Who is afraid of the irrelevant Wikileaks?

November 30, 2010

So, through the magic of the bad, evil world of wikileaks we have learned so far the following:

-Some French diplomat says Chavez is crazy

What else is new? Even Edmundo Chirinos was saying that like in 2000

-Cuban intelligence officers compete with Venezuelan intelligence services for Hugo’s attention.

Well, duh, we have known about that for years. In fact, anyone that believes that the words Venezuelan intelligence services can all be used at the same time is out of touch.

-Venezuela’s Embassy sends a cable saying that medical services have deteriorated.

Jeez, replace medical with any word and you got a correct statement.

-Brazil’s Defense Minister all but acknowledged the presence of the FARC in Venezuela, except that admitting that would “ruin Brazil’s ability to mediate”

Wow! FARC in Venezuela! Who would have thought that? Those Brazilians are really clever. Do you mean they vacation in Venezuela? Or do you want videos proving it?

-The US is trying to isolate Venezuela.

You are kidding me? I thought Venezuela was trying to undermine the US openly, then isn’t that called fair play? Didn’t we know about it? Nothing new, that’s like saying Castro wants to end capitalism. Oh? You mean Hugo wants to do that too?

-Israel wants to blow Iran out of the water…

Change Israel for Iran and what else is new? It’s love at first blast, no?

So, so far, not much of interest, after all, who cares about Cristina and her mental state before or after Nestor’s death? Maybe now its more interesting. I am still falling sleep.

But if you ask for Hillary’s resignation Hugo, you should have resigned long ago, like you should have never been sworn in, just for being so out of touch. Do you know it’s raining?…

12 Responses to “Who is afraid of the irrelevant Wikileaks?”

  1. Bravo Pueblo Says:

    Not that facts or reality have any place on this blog if it gets in the way of frothing anti-Chavezism, but once again, that link you post has nothing to do with FARC-EP.

    About the only thing this blog gets right is that the Venezuelan hoi polloi currently, and has always, cared more about living off of oil wealth and flying to Miami for shopping trips to get Gucci bags, then improving the life of working class Venezuelans. If Venezuelan high society had devoted more time to improving the country in years past, Chavez would have never risen to power. Luckily, the elite did not, and we get Morales in Bolivia, Correa in Ecuador and many other wonderful developments.

  2. Roger Says:

    As things go in Venezuela now days; We will just have to see if this makes it to Alo Presidete and the comments that seem to drive the country. I tend to doubt much will be said. You have to be a fool to give someone like Miguel a shot at the national political stage.

  3. CarlosElio Says:

    Kill the messenger

    An old counsel of despotic regimes, ridiculed by modern writers. And Ms. Clinton wants to kill the messenger…well, sort of. It is Sarah Palin who really wants Julien killed, but Ms. Clinton wouldn’t mind if that comes to be the case.

    The fact is that the US foreign policy want caught with its pants down and the world saw that it has an ugly ass, with warts and hemorrhoids so grotesque that it shouldn’t be advising other governments how to care for their asses. But it does, with its ridiculous releases of certification binning governments in buckets of graded morality from the bad ones to the scrupulous ones.

    I hark back to the good old days when Kennedy was unashamed about placing Jupiter missiles on Turkey but mad as hell about the Soviets placing tactical warheads in Cuba. He did that in the open. No secret memos, no deception, just the good old American way of having it its way.
    This is my point: If you hold a dream dear, then you cannot be ashamed of that dream. If you believe in a government of the people, for the people, by the people, and if you do believe that we all are created equal and we are entitled to the pursuit of happiness, then you must be true to that dream. You should not negotiate shady deals with dictators only because it is tactically convenient, and you should not appease nasty enemies hoping that things would get better in the future because God is on your side. God is never on the side of derelicts.

    I once believed that the true purpose of the human adventure, the secret code encrypted in human DNA, was decoded in the US constitution and the Bill of Rights: No one has the monopoly of the true way to happiness. The map is individual and society must help individuals to draw their own maps and hike the trail; a simple formula.

    That formula collides with the necessities of power. If everybody can draw their map to happiness and walk the talk, the king is naked.
    I would like to see a US foreign policy immune to WikiLeaks. Brutally honest to the principles of the US Constitution; a Jeffersonian foreign policy supported by overwhelming military power and guided by respect for other people, be them fags, blacks, young, hippies, or weirdoes of the third kind. That’s not what we have today. Instead, we have a foreign policy hostage to the needs of influential people who have a stake in economic investments, not on democracy.

