The Venezuelan Armed Forces would not accept an opposition Government

November 8, 2010

General Henri Rangel Silva Chief of the Operational Strategic Command said in Ultimas Noticias the following:

The hypothesis (of an opposition Government) would be difficult to sell to the country (??), that would not be accepted by the population, the Armed Forces and least of all the people”

Democracy is clearly meaningless to the General.

19 Responses to “The Venezuelan Armed Forces would not accept an opposition Government”

  1. Gringo Says:

    OA2 :
    This guy has a promising future as a teabagger/GOP consultant.

    Interesting that OA2 applies “teabagger” to those with whom he apparently disagrees. Last year Vanderbilt heir and TV journalist Anderson Cooper used the term “ teabagging” when discussing the Tea Party, causing David Gergan to laugh. Gergan laughed because “teabagging” refers to licking male genitalia. Since then the term has acquired use among media people and the rank and file to talk about the Tea Party. Make no mistake: those who refer to “teabagging” and “ teabagger[s]” to talk about the Tea Party are referring to the licking of male genitalia.

    OA2 must be homophobic to apply such a term to his political opponents.

  2. William Says:

    “Don’t forget Tarek Aziz also looked nice in a sports coat on tv, during his prime”.

    I absolutely loved this comment. However, I think we are deluding ourselves if we think the US or any other foreign power is going to haul anyone in this regime off to the Hague. It has to be Venezuelans. The sooner everyone here figures that out, the sooner the nightmare will be over.

  3. loroferoz Says:

    I can only hope to have the enormous honor of witnessing, or having a hand in helping this huge sack of s#&& into jail or in running him out of the country (preferably tarred and feathered) when his time comes.

    Hell, now I know that my contempt for Venezuelan military is quite understated. I can only dream, that the Venezuelan armed FARCES will be quite unacceptable to Venezuelans, to even exist in the future.

  4. GWEH Says:

    they are all getting nervous and talking in attempt to pre-empt the fallout… Rangel Silva, Mata Figueroa, Chavez himself… they are all running scared over Makled. Under Obama the indictments will not be unsealed if there are indictments at all for we have a bunch of pussies in Restrepo, Valenezuela, Obaman, the AG, etc….

  5. A_Antonio Says:

    His butt is seated in big pack of dollars. What did you expect to say?

    I not fond of Diego Arria but I agree 100% what he says to El Universal (see them in

  6. m_astera Says:

    The only surprising thing about this statement is that he feels secure and safe enough to say it on the record.

    I’m sure that if the oppo was willing to keep him in the lap of luxury, he would have no problem adopting their rhetoric. There is no ideology involved with any of these swine, it’s only about feathering their own nest.

    Apologies for stating the obvious.

  7. Eric Says:

    Carlos Blanco deconstructs the implications of this very cogently at

  8. Roberto N Says:

    Verga…….. I mean just……Verga, pana. Que bolas.

  9. vdpsc Says:

    Don’t forget Tarek Aziz also looked nice in a sports coat on tv, during his prime.

  10. bruni Says:

    Dónde está la Fiscal cuando se la necesita? Someone should call this guy to testify in Congress. I hope that the opposition leaders make statements about it.

  11. Alek Boyd Says:

    Let us all remember that this guy has been designated as kingpin by the US, for his connections and support in drug dealing activities to FARC.

  12. albionoldboy Says:

    Elections are just for the outside world, so countries like Brazil and Spain can claim Venezuela is democratic, and they have an excuse to take Chavez’s bribes to look the other way.

    And the supposed leader of the free world can wring their hands and say Venezuela just qualifies because it has elections, and have an out to continue to buy oil, so Americans can enjoy their cheap gas at the expense of oppressed Venezuelans.

    Venezuelans have to wake up and face the fact that unless they are willing to stand-up to Chavez(with what ever it takes)they will not have the the right to sing Gloria al Bravo Pueblo, but hail to the boss

  13. jau Says:

    Translation: life is soooo good when you are on top in the revolution that, you better not mess with my smooth sailing in the sea of happiness.

    Why only and noticias24 are the only ones showing this guys opinions? I searched in,,, and nothing….

  14. island canuck Says:

    It is just incredible that the country has reached the point where someone in power can make a statement like that & not be immediately fired.

    Although just last week our chief clown said pretty much the same thing that he would not allow the opposition to take over.

    We are now OFFICIALLY in a dictatorship. We all need to accept that the suggestion of democracy is a fantasy.

  15. Eric Lavoie Says:

    “This guy has a promising future as a teabagger/GOP consultant.”
    Actually sounds more like a fit for Obamaski 🙂 (i don’t believe that obama is like that, i am using sarcasm to exagerate, the same way i find OA2’s comment to be without basis, and ridiculously sarcastic.)

  16. OA2 Says:

    This guy has a promising future as a teabagger/GOP consultant.

  17. speed Gibson Says:

    add this clown to the list that need to be tracked down and shot….get on with it already…..

  18. ErneX Says:


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