NYT: Chavez’ Government asked the FARC to kill opposition leaders and carry out bombings

May 10, 2011

Today’s New York Times has an article by Simon Romero on the book with the internal FARC communications found in Raul Reyes‘ computers. Among the highlights:

“In some of the most revealing descriptions of FARC activity in Venezuela, the book explains how Venezuela’s main intelligence agency, formerly known by the acronym Disip and now called the Bolivarian Intelligence Service, sought to enlist the FARC in training state security forces and conducting terrorist attacks, including bombings, in Caracas in 2002 and 2003. ”


“The book also cites requests by Mr. Chávez’s government for the guerrillas to assassinate at least two of his opponents.

The FARC discussed one such request in 2006 from a security adviser for Alí Rodríguez Araque, a top official here. According to the archive, the adviser, Julio Chirino, asked the FARC to kill Henry López Sisco, who led the Disip at the time of a 1986 massacre of unarmed members of a subversive group.”

Let the denials begin…

25 Responses to “NYT: Chavez’ Government asked the FARC to kill opposition leaders and carry out bombings”

  1. Smithf621 Says:

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  2. Grant Fuhr Says:

    Ira just finished watching Rambo III. As for the rest of you, did you hear that Castro died again, for the 93th time? It’s TRUE… I head it from a friend of a friend whose brother is a doctor who worked in Cuba and know Castro’s cousin.

    Seriously, you Venezuelans are an embarrassment to professional rumor-mongers. Teach your people to stand in line properly at the bakery and then start spin-doctoring.

  3. Roberto N Says:

    Dear Pygmalion:

    I know plenty about Venezuela, I’ve live there for most of my 50 years.

    Y ciertamente no necesito que cabeza ‘e ñame como tu me enseñe.

    Mas bien, das un perfecto ejemplo de como la ideologia barata de tu comandandte afecta el cerebro. Deberias realmente echarte una estadia en Barbula, te vendria bien.

    No necesito ser “tu guest” para un carajo.

    Me encanta como tu ignoras completamente el fabuloso record que Chacumbele tiene de enviar preciosos fondos a paises “amigos” cuando tenemos necesidades urgentes en nuestro pais.

    Me fascina como te haces el/la pendejo(a) referente a los temas que se plantean aqui.

    Pero a la final no me sorprende, solo un tarifado del gobierno puede escribir las sandeces y guevonadas que tu escribes.

    Chupate esa media, piazo’e loco.

  4. Ira Says:

    The U.S. support for the Mujahadeen was totally logical at the time–and it wasn’t so much as money that the U.S. supplied, but supplying them hand-held surface-to-air missiles, which obliterated the Soviet attack choppers. (See “Harry Wilson’s War.”)

    More important, at the time, Bin Laden wasn’t the Bin Laden we now know. He didn’t “turn” until Saudi Arabia hosted “infidel” U.S. troops on its soil during Gulf War I.

  5. Groucho Marxist Says:

    On the one hand, it’s nice to see that Pygmaricon tacitly admits that Chavez did give money to the FARC.

    On the other hand, that yaoi* picture of Chavez at the top is freaking me out.

    (* http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=yaoi )

  6. ElsaLario Says:

    Yes, Pygmalion, you defend everything Chavez does or says with absurd arguments and we are supposed to believe you voted for Rosales, cuentame un cuento de vaqueros.

    Weren’t you the one that once even praised the Venezuelan Stock Market? Did you know it is dead?

  7. if you want to argue who knows more about venezuela, please, start getting your spelling right: it is MacanaO, and no, it is not a separate island, it is part of margarita and it is called by the native “la peninsula de macanao”.


  8. A_Antonio Says:

    100% agree with María. Some are: meando fuera del perol.

  9. maria gonzalez Says:

    The fact that USA help or not rebels in Afghanistan does no have anything to do with the topic of the post.

    For me a developing country is simple f…k if the president/government offers $300,000,000 to a guerrilla group from ANOTHER COUNTRY, while can’t build even 10,000/year during the period (10-12 years) with extraordinary high incomes. On top of this they are very happy that almost 500,000 people were willing to register to get a house… just f…k .

    Sorry but I am tired of the deviation of the initial intent of the post. Do not pay attention to Pygmalion, he/she always does that.

