Smoke and Mirrors in the Chavez Revolution: Oil and Research

September 14, 2011

Hugo is so full of it. Today:

“Science and Technology are fundamental to obtain independence, that is the way, I am telling all of you..”

From PDVSA’s 2010 financials (page 14, point g)): During the years 2010, 2009 and 2008, the amounts recognized for this conecpt were US$ 188 million, US$ 276 million and US$ 555 million

Ummm… Research and Development in the most important industry in the country, and it is down 66% in three years and that is “the fundamental way to obtain independence”?

Someone should have told Ramirez…the President of PDVSA…Oh, well!! That’s why he needs another twelve years…

Oh yeah! And on the back of that budget, he plans to triple oil production in eight years…Of course, if you check the website of PDVSA it says 5.8 million by next year (Hat tip @garciabanchs) I guess the smoke comes from whatever they have been smoking…

37 Responses to “Smoke and Mirrors in the Chavez Revolution: Oil and Research”

  1. […] Smoke and Mirrors in the Chavez Revolution: Oil and Research […]

  2. CharlesC Says:

    Think meds-anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, meds for pain, nausea,
    sleeping – stomach, etc..hard to to be “macho, fearless-when
    running to the bathroom all of the time..sad really.
    Don’t mean to “go there”- but this is reality.
    Grim reaper is en route to Chavez…

  3. Gerrardo Gordon Says:

    This is the photo needed to compare Chavez with HCR during the campaign.The missing bottom tooth, the camera angle that makes him look 4 feet tall, the fat round face, the ignorant hungry look, the puffy hands and bloodshot eyes, the lack of a neck, the aged scalp, plus a military uniform so he could pretend to be a macho fearless leader. He probably needs assistance to get out of bed in the morning. I am sure his staff has removed all mirrors in his residence and nobody will tell him the truth about how he looks.

  4. Ira Says:

    I finally realized what these photos remind me of:

    What’s the name of that genetic disease where young kids look like old people?

  5. Cervecero Says:

    Gracias 🙂

  6. Cervecero Says:

    Miguel, a ver si me puedes ayudar en entender la noticia de Polar.
    El gobierno dice que Polar vendio Harina PAN a Deutsche Transnational Trustee Corporation Inc.
    Pero por lo que entiendo sobre los “Trusts” es que Polar simplemente cedio el manejo de un Trademark (solo encontre documento sobre Martin Polar a esa compañia.
    Me equivoco?

  7. Paul Says:

    This photo reminds me of the movie “The picture of Dorian Gray”. The more evil he becomes, the uglier the hidden picture of him transforms to a hideous beast.The difference here is that Chavez is the living embodiment of evil.

  8. glenn Says:

    Leave it to Chavez to discover science and technology only after he becomes ill and needs some.

  9. Was experimenting, never done that before, did not even know how to…you were too quick!!!

  10. I was going to use this one:

    But felt it would be disrespectful to…something

  11. island canuck Says:

    I’ve been noticing lately that all the government propaganda & VTV telephone calls all show the “old” Chavez – not the new one.

    Here for instance:

    I’m sure that’s a Cuban strategy in view of the above comments I’m sure even the “faithful” realize how ugly he’s become.

    On another note there are more & more bad news stories appearing every day. People in fear of being isolated because of bad roads near Lago de Valencia & a woman injured in demonstrations by damnificados are just 2 that appeared today. These are not oppos protesting, these are Chavistas & they are becoming more vocal daily.

    Maybe in the end that is where his downfall will come from.

    • Gringo Says:

      These are not oppos protesting, these are Chavistas & they are becoming more vocal daily. Maybe in the end that is where his downfall will come from

      Agreed. I see his being taken down by a mega-mob descending from the barrios. Not by the escualidos.

  12. A_Antonio Says:

    To compensate the ugly picture, in the next post, show one of your best orchid picture, sure you have one.

    By the way, do you have an orchid collection in USA?.

  13. CharlesC Says:

    It is not with joy that I comment- but that is not a proper uniform. Did anyone ever tell Chavez that? And, does this bloke look like someone who will lead to victory- “victory at the dessert bar” maybe…
    Seriously- military uniforms are not about fashion- and why the announcement about the election-with makeshift military uniform on anyway?
    For example- a tee shirt with jacket is not proper…
    That is not a true uniform.
    Does any of this matter to anyone- I was military. It does to me.

    • CharlesC Says:

      It could be worse I suppose- he could be walking around
      with a Tarzan outfit on..
      (Apologies to Tarzan and the apes..)

  14. Ira Says:

    My God–it’s hard to take science and technology seriously with THAT starring you in the face.

  15. Putting that picture up was not “gratuito”, I was sure people would like it.

  16. jau Says:

    Chessus Christ!! Chavez has to be one of the ugliest motherfuckers that has walked planet earth!!! Take that picture down!!! Osmel please work your magic with this ugly turd!!!!

  17. CarlosElio Says:

    Gosh, he looks pretty disgusting. There is an ugly character in Star Wars, Boss Nass, that looks like the poor bastard looks in that picture.
    Sorry it is tangential to the topic of your post, but the poor bastard looks like a cartoon figure from a bizarre story.

  18. Charly Says:

    In that picture, this dude looks like Darth Vader in the last few minutes of the Star War series.

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