Carnival of the Bond Guiso

October 7, 2009


I thought I would give a bond issue reading list and include all of the excellent articles available on the many angles of this incredible scam:

The Preamble:

Should you invest? (By the Devil)

We have a bond (or two) New Issue 101

New Bonds 101 part II: Looking Good!

On the implication of issuing the debt (by Juan Cristobal):

Selling bonds, selling our future

On the scam, stew, guiso:


The Bonos Soberanos Scam for dummies

The Devil:

An Andorran Stew: Making millions in the robolution


El guiso de las asignaciones de los bonos 2019 y 2024

7 Responses to “Carnival of the Bond Guiso”

  1. Kepler Says:

    I write what I wrote in ccs here:

    I have a proposal for anyone who makes a single dollar (or Bolivar) out of this:
    why don’t you use 50% of your profits on financing the primaries of the opposition or, better still, buying books for poor children in Venezuela?

    Those profits are actually made by selling the debt of all Venezuelans, of which real chavista and oppos are a minority, a debt that affects every single child, old man or woman in the country.

  2. GWEH Says:

    that’s under five billion each (guestimate based on various articles)

  3. GWEH Says:

    the top tier all under $5 billion

  4. Sergio Says:

    Are there any stimations on how rich the” socialists” have gotten ?

  5. island canuck Says:

    Government announces new bond issue for the future.
    The amount is under study.
    No devaluation planned.

    No gas price raise.
    No tax increases.

    So where is the extra money going to come from.
    I know, out of thin air like all the great ideas.


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