Hugo smiling at the Empire

January 1, 2011

No post today, but could not resist putting these pictures up and ask, what’s your best caption?

Santos: Don’t worry, he is not a suicide bomber

Hillary Clinton: Is he kidding me, he wants to shake my hand?

Piňera: Boy! He has gotten fat!

Hugo: Friends again?

Santos: See, there was no bomb in his hand!

Hillary Clinton: I hate diplomacy, ick!

Piňera: He has no clue, don’t worry!

Hugo: Women can’t resiste me. I am so handsome!

51 Responses to “Hugo smiling at the Empire”

  1. jose hernandez Says:

    bueeeenisimoooooo. no pude dejar de escribirlo……

  2. Roy Says:

    And Chavez wastes no time after making the U.S. back down to rub the U.S.’s nose in it, telling the press that he wants the U.S. who he wants the U.S. to appoint as ambassador… wait for it… Oliver Stone, Sean Penn, or Noam Chomsky!

    Que pena…

  3. m_astera Says:

    Funny, my first thought looking at photo 1 was “A gentleman never offers to shake a lady’s hand”. It is totally gauche to do so in the manners I was brought up with. A gentleman nods his head politely and tells the lady that it is a pleasure to meet her etc.

    Only the lady can offer her hand, if she chooses to.

    Hillary had no choice in the matter; much as I dislike her, she certainly was the gracious one on this occasion. Hugo showed himself a mannerless boor. So what else is new?

  4. Roy Says:


    You are entirely correct that the U.S. has limited diplomatic options. But even those limited options should be exercised. I seem to recall having been born into a country guided by principles. Now, that country seems to be guided by nothing more than momentary expediency.

  5. Roy Says:


    I know that is the official line, but really… With the timing…??? How can you interpret it any other way?

    Once again, Chavez looks like a winner who stood up to the Empire and forced it to back down.

    I am really feeling ashamed of my own country at the moment. We are better than this.

  6. moctavio Says:

    The US did not withdraw Palmer’s nomination, because a new Congress is coming in, his nomination is no longer valid.

  7. Kepler Says:

    If that is so, I was very wrong, she could have shaken hands and gone out of the way.
    Unfortunately, the only thing I see is this:

    to judge how the whole “flirting dance” was.

    I was also surprised by the caving in on Palmer.
    Beyond being cold, there is little the US can do that can have a sustainable and possitive effect in Venezuela at this moment (apart from delivering good intelligence to show what Chavismo is stealing and the like, but that is something we are waiting for)

  8. Roy Says:

    Apparently, he was telling her, “Appoint a new ambassador, or I will publish those pictures I have of Bill.”

    Today’s news says that she and the State Dept. have caved in to Chavez and his demands, and I cannot see any practical reason for the U.S. to have done so.

  9. A.M. Mora y Leon Says:

    I think she should have taken his hand, but not smiled and not offered up much in the way of conversation. The five-minute backslapper between the two comes just days after both countries threw each other’s envoys out. To laugh and joke in the wake of that makes the US look like not such a serious power. Kind of a Gilbert and Sullivan power – and to an ape like Chavez, that’s all he needs to know to start up some new aggression. Even Dilma managed to avoid a meeting with Chavez, knowing what a clown he was. Hillary wasn’t as skilled. Santos and Pinera walked over after Chavez fired up the small talk, wanting to know what that pair were saying.

  10. Kepler Says:

    Yeah, I suppose I am also suggesting the US become Marxist-Islamist.

    Seriously: I am not suggesting the US help in making Dilma friendlier towards Chávez or anything. I am asking what option you have before you criticize something.
    So I gather your solution would have been to have the US not participating in that event. Is that right? The US as only country not going to Brazil’s presidential inauguration?
    If I am wrong, please, explain. I suppose it’s not so hard to explain what you exactly have in mind. Or is it another James Bond sort of solution as Gweh’s?

  11. Ira Says:

    Kepler, you have two countries without high level diplomatic relations, a VERY recent crisis regarding this (days old), and we see pictures of Clinton warmly shaking Chavez’s hand?

    The help comes in the way of isolating Chavez on the world stage and confining him to his cast of lunatics.They’re attending the inauguration of a woman who in no uncertain terms will be even friendlier to the Chavez government, and you suggest the U.S. help in this endeavor?

  12. GWEH Says:

    Kepler, I think Chavez should be assasinated. Are you happy. Do you think its appropriate to air this out loud. FU

  13. GWEH Says:

    Kepler, I don’t get caught up in it like you. This country is fine thank you.

  14. Kepler Says:

    By acting cold? How do you do that? Like shaking hands with a stern face?
    How give Pinera and Santos a reminder? By holding a poster in front of the cameras stating that so that we can know about it? I imagine she is doing that all the time.

