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Who is afraid of the irrelevant Wikileaks?

November 30, 2010

So, through the magic of the bad, evil world of wikileaks we have learned so far the following:

-Some French diplomat says Chavez is crazy

What else is new? Even Edmundo Chirinos was saying that like in 2000

-Cuban intelligence officers compete with Venezuelan intelligence services for Hugo’s attention.

Well, duh, we have known about that for years. In fact, anyone that believes that the words Venezuelan intelligence services can all be used at the same time is out of touch.

-Venezuela’s Embassy sends a cable saying that medical services have deteriorated.

Jeez, replace medical with any word and you got a correct statement.

-Brazil’s Defense Minister all but acknowledged the presence of the FARC in Venezuela, except that admitting that would “ruin Brazil’s ability to mediate”

Wow! FARC in Venezuela! Who would have thought that? Those Brazilians are really clever. Do you mean they vacation in Venezuela? Or do you want videos proving it?

-The US is trying to isolate Venezuela.

You are kidding me? I thought Venezuela was trying to undermine the US openly, then isn’t that called fair play? Didn’t we know about it? Nothing new, that’s like saying Castro wants to end capitalism. Oh? You mean Hugo wants to do that too?

-Israel wants to blow Iran out of the water…

Change Israel for Iran and what else is new? It’s love at first blast, no?

So, so far, not much of interest, after all, who cares about Cristina and her mental state before or after Nestor’s death? Maybe now its more interesting. I am still falling sleep.

But if you ask for Hillary’s resignation Hugo, you should have resigned long ago, like you should have never been sworn in, just for being so out of touch. Do you know it’s raining?…