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@caracasmetro Shakes Up The World of Subway Authorities

November 1, 2010

Today, a user of Caracas’ subway system was escorted out to the surface and denied access to the Caracas Metro system.


Because he dared take this picture:

and tweet it to the user @caracasmetro under his own name @alfredoahh

And who is @caracasmetro? Well, it is just a bunch of students who have taken it upon themselves not only to keep people who used the Caracas subway informed, but also to report problems, lack of maintenance and why not? The mistreatment of users.

The ironic thing is that what they are doing should be a perfect example of Chavez’ “social control” imposed by the “people” on the Government. Except the Government does such a lousy job that it does not want to be controlled from below. What it wants is to control the media so people believe that things are “normal” in Caracas’ subway system.

But neither the picture above, nor only 17 out of 41 trains working is normal. For those that use the system or have ever ridden the Caracas system, this picture below is not normal either:

The problem with the subway is that it is the victim of the same management style used by Chavez elsewhere. There have been a string of Presidents of the subway system, few of which had any clue not only about the subway system, but about how to run such a complex entity.

In the last three years alone, I recall General Gonzalez being President of the Metro, he has been sent to newer pastures as Head of the Bolivarian Militia. There is also the current Legal Advisor of Chavez at Miraflores, Dra. Guevara, Deputy elect Diosado Cabello, who the voters rejected at the Governorship of Miranda, as well as Claudio Farias, another former President of the Subway sent to the National Assembly and who was elected under the party slate.

Since there was also lots of problems and accusations of corruption, Chavez decided to go for an honest man, something that it is hard to find in his close circle of friends and coworkers. So, in his infinite wisdom, Chavez has decided to name as the new President of the Metro none other than the ideologue of XXIst. Century Socialism Mr. Haiman El Trudi. Mr. El Trudi has the reputation of being honest, is an engineer, but is also a poet and has devoted the last seven years at least to conceptualize the revolution and indoctrinate people in how Marxism/Socialism/Bolivarianism will save Venezuela.

Of course, he also has under his belt an underwhelming stay in the Minister of Planning, during which his biggest success was one month when he cut inflation in half. but in the end he promised to lower it and did not manage to do it and was removed. Thus, Mr. El Trudi now faces the task of running an organization orders of magnitude larger than the largest he ever managed (The Ministry). Except this one has trains, grease and angry users. Lots of the latter.

And now he has to assume his job under the watchful eye of @caracasmetro and its contributors, where no amount of BS or lies will placate the users, even if you try to kick them out. Because from now on his world and that of the other Metro authorities has been shaken up forever!

No more lies, no more excuses!