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Venezuela’s People’s Ombuds(wo)man seems to understand her job backwards

November 16, 2010

When the first People’s Ombudsman, known in Spanish as the “People’s Defender”, German Mundarain ended his term, I could not believe that his replacement could be any worse than he was. Essentially Mundarain spent his time defending the Government and seldom seemed to remember that his role was to defend the “people”.

His replacement Gabriela Ramirez has simply followed in his steps. Today, Ms. Ramirez with her characteristic clairvoyance, simply refuted all of the accusations of accused drug dealer Walid Makled. Clairvoyance, because given that there has been no investigation of the case and Makled’s accusations, she would need to have special powers to say like she did:

“No Venezuelan officials are related to the drug dealer” and “Justice will be made in this case”

Ms. Prieto added: “If we were to believe a person being processed for drug trafficking, more than we would believe the representatives of the State, we would live in a backwards world”

Well, Dear Gabriela, if we follow your logic, explain to us why, if there was an investigation of Mr. Makled already in 2004 for drug trafficking, he managed to be assigned: 1) The storage for the most important port in Venezuela 2) The distribution of urea for all of Venezuela and 3) The Government approved his purchase of what was then the largest local commercial airline in Venezuela?

Can you explain Gabriela, just as an example, why it was Makled had a credential of the Venezuelan Supreme Court signed by none other than Justice Eladio Aponte^2, who just happened to be a former Military Prosecutor?

And can you explain Gabriela, how Makled managed to evade the manhunt against him by theĀ  police, escape the country and he claims that he did so under the protection of Generals? Do you know Gabriela in whose house in La Lagunita was Makled staying at during this time?

And have you checked Gabriela whether Makled paid or not Bs. 880 million to General Marin Leal, who just happens to be in charge of Chavez’ transportation?

And how about the quarterly payment of US$ 150,000 to the same General Marin Leal? Have you really looked into this and whether it took place or not? Let’s make it simple: Have you Gabriela Ramirez, the People’s Ombudswoman, checked General Marin Leal’s lifestyle and assets?

And have you checked whether is true or not that the current Commander of the Navy, General Carlos Aniasi Turchio, was the person that signed off on the Puerto Cabello port concession for five years in 2006? And can you also checked wif the General who laughed at the Constitution and classified as a drug kingpin by the US DEA signed off on that deal?

And have you Gabriela, informed yourself whether the son of former Vice-President Ramon Carrizales was or not an employee of Makled, while Carrizales was Vice President?

Don’t you think Gabriela Ramirez that it is these questions that make us wonder whether it is you that lives in the backwards world, failing to do even the most basic due diligence on Makled before you go and defend Hugo Chavez and his corrupt cronies?

These are just some questions and before you ended then you had to go and assure us that the rights of the subway protesters were not violated. Have you read their testimonies? Have you read how they say that the police stole even the food that their relatives left for them? How about the fact that the charges of terrorism did not hold water? How about the fact that both Chavez and the Vice President spoke of them as being guilty and they were let go?

When you don’t even have the decency to defend pregnant and lactating women who are unfairly jailed for exercising their Constitutional right to protest, then I have to ask you Gabriela Ramirez?

Who lives in the backwards world? Who understand her job backwards? Just read your job title and your mandate and you may understand. Can you?

Or simply read Article 280 of the Constitution:

The People’s Ombudsman is in charge of the promotion, defense and vigilance of the righst and guarantees establsihed in the Cnstitution and international treaties on Human Rights, besides the legitimate, collective and diffuse interests of the citizens”

Gabriela, in none of what you did and say today or do and usually say you do that. YOU have it backwards!