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The Eighth Housing Program in Twelve Years

March 31, 2011

(Did you see the President finally noticed us after ten years? Yes, I was starting to think the billboards were hiding us from view)

A Caracas councilman by the name of Alejandro Vivas has been keeping tabs on the housing promise of the Chavez Government and enumerated them in the radio the other day:

1.)  2000: Plan Bolívar 2000. Military-Civilian plan to build low income housing. It was the first big corruption scandal of the Chavez era. Remember General Weffer?

2.)  2004: Misión Hábitat: US$ 200 million to change the model of housing and build 10,000 units in 2004 and 50 to thousand in 2005 with an additional US$ 500 million. Wondered what happened…

3.) 2006: Fundation Misión Hábitat.

4.) 2007: Misión Villanueva: A program to redistribute the population over space, so that we are better distributed and people live better.

5.) 2008: Misión 13 de Abril: Building of Socialist Communities in 40 locations of the country.

6.) 2009:  Misión Barrio Nuevo Barrio Tricolor . “Dignification” of existing housing

7.) 2010: Russian Plan. US$ 500 million from the money not spent the previous year. 55 Hectareas in Fuerte Tiuna,

8.) 2011 Plan Vivienda Viva.

And counting….


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