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For the record and the record books: Complete unconstitutional statement by General Henri Rangel Silva

November 8, 2010

Just for the historical record (and the record books!) I wanted to make sure to include the full text of what General Henri Rangel Silva said today. General Rangel Silva’s statement is unconstitutional and represents a true threat given that he is the General in charge of “Plan Republica” The military plan that protects people and votes on election day. General Rangel Silva should be immediately removed and jailed for what he said.

“The National Armed Forces has no half way loyalties but full ones towards the people, one life project and one Commander in Chief. We are married to this national project,” said the head of the Strategic Operational Command¬† (CEO), General Henry Rangel Silva, who says that in a hypothetical opposition government starting in 2012 and any attempt to dismantle the military sector would have a reaction from both the military and the people who would feel that they are taking something away from them.

In an interview with Ultimas Noticias, Rangel Silva insisted that the sectors that oppose President Hugo Chavez continue their attacks against the armed forces and some of its leaders. “For many, there are some military leaders who are not convenient to them and they (say) they have to be out of the way,” he said.

“The attacks are on the agenda of the opposition. The Armed Forces element has historically been used to somehow topple governments … They act supported by third countries and that affects nationalism. The hypothesis (of an opposition government) is difficult, it would be selling the country, that’s not going to be accepted by the population, nor the Armed Forces, nor least of all by the people”he said.

The Venezuelan Armed Forces would not accept an opposition Government

November 8, 2010

General Henri Rangel Silva Chief of the Operational Strategic Command said in Ultimas Noticias the following:

The hypothesis (of an opposition Government) would be difficult to sell to the country (??), that would not be accepted by the population, the Armed Forces and least of all the people”

Democracy is clearly meaningless to the General.