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Hugo Looks At The Mirror, Sides With Gaddafi

March 19, 2011

In a forward looking move, Hugo Chavez condemned the military action in Lybia, calling for “a return for the path of peace”. He must mean to allow his buddy to continue killing the people who oppose him.

If anyone out there is surprised, just remember, Hugo is a Fidel Castro supporter and admirer, a Gaddafi admirer, a former Saddam admirer, a Mugabe supporter and the author of one bloody coup attempt in which innocent civilians were killed and openly backed another coup in which supersonic aircraft was used to threaten civilian populations. He also ordered the deployment of “Plan Avila” in 2002, a plan that had been classified as being in violation of human rights by the OAS.

Just Hugo being Hugo.

Generic Revolutionary Mismanagement at Venezuela’s Government Generic Plant

March 19, 2011

On May 3d. 2009, President Chavez inaugurated the already existing generic pharmaceutical plant, which had been supposedly upgraded and refurbished since it was shut down in 2006.

Since I have a personal interest in that business, I paid attention, wondering how much real competition this generics plant would create for the private sector.

I worry too much.

Almost two years after Chavez’ bombastic ceremony, it turns out the plant, built and upgraded under Cuban advice, has yet to open, according to none other than the annual report of the Comptroller who controls almost nothing, Clodosvaldo Russian. (He seems to look for only small corruption cases)

Imagine how stinky the whole deal must be for Clodosvaldo to take notice. Five years have gone by and the plant has yet to reopen. The report questions the controls of the plant in its construction, as well as asking that those responsible for “planning, contracting and executing” the building of the plant be made responsible for their mismanagement.

Just think, when Hugo opened the plant two years ago, he said this was the only one in the country producing medicines for malaria and tuberculosis and then Minister of Health Montilla marveled at the fact that the plant was built in record time, faster than the private sector.

Just don’t get malaria, please, you will be out of luck.

Maybe Chavez should order this project frozen too, maybe nobody will notice.

State of Peace and Democracy in the World

March 19, 2011

Had to share this.