    The greed principle has shackled democratic ideals. The US is vulnerable to WikiLeaks because the US has compromised its principles in the altar of profitability and short term gains. Obama seemed to be a leader capable of carrying the baton of freedom and democracy, but sadly he seems to be the great masturbator of Dali, jerking off the alluring pictures of convenience.

    I must confess that I am writing these words while I sip 17-year single malt Deanston washed away by a gulp of Warsteiner German beer. On the other hand, I am no Hilary, and I don’t fly to opulent places on the government expense account. I pay for my single malt and my German beer, so I can vent my frustrations for what is done to the American dream, which is, after all, the human dream.

  4. Moraimag Says:

    To deananash: yes, i feel the same, everyday we see how the worst happens and still nothing changes. However, we do not have proof that confronted with a substantial opposition victory Chavez would choose to ignore it. Because it still has not happened.

    With all the tricks and fraud they have commited, they still get a lot of votes and that is what keeps them there. Yes, they are minority now, but not for much, we still have not been able to convince a lot of people that Chavez should not be there, because he represents all they believe is true.

    I agree tha he might not respect the popular vote but we still have to win in 2012 to prove that. I am looking forward to that…

  5. Brett Says:

    Miquel, your commentary is spot on.

  6. deananash Says:

    ‘Does Hugo even know it’s raining…?’ Classic, Miguel, just classic. Every day I open my laptop and come to Devil’s Excrement expecting to see that the inevitable has finally happened – that the oxen has shed its yoke – only it doesn’t happen. And it won’t, until some stand up and make it happen.

    I feel kinda like one of Miami’s Cubans, waiting for the fall of Castro. And I truly pity the innocent of Venezuela. (Yes, of course there are innocents, they’re commonly referred to as children.) And I pity the opposition as well, for they are fighting a losing battle. There simply isn’t any ‘nice’ way out of this.

    Chavez will NEVER leave via the ballot box – that would be the ‘nice’ way. And I’m still not convinced that he can’t continue to win on a ballot with multiple candidates. (That’s why most countries have presidential term limits – to prohibit a situation where the president accumulates absolute power.)

  7. Ira Says:

    It’s a big mistake for Venezuelans to concentrate on the Wikileaks too much. Rather, they should only use it as a way to ask:

    “So exactly what communications have taken place between China and VZ? Cuba and VZ? Iran and VZ? Russia and VZ? Libya and VZ? FARC and VZ

    And so on and so on and so on.

    The point is, these Wikileak details are common knowledge, and although illegally (or whatever) exposed, they prove nothing horrible compared to the crap that Stupigo has been involved with.

    And I’m sure that he’s just THRILLED to learn that Saudi Arabia and other Arab states want to see Iran’s current regime blown off the face of the Earth. Despite his political miscalculations.

    Don’t ask for whom the bell tolls, Hugo, It tolls for thee.

  8. liz Says:

    Meanwhile, we are under water or becoming a real Venecia… Chavez could care less about the country, he’s off to the Cancun summit.

  9. metodex Says:

    i hear a lot of criticism towards wikileaks,
    theres barely less than 300 documents out of 200k.
    and as Junction said, its a different thing having common knowledge and actually having EVIDENCE of anything.

  10. Roger Says:

    This is State Department operations and opinions. Often called diplomacy. The good stuff is by DEA, DOJ and the Military Ataches and others. And is more about International Crime and such.

  11. JunCTionS Says:

    we “know” a lot of things but in journalism it’s actually important to have sources and evidence… of course in Venezuela that’s been long forgotten.
    Wikileak’s work is of great importance, even though it will probably have little effect in our corrupt country.

  12. Bill Simpson in Slidell Says:

    Like who didn’t know that Putin runs Russia, or that SUNNI Muslim Arabs don’t like SHIA Muslim Persians? They only blow each other up in Pakistan every week or so!
    His future releasing of the big US bank documents will be a LOT more interesting. Wait until you see what these bankers have been saying, and doing, in January.
    At least he didn’t reveal the secret US Government plan to destroy the euro currency in order to get rid of any competition to the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. It would have been bad, if that had gotten out. (You didn’t hear it from me.)
    The most shocking thing was that Gadhafi, who once had an all female guard force, has a blonde bombshell Ukrainian girl friend. Next thing you know, we will find out that some Muslims drink alcohol! I suspect that Venezuela will be safe from such negative influences for quite some time, since members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, probably don’t drink.

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