One day, Hugo Chavez will have to pay for the deaths on April 11th.

April 10, 2010

(Puente El LLaguno from above (top) and from below (bottom) on April 11th. 2002)

I was going to write a post about April 11th. , but just read Caracas Chronicles, where Brian Nelson author of The Silence and the Scorpion tells his point of view and “aha” moments on his research about that terrible day.

Hopefully there will be justice and one day Hugo Chavez will have to pay for being responsible for so many deaths and injuries that day and for his total disregard for the human rights of Venezuelans, no matter what their political views may have been, then or now.

18 Responses to “One day, Hugo Chavez will have to pay for the deaths on April 11th.”

  1. mary Says:

    Chavez And The Diminishing Return

    Since coming to power in 1998, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has not only transformed the political landscape of his own country and influenced the populist movement of South America, but he has also dramatically impacted investment and its outlook. Chavez’s power base has made the prospect of investing (and even preserving) money in Venezuela a complicated affair, and unfortunately it is becoming an increasingly difficult riddle.

    For free access to full content visit:—part-one.html

  2. moctavio Says:

    And you can download the pictures here and stick them you know where, just in case:

  3. moctavio Says:

    Arturo: I erased your comment, new rule: No stupid comments from you, almost an oxymoron.

  4. Megaescualidus Says:

    Does anyone know the name of the guy with grey hair and wearing the black “chaleco” shooting at marchers at street level?

  5. jen Says:

    Out of the mouth of Chavez…”the martyrs of Llaguno Bridge, unarmed people who exposed their chests to a rain of bullets.”

    That’s not what I remember… and yes I was here in CCS

  6. Polish Citizen Says:

    You don’t know what you are talking about – especialy Bob. Well for all of you everthing is a big joke. But the most funny think is that you are a big joke. Discusion with you has no any sens because like you always shows – you don’t know how to do it.
    And litlle comment about 11th April – everyone knows that was a nice game of oposition – well sorry – Special Inteligence Service – because oposition in Venezuela is the worse one in the world. They don’t know how to be oposition. They need support of Americans. And when they see Marines in Irak or Afghanistan they salivate from ecstasy.

  7. deananash Says:

    I have to say, I partially agree with Eddie. And if most of you are honest, you’d agree to.

    Great, now that I’ve got your attention…

    Remember, SO MANY people voted for Chavez BECAUSE Venezuela was such a disaster twelve years ago. My friends sure did, despite my dire warnings. There attitude was “Chavez will never get as far as his rhetoric and if he does, Uncle Sam will save us.”

    To which I replied, “No, Uncle Sam won’t. And Chavez has a good chance of achieving his goals precisely because you are foolish enough to think that he can’t.”

    Twelve years ago, to the majority of Venezuelans, the country was hopeless. So in that regard, I agree with Eddie, the country had already reached its demise. What follows is merely the bitter fruit of the seeds that were planted during the past 50+ years.

  8. Roberto N Says:


    I’ll save us all the trouble:

    You are an idiot.

  9. Antonio Says:


    I know how was Venezuela 11 years ago. I live there.

    Now we will have a bronze bust of Fidel Castro in from of National assembly and Cristina Kitchener, an Argentinean president, a country that was not liberate by Bolivar the she is going to give the speech of 19th April.

    At least 11 years ago we have some sovereignty. Today Venezuela is a no country full of shame.

  10. island canuck Says:

    I also know what Venezuela was like 11 years ago & it was a far site better than it is now.

    Just the crime & fear to say anything publicly that we have today are two things that immediately pop to mind.

  11. Deanna Says:

    Yes, Eddie, I know what Venezuela was like 11 years ago and it was not good. Nevertheless, it was better than it is right now!!!!

  12. deananash Says:

    Miguel, I hate to disagree with you, but one need look no further north than Cuba to see that murdering dictators can indeed get away with, well, murder.

    And since I don’t believe in an afterlife, it’s all too possible that Chavez will never pay for his crimes as surely as Castro hasn’t.

    Let’s hope, hell pray, I’m wrong.

  13. Eddie Says:

    The demise of Venezuela? Do any of you know what Venezuela was like 11 years ago? You obviously don’t.

  14. island canuck Says:

    Excellent article at CC. It gives me a new insight on the events that day.

    The end is coming for Chavez & his cohorts. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

  15. Deanna Says:

    Bob, I agree. However, it seems in this world that only the good die, but the bad ones stay on forever. Look at Castro!!!! Now, this corrupt government decides to honor him by installing bronz bust in front of the National Assembly, thus adding insult to injury to the Venezuelan people. Yes, Chavez and his cohorts will have to pay, not only for the deaths on April 11th, but all those during these past 11 years and the demise of Venezuela itself.

  16. Bob Taylor Says:

    What a pity the presidential plane crash was Polish……………………………..

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