Chavismo Shows Its Non-Democratic Nature in Choosing Delegates to International Meetings

March 25, 2011


Recently there was an international meeting of one of those universal, useless, multi planetary union of world countries which held a meeting.The name is irrelevant, there are so many of those boondoggles that you can no longer tell one from the other.

But our “democratic” friends from Chavez’ PSUV showed their true colors, their true democratic ideals to surface, by choosing eight, yes, ocho Deputies to go to this fun meeting. Given the unfair sixty to forty composition of the new Assembly, what did these Democrats decide to do?

Simple, they decided to go the truly democratic route, they chose seven Deputies from their own PSUV party and to show their open spirit, the eight person, the token member, was chose  from Venezuela’s Communist party that happens to support Hugo Chavez. The opposition, which hold 40% of the National Assembly got zippo.

Which proves what we know, to Chavismo democracy is simply a nine letter world, but who is counting?

19 Responses to “Chavismo Shows Its Non-Democratic Nature in Choosing Delegates to International Meetings”

  1. […] Chavismo Shows Its Non-Democratic Nature in Choosing Delegates to International Meetings […]

  2. Hans Says:

    Chavez will win the election in 2012..
    Its sad but it will be like that. On the other hand, who in the opposition would be able to do the job? To be caresmatic enough for the venezoelan ppl?

  3. Ira Says:


    “Where,” not “we’re.”

    I am NOT a total retard. I’m just slower at 54 than I was at 24.

    Please, Miguel!!! Let us edit posts!

  4. Ira Says:

    Canuck–oops. And thanks for correcting me. Yeah, the defensive. (Miguel, how come you can’t edit your posts here, like in many other sites?)

    Whatever you do, don’t get old like me. (HAH!!!)

    The main point I’m trying to make, I THINK, is you can make the same arguments over the years, often to no effect, but when global events align in a certain way, your arguments carry a totally different weight.

    And since Egypt, and we’re going on TWO MONTHS now since that, we’re are the opposition rallies in VZ?

  5. Roger Says:

    I think that the first thing that must happen is to make it clear that, no one can be a Ni-Ni in this election! All Venezuelans must commit themselves to their politics no matter how fringe and agree to support agreements between political parties and demand a fair and accurate count of the votes. Whether your talking the Leftist “Socialisimo, Patria O Muerte or the Rights ” Dios, Patria O Muerte , the key word is the key word is muerte! Anyone who thinks they can weather this out better have their Gringo Green Card. For how else can you give up on the only country you have?

  6. island canuck Says:

    Ira said:”….Put HIM on the offensive”

    I think you mean put HIM on the defensive.

  7. Ira Says:

    These protests don’t have to be huge either–but hopefully, they will become so and build momentum.

    Every Sunday morning–EVERY Sunday–let there be a rally somewhere. And bring the points home to Chavez:

    “How can you support Ghadafi? How can you support Hassad? How can you support the dictators–neither elected–against the people?”

    Then, let Chavez answer THESE questions on his Sunday night bullshit-fest, plus answer to every other undemocratic and corrupt action the government takes.

    Put HIM on the offensive…let HIM explain his actions…and neutralize HIS ridiculous claims and attacks that the opposition is simply “stirred up by the empire.”

  8. A_Antonio Says:

    Roger, I agree with you, opposition looks like to get a “conuco” of power more to defeat Chavez. Need to run the country to show the people why Chavez is failing and will never a get a viable country with him.

  9. Roger Says:

    During election season which we are now in, we call protests RALLY’S! Remember, we are dealing with a marxist who claims to be a democrat. Alvarez Paz is not running thinking of winning, but, for a platform to speak out.

  10. island canuck Says:

    Off topic:

    Venezuelan oil exports to US drop to 740,000 BPD.

    The benefit of the higher prices is lost.

  11. A_Antonio Says:

    I think there are plenty of motives to protest now in Venezuela.
    We have some impulse of them, even from chavistas.
    Opposition should use these to hot the electoral movement, showing to people the motives to protest and the concrete objectives to accomplish, after these protest as government do not fulfill the promise made more evidently be the necessity to a change.
    I would like see the Venezuelan protest map blinking like the lights of a charismas tree, like the map of countries in North Africa and near Oriental Countries.
    It is time to show that you really want to win 2012 election.
    If not I think Ira is rigth.

  12. deananash Says:

    Ira is right, the opportunity is now. The fasting students are doing their part. The truth is, most Venezuelans don’t care….this would include the 20% who are rabid ‘believers’ and the 60% who are ni-ni’s.

    To be a ni-ni is to really be uneducated (surprise). Because soon enough, already actually, Chavez and his beliefs will negatively affect everyone. (Except him and his cohorts.)

  13. Ira Says:



    They’re risking lives all over the Middle East plus Africa to get rid of tyrants, and the VZ democracy movement is waiting for December 2012 elections.

    It’s official:

    Venezuela is fucked, and hopes of getting unfucked are impossible.

  14. jeffry house Says:

    Sending a delegation like that prevents the other delegates from finding out anything about Venezuela, or being able to expect honest answers to questions.

  15. geha714 Says:

    For Chavismo, Democracy is a four letter word.

  16. HalfEmpty Says:

    Meh nothing to see here, this was just a junket, a little fun for the boys, maybe a little walking around money and if you can keep to the sponsored buffets maybe you can turn a little profit off the pure-dime and currency allowance.

  17. Speed Gibson Says:

    and somewhat in that vein……Jimmah is back at it again

  18. wanderer Says:

    I have this dream that in a few short years the absurdity of the present Venezuelan government will become so comical that a tremendous majority of the Venezuelan people will simply laugh it out of power.

    And the laughter will be cathartic.

    And Venezuela will go on and become better without bloodshed and mayhem and insanity.

    After all, Venezuela is a special place.

  19. geronl Says:

    I don’t think anyone expected better of Hugo, heck I think people would be kind of disappointed in a grim way if his government started acting like a normal one.

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