  10. Kepler Says:

    Yes, María, but you have to take things in context. I happen to have Fisk book and I don’t do Fisking (look it up in Wikipedia). He has portrayed Bin Laden’s account, but also others’ account. His conclusion is clear and it is the same conclusion you can get from checking out that article about the Reagan operation. It was anything but kosher.

    Did you not read what I wrote? Do you start to write before finishing the sentences you read?

    Still: this is very much OFF TOPIC. We are talking about Venezuela. We can talk about Afghanistan, about Chechnya, about Mars if you want, but let’s do it in a blog about that. Or you: create your own forum and wait there for people to discuss that.
    I am interested in knowing why Chavismo – you claim to be “opposition”, critical opposition – what a laugh – is doing what it is doing with the FARC.

  11. Maria Says:

    “One thing is certain – the US certainly gave millions if not billions of dollars to Osama bin laden to set up the Mujahadeen to fight against the Soviets in Afghanistan. Now that was OK, was it not?”

    From Robert Fisk interview of Osama bin dead (The Independent December 6, 1993, Monday)

    “But what of the Arab mujahedin whom he took to Afghanistan – members of a guerrilla army who were also encouraged and armed by the United States – and who were forgotten when that war was over? ”Personally neither I nor my brothers saw evidence of American help. When my mujahedin were victorious and the Russians were driven out, differences started between the guerrilla movements so I returned to road construction in Taif and Abha. I brought back the equipment I had used to build tunnels and roads for the mujahedin in Afghanistan. Yes, I helped some of my comrades to come here to Sudan after the war.”

  12. Pygmalion Says:

    Roberto N – your comment proves how little you know about Venezuela. To educate you a little. Nueva Esparta consists of Margarita, Macanau, Coche and Cubagua. Macanau is the western part of the main island. You really should look at a map some time. It does not matter whether it was Hezbollah or Al Qaeda – rumors are not facts.

    You miss the point. We are talking about the ethics or legality of funding bin Laden, not whose money it is. But if you want to see it from that point of view, be my guest.

    Hermano, para de sufrir. Si no te gusta debes irte a Miami o Madrid.

    And Kepler – the mujahadeen did not turn into the Taliban – are you sure about this?

    Elsa – how can you be so presumptious? You have no idea how I voted in the 2006 election so don’t jump to conclusions. In contrast to you the government is doing an excellent job in terms of its foreign aid policy. But you do not have to agree with that. And your comments are silly as well as being narrow minded.

  13. Kepler Says:

    NorkseDiv, that is rubbish. Who those rebels were? They were the mujahideen , the Freedom Fighters and they were the very same who were later called Taliban (The Students).
    And you don’t get US weapons like what they got just like that.
    This is just one of the things the US did:


    Still, that is completely off topic.

    Going to topic:
    Miguel, the native Americans have been demanding their ancestral lands according to the legislation for many years now. Several groups like the Pemones and Yekuana presented all the formalities a long time ago.
    Still, Chávez only gave some little land to the Karina (in Anzoátegui) and above all some land to several groups of Yukpas who – surprise, surprise – happen to live exactly in the areas of Zulia where the FARC camps the Colombia media mentioned are supposed to be located.
    Since some time the military in Venezuela does not allow even pro-Indian groups (indigenistas), some of which are/were close to Chavismo, to get close to that area. Only milicos can do it.
    The Pemones, the Yekuana and many others are without the demarcacion de tierras. It seems Chavez and his military just wanted to use that law as an excuse to keep people away in the area where the FARC in Zulia are.
    Amazonas South of San Fernando was already off limits for people the military did not like, Apure is just too mixed with little villages with criollos, so they cannot do that. There is no reason for blocking access to the Yukpas, even for indigenistas, for those Yukpas have not been isolated for many, many decades now, unlike the Yanomamö or some minor ethnic groups like the kurripako.

    I heard from good source that the FARC was giving some boots, machetes, stuff like that to the Yukpas to make friendship. Still, it’s not like the Yukpas can say: no, thank you.

  14. maria gonzalez Says:

    Let’s focus on Venezuelan News for yesterday, May 10, 2011
    1. Chavez offered 30 millions dollars to FARC
    2. 19 States suffered “apagones”
    3. More than 500,000 people registered in “MIsion Vivienda”
    4. J. Chacon said that polls showed that Chavez approval is now 46%
    5. Member of the National Assembly proposed the creation of a Minister for the Afro-descendents

    How a country can progress with such bizarre stuff going on!

