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Chavismo Shows Its Non-Democratic Nature in Choosing Delegates to International Meetings

March 25, 2011


Recently there was an international meeting of one of those universal, useless, multi planetary union of world countries which held a meeting.The name is irrelevant, there are so many of those boondoggles that you can no longer tell one from the other.

But our “democratic” friends from Chavez’ PSUV showed their true colors, their true democratic ideals to surface, by choosing eight, yes, ocho Deputies to go to this fun meeting. Given the unfair sixty to forty composition of the new Assembly, what did these Democrats decide to do?

Simple, they decided to go the truly democratic route, they chose seven Deputies from their own PSUV party and to show their open spirit, the eight person, the token member, was choseĀ  from Venezuela’s Communist party that happens to support Hugo Chavez. The opposition, which hold 40% of the National Assembly got zippo.

Which proves what we know, to Chavismo democracy is simply a nine letter world, but who is counting?