    Anyway: when are you going to realise it doesn’t matter a fig what the US thinks as to support? Venezuelans have to do it themselves, they cannot expect Uncle Sam to do it.
    I have still to see what the hell the US is supposed to do here, no one is telling me how exactly the US is going to do something that can help us.

  15. Ira Says:

    She had an opportunity to make a statement by acting cold, and she didn’t do it.

    And she had an opportunity to give Pinera and Santos a little reminder about standing by your principles, and she blew it.

    Sorry, boys. I don’t buy this statesmanship bullshit.

    If she did the right thing, it would have also sent a message to the democratic opposition in VZ–I mean the regular people–that the U.S. hasn’t forgotten them. And that might have been a nice kick in the ass and reminder to not be complacent and give up so easily.

    The pressure has to be kept on this fool daily. Photo ops like this draw attention away from the damage he’s caused and the many crises now going on in VZ that have been directly signed off on by Chavez, and no one else.

  16. Kolya Says:

    Somewhat off topic: from the personal point of view, an acquaintance who has worked for both in separate times said Bill has more charisma but he sometimes had a temper and could be nasty, while contrary to reputation Hilary was warm, considerate and even funny with her underlings.

  17. Mick Says:

    Hillary was being the Secretary of State by smiling and taking the hand. She was being a loyal US citizen by her body language. The pictures clearly show repulsion and disdain on her face. The fact that he charged at her shows his weakness in the face of a superior. He looks much like a fan getting photo with a celebrity.

    As for 2012, being a diplomat is never a bad thing. Being a weaselly inferior clown, would be a death blow to a political career anywhere outside Venezuela.

    I believe you’re right when you say he is desperate. Since he is bleeding PDVSA to death, oil needs to move well above 100 very soon or the government will start defaulting on bonds. That will be the end.

  18. OA2 Says:

    Love that Venezuela’s piti-payaso practically squeals in giddy delight when he gets a chance to pose with a representative of the imperio. Love even more how this discussion quickly devolved into a Republican-Democrat food fight. Republicans: Bigoted bullies who are only happy when their cowboy boots are on the necks of the disenfranchised, while bombing brown people in some far away land. Democrats: Feckless, feel-gooders who never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity, especially when they are in power. Who can possibly defend either?

  19. Kepler Says:

    Gweh, when I ask you to put here through what your thoughts are you start playing Mr Smart 007 and telling us you cannot say it because if you did, you’d had to kill us or the Earth would explode and everything will destroy or whatever.
    You don’t really think things out, do you?
    9,771 US Americans only killed in Afghanistan so far.
    4,427 US Americans killed in Iraq. We are talking about soldiers only.
    OK, it’s great business for security agencies and for the weapons industry.
    What un-appeasement are the Republicans going to bring forth?
    Sure, you can’t tell us…
    “Kepler, just this:
    think Noriega but with strawberries”
    Geez…demasiadas pelis gringas y juegos de guerra en el ordenador.

  20. Kepler Says:

    “is that another disguised cheap shot against republicans?”
    It can an apple, it can be a cheap shot, whatever. I am asking a real question. It is stupid to react like that when you know what the answer is.
    Or what? Are there different rules here?
    What was the difference during Bush’s administration?
    And Chavez was against the wall, right?
    Geez, man, you don’t get it…
    it’s completely inconsequential whether it is Obama, Palin or Peter Pan.

  21. GWEH Says:

    Kepler, is that another disguised cheap shot against republicans? I think McCain would have extended his hand. FYI, it’s the republicans that are ending Obama’s brief period of appeasement and wouldn’t you know it, chavez still wants to be friends.

  22. Kepler Says:

    You are talking to 2 presidents in a place you have to be in. Then there comes Hugo Chávez. You know there are a dozen cameras and photographs around you. Chávez extends his hand.
    What do you do?

    Then answer this: what would the candidate for which you voted have done?
    Be honest.

  23. RWG Says:

    Let me get this straight. Hugo Chavez has mistresses and multitudes of extramarital affairs not to mention his love affair with Fidel Castro. Hugo Chavez is a serious violator of human rights and freedoms. Hugo Chavez hates the United States including Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Hugo Chavez supports terrorism and is the leading exporter of cocaine in this hemisphere. Hugo Chavez is a corrupt leader who has robbed his country of billions of dollars for his personal use.

    WTF is Hillary Clinton doing smiling and shaking hands with Chavez? Isn’t there some limit as to how far the Obama administration will go?

    Keep these photos handy for the 2012 U.S. presidential elections.