  15. NorkseDiv Says:

    Osaka Bin Laden never got any money from the US FYI, he had his own money, The Us support went to rebels who were fighting a foreign imposed dictatorial government. Chavez on the other hand if he is supporting FARC is supporting. a terrorist group working to overthrow a democratically elected government. Two totally different things… but then again facts don’t matter to Chavista US Bashers,

  16. Buster Hymen Says:

    and yet….the venz peasants will still vote for him… will they not? Your country is lost…..you made the right move in leaving..

  17. Roberto N Says:

    Pygmalion: Get your info straight, mano.

    It is (not was) Hezbollah and not Al-Qaeda with the training camps in Margarita.

    And as for the US giving money to Fulano or Sutano or Mengano, so what? Like Elsa says, not our money.

    What does bother me is that Paraguay just got an 85,000,000$ gift from Venezuela.

    Answer this question. How many dignificados could be living in a home with that 85 million dollars? Instead of living in a tent, or invading property or in Miraflores for chrissakes?

    How many problems could we solve with that 85 million $$?

    Look around you, is everybody living well in Venezuela?

    Are there no more street children sniffing glue?
    Are the people in jail able to rehabilitate into useful members of soceity?

    Are we going to see 19,000 homicides per year, AGAIN?

    Are all our roads paved and safe?

    Will I have to start a helicopter service to get to and from La Guaira? Or should we go “endogeno” and use burros instead?

    Are our electric transmission lines A OK? (woops, there goes the power again!)

    No chico, enough with the Kool Aid, pana.

    Ya esta bueno, deja de joder y ponte a trabajar no joda!

  18. ElsaLario Says:

    Pygamalion: Really, how much do you get paid to put these silly comments on this page? Who cares if the US does something or not? Why is it that you have relative values, not absolute ones? You voted for Chavez, not for Bush or Obama. This bog is about Venezuela, not the US, the US can give money to Castro, I could care less, is not my money. What Chavez spends is, and it pisses me off.

  19. maria gonzalez Says:

    …La cronica de una muerte anunciada. Of course the government will deny it many many times!

  20. Pygmalion Says:

    We will see whether Chavez gave money to bin Laden. Chavez was also accused of allowing Al Qaeda traning camps on Macanau in Nueva Esparta but that was never proven.

    One thing is certain – the US certainly gave millions if not billions of dollars to Osama bin laden to set up the Mujahadeen to fight against the Soviets in Afghanistan. Now that was OK, was it not?

  21. albionoldboy Says:

    Wait till the other shoe drops, when the US completes checking-out bin Laden’s, computers. Chavez gave money to bin Laden. you heard it here first.

  22. tleon Says:

    So what, Chavez has been caught again.What will the people of Venezuela do to confrount this? One very simple answer.

    Nothing but sit on their ass and cry woe is me.

  23. loroferoz Says:

    Among the useful things that your friendly neighborhood terrorist group could do for you in exchange for help…

    Strangely enough, the creeps and kool-aid drinkers in chavismo have historically accused the opposition of being tied to Colombian paramilitary groups and then, of going along with everything from orchestrating terrorism, trying to assassinate the President and robbing and killing people to make the government look bad. Why didn’t we catch on that they were doing something EERILY SIMILAR?. Well, maybe the pro-Chavez militias do not have an official policy of robbing and killing; but they are armed and have virtual immunity. Anything goes, if you ask me.

    If I did believe that the old DISIP operative personnel could make wonderful compost, I now believe that the SEBIN personnel should be put in drillholes on the deep ocean floor as a matter of safety and decorum. Joking! However, isn’t it possible to envision a future in which we give a huge pink slip to those people?

    As for Rodriguez Chacin, he must be proud. He is a Bandit of Bandits, a scoundrel squared, a true blackguard to people with a black history. Move along Pedro Estrada!

  24. A_Antonio Says:

    In Universal.com, more conclusions from Computers by a report from International Institute of Strategic Studies, “from 2000 Chavez support economical and politically the FARC”, also Belarus and China maybe are involve in this support. Pure jewels.

    And for this report also says that President Correa also received economical support from FARC.

  25. NicaCat56 Says:

    The denials have started, at least over in CC. This is “mouth standing wide open” news!

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