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Violence, Games And The Military: Consistency Is Not Chavismo’s Strongest Point

March 28, 2011

Last week, a decree was published making military education mandatory starting in first grade. Under the “Comprehensive Military Education Plan”, kids will learn about defending the coutnry and will be trained for war.

Under this plan, outside the sphere of “military spaces,” Venezuelan children will be trained for war from the start of their formal education, in first grade, until completion of their university education, and that this will be compulsory. And to top it all off, the teachers will be members of Chavez’ paramilitary militia, which have little training beyond how to use weapons.

So, picture first grade and onwards little kids, learning to use weapons and war “strategy” as part of their early brain washing by this militaristic, autocratic, pseud-socialistic Government.

But wait!

Isn’t this the same Government that does not allow these same young kids to purchase and play violent video games, particularly those involving war and weapons? You mean to tell me that these kids are mature enough to train about killing real people, real human beings, with real weapons, but at night they are only suppose to play Pac Man so that their young minds don’t get distorted?

This Bill that bans violent video games actually punishes the manufacturing, distribution, selling, rental, exhibition and use of such video games, giving discretionary as well as punitive power to the authorities. In fact, people regularly have their games confiscated at customs. (I am sure the kids of the custom agents have a nice collection)

So, picture the scene: Hey kid, stop playing that violent war game, go grab your FAL and let’s do some target practice killing enemies of the revolution.

Clearly Chavismo’s ideological consistency is not among its strongest points…If there are any.