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Capitalists Are From Mars, Venezuela To Become Venus

March 22, 2011

Whether Hugo Chavez was kidding or not, his silly and foolish statement about capitalism probably destroying life in Mars represents another not so funny irresponsible moment by the Venezuelan President. If he was kidding, he went on for too long, speculating whether this could have happened or not, when he talks to a public that tends to believe what he says. If he was serious, it is no surprise that an ignorant lieutenant so full of himself now wants to extend his creativity to science. Why not? He has innovated in so many fields by now, destroying the economy, trying unworkable ideas and spending money on his whims and mostly useless capricious ideas.

Even bad ideas are the subject of a nationwide address as amply covered by Daniel today. A country where running water was the future for all, now faces a step back into water delivery trucks, with the Government as the provider of tanks and water. Chavez is truly leading Venezuela into a primitive society, that is as far as his limited mind and gigantic ego can take us. Only backwards seems to be his motto.

To make matters even worse, those surrounding him are as limited or as blinded by ideology as the Venezuelan President, which only reinforces problems. Cabinet members seldom have any experience in their responsibilities, let alone managerial experience. Look at Giordani and Merentes, out of place and out of their league in their respective, and very important, positions.

And it shows. If capitalists destroyed Mars, Chavez’s fuzzy socialist project will turn Venezuela into Venus, frozen in the past, run by ignorants and not hospitable for living.

And yes, for this blog, as for Daniel and CC, here is the video, impossible not to add it to twelve years of our foolish history under Hugo.