It’s easy to register for Mision Vivienda, just give us your fingerprint first

May 8, 2011

It is very easy to register for Chavez’ illusory Mision Vivienda, just come over, bring your national ID card, give us your family data, the data on your current housing and…

give us your fingerprint, an obviously needlessly step that will create the fear in you that the Government will Tascon you: You don’t vote for us, you don’t get a home. Of course, even if you do vote for Chavez in 2012, the chances of you getting a new home are about 8%-12%.

Maybe one of our PSF’s can explain to us how after the experience of the Tascon/Chavez list, the fingerprint can be, should be or be part of registering to get a housing unit that has yet to be started.

It´s simply perverse…

23 Responses to “It’s easy to register for Mision Vivienda, just give us your fingerprint first”

  1. Fredxqe Says:


  2. Adelinecrc Says:


  3. no entiendo cual es el problema con las capta huellas si hay gente q estafa con menos q eso y la verdad la ingenuidad de muchos q se lo permite es algo por un bien familiar y si en todos lados piden datos porq en este se hara esepcion a colocar su huella el q quiera casa y ya

  4. Rizos Says:

    Smartmatci makes no fingerprint readers, only voting machines, they are just a farce to slow down the process and spread fear.

    Anyway, if the CNE would know the ID of non-chavistas voters they should have fired a lot of people, but I’m still here jajajaja

  5. Juancho Says:

    The fact is there is no infrastructure or wherewithal to build the facilities that would ever support large housing projects like the Urbanization joints many of us grew up in. You might see some red shirt flunkies toss up some pre-fab cribs but there ain’t gonna be no neighborhoods going up under Hugo’s watch. The idea is preposterous.

    What’s more, word behind the scenes says that the Guri situation was never addressed, in the hopes that it would simply vanish, and another energy crisis is looming in the not-so-distant future. Might be hard to blame it on the past when the lights go out this time – perhaps for a week at a time.

    The energy situation could get ugly very fast. The amount of neglect per regular maintenance and updating is shocking say those in the know.

    We’ll see…


  6. Ira Says:


  7. Ira Says:

    What’s a “huella?”

  8. island canuck Says:

    Well if they are going to build 10’s of thousands of homes they better start with the basics.

    We spent over 6 hours yesterday without electricity! What good are new homes & free appliances if you can’t use them.

    We have also had daily “brownouts”. Voltage of only 108 or 110 instead of the normal 124/125. Our A/C in the office turns into a large fan as the compressor will not start. Yesterday it was over 30ºC inside. Not conducive to working or anything else.

  9. liz Says:

    They will also have the name of the owner of the place you’re renting and yes, the address.

    I see many expropriations in the future…

  10. They are using the same system, there is no reason to, this way, they will have your huella, cedula and more importantly, up tp date address, something they did not have.

  11. megaescualidus Says:


    Why using the same capahuellas if new ones could be purchased leaving some chavista middleman a huge fortune in the process?

    My point, seriously, is this is one more corruption opportunity, where someone will make lots of money off of it, and someone else will be screwed off of it.

  12. nomi Says:

    OT: Makled is in Venezuela. It’s good we have an insider in this blog. From this blog’s comments:

    GWEH Says:
    April 6, 2011 at 10:49 am
    OT: Makled is coming north. The indictments are ready… they need about a month that’s all. Get ready!

    GWEH Says:
    April 6, 2011 at 10:50 am
    forgot, El Comandante will not be indicted (por ahora)

    Mr. GWEH: you are a clown. Nothing you say ever comes to pass.

  13. Gonzalo Says:

    pure “poker” bluffing…if you are close to someone that does not have a house and can not get one by its own means…please encourage them to get on the band wagon….its is free…like the lavadoras…etc

  14. Gonzalo Says:

    There is no way for Chavez to know if you voted for him or not! if you truly believe that, there is no need to create a second Tascon list…we would only have to check the CNE database for that… or are you telling us Cahvez is a good guy and he will give Venezuelans a second chance!!! jajajajjaja

  15. jau Says:

    Are they using the same captahuellas from smartmatic?

  16. tleon Says:

    “Cuba made official on Monday what had been rumored for weeks: It is legalizing the sale of real estate and cars and expanding the ranks of private cooperatives that could serve as engines for the sputtering economy, among other major changes.”

    I find this very interesting as Cuba is going in the direction of free enterprize and Chavez and his thugs are going in the other direction. Why because they can control the money going into their pockets.

    All anyone has to do is look at the failure of the Marxist system in Cuba to understand that it does not work.

    Wake up Venezuela and save yourselves from this failed bull shit.

  17. A_Antonio Says:

    Makled is in Venezuela. We can be sure of 3 things, justice will never prevail and not all guilty ones will be caught. And provably he will be assassin or will escape very soon.

  18. pol47 Says:

    Walid Makled was turned over by Colombian police to Venezuelan officials at a Bogota air base, then led handcuffed aboard a waiting Venezuelan jet

    My question has he been shot trying to escape yet?

  19. megaescualidus Says:

    Yet another chavista list …

    You may be correct in saying Venezuela is a “sinking ship”, but as long as the oil prices are high the actual sinking process may be a very long one.

  20. Alex Dalmady Says:

    The fingerprint is because the gov. doesn’t believe in its own identification system (cédula). If they wanted the fingerprint for electoral purposes, there are probably more efficient ways to get it.

  21. concerned Says:

    If these houses are built by PDVSA, I would rather sleep outside as it would be safer.

  22. George Best Says:

    MY FRIEND or m y f r i e n d s,

    g o o d observation – but what do you expect…. from a sinking

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