The revolution gives away Hato Piñero to the Lybians, after stealing it in the name of its fake socialism

November 29, 2010

I was going to write about the fact that the Chavez Government stole Hato Piñero from its rightful owners, only to give it away to the Lybians for God knows what reason. But then I saw this Editorial in Sunday’s El Nacional and decided it was just best to translate it.

The Sad revolution, Editorial from El Nacional

Libya in Cojedes

Just about three years ago, the President traveled to Cojedes, and among his innumerable promises (you can’t deny the the richness of his imagination), he told the people of the area that the expropriation of Hato Piñero would take place ” with the objective of forming a unit of socialist development unit ” The revolutionary leader added: “We will place a large development center for the people of Cojedes and all the people of Venezuela and its products will not be to enrich minorities, because that is capitalism. The meat, food, animals, vegetables, milk, cheese, corn and everything will be produced here will provide cheap food and goods for the people of Venezuela. ”

The President, addressing the state’s governor, said, “Continue following down that road, Theodore. Hit hard the large farm estates and  the capitalist speculators, always in defense of the people” He added that “the national government is committed to the recovery of businesses and estates and houses of leisure abandoned to consolidate projects in order to conform the socialist economy.”

That was in the midst of the campaign for the constitutional referendum in 2007. Chavez traveled around the country expropriating and promising villas and castles. Hato Piñero, a farming unit located between the municipalities of Pao  and Girardot, in the southeastern state of Cojedes, had special connotations because it was sheltering large areas and preserved several species. It was one of the rare places in Venezuela, intimately connected with our history and traditions.

Three years later, there is no such socialist development nor is Hato Piñero being devoted to  the enjoyment of the people of Cojedes. The decline replaced the splendor of nature that was preserved with passion with the care of the species that make their habitat there. Then after such demagoguery came the surprise filtered, incidentally, when the commitments signed with the Arab Socialist Republic of Libya, the country ruled for half a century by Colonel Gaddafi were revealed. It just so happens that Hato Piñero has been negotiated with Libya to develop it. (We Venezuelans are useless).

This is more serious than people realize when they see these stories lost among so many that overwhelm and confuse. We are an open country and we have no discrimination. But for those familiar with the ideas of Colonel Gaddafi criticized for his worldwide sponsorship of causes incompatible with freedom, and familiar with  his doctrine of the Green Book, the handing out of Hato Piñero to Libya generates all sorts of anguish. Gaddafi will install in the 75,000 hectares a Lybian colony, and, when Venezuelans awaken, we will find an irreversible fait accompli. Grave. Very grave.

17 Responses to “The revolution gives away Hato Piñero to the Lybians, after stealing it in the name of its fake socialism”

  1. My name is Graciela Pineda worked in Hato Piñero 4 years as as eco tourist guided, where I learn to love and respect this special environment special not only in Venezuela but of the world, here is one of the most important places for bird watching. and observing wild life. people from around the world came here to see our fauna ,vegetation and culture. sadly with tears in my eyes ,was witness how the gov took this place,in hands of people that dont have respect or knowledge. have faith that this place will return to nice hands. to the original owners that for over 60 years worked hard to make this place a paradise.

  2. Neil Says:

    “De vez en cuando el Arbol de Liberdad necescita estar almentado con el sangre de los tiranos y los patriotos.” — Thomas Jefferson.

  3. loroferoz Says:

    Why do I feel like I am living in Animal Farm?

  4. Kepler Says:

    Roger is on it.
    Chavez is doing the worst of the worst. He is precisely doing what Kenya is doing for India and Saudi Arabia, what Madagascar was doing for South Korea before the coup but on land of a particular ecologic meaning.

  5. Roger Says:

    Look at all that water. Lybia has lots of oil but no water. Perhaps they want the water rights? More likely they want a safe haven just like the FARC has.

  6. A_Antonio Says:

    I remember that National Geographic and Televisions like RTVE, filmed documentaries there.

    Very sad it finish this way.

    After Chavez, maybe we will find there a little Afghanistan or a little Libya.

  7. Maria Says:

    What would the Libyans develop there? …get this …..RICE!

    Try to google Libya’s rice production and see what you come out with.

  8. RWG Says:

    This may actually help locate the Libyans when the time comes to kick them out of Venezuela.

    Chavez is an anomaly. He wants total control of everything yet he pays foreign countries to join his pillage of Venezuela. Chavez should beware that these leaders are much more astute than he. Moreover, it will be lower level Libyans, Cubans, etc. that have uncertain loyalties.

  9. island canuck Says:

    Well said Dean.

  10. deananash Says:

    Canuck, I’ll add the comment – appropriate since I first learned it in Venezuela: “Dime con quién andas y te diré quién eres.”

  11. jau Says:

    Half of my family’s farm was stolen by the government (in a Alo Presidente no less…), and even before it was taken away, the rumor was that the government will give it to Bielorussia.

    To date nothing has happened, the land is empty and unused, but who knows, maybe Lukashenko is going to be our neighbor soon.

    • Enrique Guerra Says:

      Hato Pinero is actually my families land.. i used to play in that ranch as a kid and now it has been given to the freaking lybians. it blows to see it rot.

  12. island canuck Says:

    Let’s see now – we have Cubans, Iranians, Chinese, Russians &, now, Libyans running Venezuela.

    Don’t have a comment – just wow!

  13. An Interested Observer Says:

    There’s a silver lining to this one – when Chavez is gone, it will be easier to take this one away and give it back to the rightful owners, than it will to take the ones given to Venezuelans.

    But on the face of it, what a stupid idea.

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