this, I think we are screwed.

    I have discussed quite some with them and listened to what they say. People are not stupid, but very very ignorant. There are some who are very clever and realize, but a lot do not.
    Most Venezuelans in those barrios have never been abroad and those who do often have really a very weak framework of reference.
    They think about what they have had 2, 4, 5, max. 10 years ago.

    It does not matter they have been given only the crumbles the Arnes and the Hugos left.
    I saw one of them in Brussels. There was a discussion about the film Secuestro Express. He stood up and said things were not thaat bad. I later talked to him. He said he had been living in a barrio in the capital for 30 years and had never been hurt or robbed. I really had to explain what statistics really mean.

    Once I asked some Venezuelans who were at the university or had finished it and who were not from the slums some very trivial history questions. I asked them those questions because they were not following something I told them about genes and history and I wanted to see what level they had. I asked the questions and most of them had NO clue. I mentioned this to someone else in a blog (RomRod) and he did the same test. Later he told me: similar answers, their idea of history is a “pasticho mental”.
    Some of the questions:
    In what century did Spaniards arrive to what would be Venezuela, MORE OR LESS?
    In what century did we get our independence?
    In what century more or less was Jesus born more or less? (whether they are believers or not)
    What language did Spanish derive from?

    A lot of people in the barrios have no idea about oil prices now or ten years ago, about what our oil dependency really means, etc.
    Mind: most people in Venezuela, whether pro or against chavez, think Venezuela is a rich country. It is only in as much as almost any country but Mali o Niger is. Even in the best case scenario our population can no longer prosper based on petrodollars alone (just divide some kind of ideal revenues through population).

    It is about real deep ignorance. There are others abroad who are simply idiots: the PSFs. They had usually much better schools than the average Venezuelan had.

  4. Fred Says:


    What do you mean by no having education, reference, etc. All they need to do is go to the closest Barrio Adentro or any hospital in the country. If they think this is better than in other countries, then we are really screwed.

  5. Kepler Says:

    Education in the broadest sense. They have no real history, no reference, no tradition of analysis, of registering, of thinking for themselves.

  6. Fred Says:

    On a totally different subject. I just read this and wanted to share it “el presidente de la República, Hugo Chávez, aseguró que ‘Venezuela cuenta con el mejor y más amplio sistema de salud para el pueblo, gratuito y de calidad ….”

    You know what bothers me about this? That there are a lot of people in Venezuela that for some uninmaginable reason still believe him. Can someone explain how this can be?

  7. alfredo Says:

    Is he wearing a Rolex??

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  9. HalfEmpty Says:

    Good looking horse.

  10. Deanna Says:

    Of course, there is no way that Chavez could be made more handsome with that mediocre potrait. All I can say is that Wills Rangel’s taste is really “cursi”.

  11. Deanna Says:

    I guessed Lenin also, but the figure in red: is that Chavez or a Venezuelan Mao Tse Tung?

  12. Clouseau Says:


    My guess would have been Lenin too, except for the facts that Lenin was a redhead and wore a goatee (sort of), not a full beard. Then again, the quality of that monstrosity is so low that if you saw it out of context, you’d never guess the other guy is supposed to be Chavez.

  13. moctavio Says:

    I thought it looked like Jorge, but he has never had a beard. BTW There is an article that talks about him in today’s paper, he is hard to reach, not available and in the words of a Podemos City council member, everyone is working against him.

  14. bruni Says:

    It is probably Lenin, but it REALLY looks like an older Jorge Rodríguez.

  15. Kepler Says:

    Qué bolas! Pero qué bolas!

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