  24. Kepler Says:

    Este artículo dice que la presi de Brasil vio al príncipe de Asturias de primero porque Hugo había cancelado la reunión que tenía con ella a las 9am:
    Supongo que Hugo pensaba que a él le tenían que dedicar dos horas y eso a una hora que le conviniese a él.
    Hugo es conocido por llegar siempre tarde…quizás le advirtieron que no esperarían y él, como autoritario que es, decidió irse para “no ser humillado”

  25. GWEH Says:

    The pictures suggest that it was Chavez who extended his hand first. Also, some of the reports say that is how it happened. It appears he came charging at her “como un torito”. She had no choice but to politely reciprocate by extending her hand. Chavez needs to be told that traditional American women of Hillary’s generation expect a gentleman to wait for the lady to extend her hand before trying to shake her hand. This contrasts with the Hispanic custom of more reciprocity. my guess is that frosty Hillary is of the hesitant kind. Another case of Chavez’s pushy behavior as in the case of shoving that anti-American book in Obama’s hand in Trinidad.

  26. GWEH Says:

    we aint seen nothing yet. clinton (usa) has hugito by the cojones. the ball is rolling

  27. firepigette Says:


    Where do you get your idea of charming from? From his egotism, his cruelty, his lies,his callousness or his machismo?

  28. GWEH Says:

    The images reconfirm that chavez is in very deep shit.

  29. Kepler Says:

    Upper left picture here

    “Oh, my God, my hands are now so sticky. What did he have there?”

  30. Roberto N Says:

    1st Pic:

    Santos: You can do this, be brave!
    Piñera: It’s the LEFT hand you need to watch out for……
    Hilary: It’s just a job, just a job…….
    Hugo: Verga, tiene mas diente que caiman en boca de caño!

    2nd Pic:

    Santos: It gets easier the more you do it
    Piñera: The LEFT hand, Hilary!!
    Hilary: One Mississippi, Two Mississippi, Three Mississippi……
    Hugo: ‘Guara! Viste Jaua? no me mordio la coña esa!!!!

  31. Kepler Says:

    Bruni, I think you are over-interpreting this time. There was nothing she could do. Ignore him? That would have been quiet a show. Shake the hand with a stern face?
    Pity we do not get a video. THAT would have been something.

  32. AuvienLobo Says:

    A ustedes que entretienen un idioma ausente, aquel que quiso comunicar.

    Se enfrentaron a familiares y amigos, sus dioses e ilusiones.

    Solo por describir promesas y sueños.

    Queriendo ahogar lo que no respira.

    Si, a ustedes blogeros, Feliz Año!, y que bronquios evolucionen!

  33. AuvienLobo Says:

    Not like she doesn´t have a better come back!

  34. Tambopaxi Says:

    Miguel, Sorry to hear about 2010 for you. It hasn’t shown in your excellent postings, I want to tell you, which is a mark of real discipline and dedication to your blog and your country.

    I want to wish (hope for you) a much, much better, 2011, sir, and for that matter, a better new year for Venezuela. Take care, T

  35. AuvienLobo Says:

    So how long till Bill and Chelsea stop bothering her to wash up her hands before eating, hahahaha!!!

  36. syd Says:

    Chávez in Picture 1: “Ay wana jol yur han.”

    Chávez in Picture 2: “uuuuy por fin salgo en primera plana en el imperio.. más vale el pajarito que esta vieja rubia.”

  37. island canuck Says:


    Ha. ha

  38. geronl Says:

    She wants to take some advice, because she is jealous of his power.

  39. Mick Says:

    That picture should be used on the posters made by the opposition in 2012 with the caption “Would I lie to my supporters when I go out of my way to take a photo with the person who’s resignation I called for just a few weeks ago?”

  40. Speed Gibson Says:

    two ambitious habitual liars with dead bodies in their pasts..what else needs to be said

  41. bruni Says:

    Hilary seems to have been bewitched by Chávez charm. He is a charming man after all. He just wants to be president for life, that’s all…

  42. island canuck Says:

    The question is how does he justify these photo ops to his followers after weeks of harangue against the mighty imperio.

  43. PB Says:

    Please, please, please . . . . Let me have a picture, please, please, pleaaasseeee.

    Aaaahhhhhhhhh ….. Cheese!

  44. chiguire Says:

    Very funny. I heard that Chavez went out of his way to find and corner Hillary for the photo-op. Pura pantalla y pura paja!

  45. megaescualidus Says:


    Feliz a~o. I wish you a happy blogging 2011!

    Megaescualidus (desde San Cristobal, Edo. Tachira)

  46. Robert Says:

    Look very closely and you will see Hillary’s eyes do not match her smile.

    And Chavez looks such a fool.

  47. George Says:

    What a FARCE…

  48. OldSouth Says:

    Picture 1: Really, I washed my hands. no worries.

    Picture 2: How do I explain this picture away when I run for President?

  49. Roger Says:

    Do it Hillary…. we had to and were presidents.
    What Im glad Im not seeing is him and Dilma like we did with Lula. I think she will more presidencial rather than acting like just another banana republic leader. Im sure the behind the scenes issues of trade and energy development will add to keeping it business like.

  50. Watson Says:

    Women can resist me just ask Condolesa!

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