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The twenty two attemps on Hugo Chavez’ life

November 20, 2010

(You! Assassin, opposition, counter revolutionary, with that Bazooka and all those weapons they wanted to kill me!)

Thanks to out friend Kepler, who has kept close record of it, Hugo Chavez has cried “murder” on his life a total of twenty two times.

Twenty two times in which our farcical President claims either an attempt, a close attempt or a plot to kill him. This time around it is even funnier because the claim is that opposition groups have gathered US$ 100 million to have him killed. He claims to have “reliable” information of this and even mentions that the President of Globovision Guillermo Machado is one of the people involved.

The problem is that none of this cases has ever found any one guilty, nobody has been tried and, Chavez never seems to formalize his claims to the Prosecutor. The closest he ever came to this, was when a man from El Salvador was deported to Cuba, the funny thing is that he left heavily guarded from Caracas in one plane and arrived without even handcuffs in Havana in a different one. (The opposition was also accused in that case, nobody was ever charged)

But think about it. US$ 100 million? Jeez, if it were true, he would be dead in the water. In a country where people pay a few thousand Bolivars to kill someone, the number is so outrageously high, it is clear he made it up on the fly.

It is all part of his egotistical mind. He has to call attention to him. He is copying Fidel’s playbook in every respect. Except Cuba is a mess and nobody has believe Fidel in a couple of deacdes when he claimed the US was about to invade Cuba or kill him and in that case, there were some real attempts long ago.

It’s all part of the show, he wants Zuluaga extradited not on this, but on hoarding cars, a strange criminal charge anywhere in the world but in crazy Chavez land. But to the public, the constant announcements are confusing and nobody ever remembers the exact details. To the pro-Chavez rank and file, Zuluaga is guilty as charged, Chavez says so and there has to be a reason why he left the country and the Government wants him. Period.

It’s all smoke and mirrors. Cheap propaganda that works somehow, except people start ignoring it. I hope it’s true that you can’t all the fool people, all the time and all that, it’s now almost twelve years and counting.