What autocrats do in the name of the “people”

September 21, 2011

I will break my rule not to talk about other countries to show you this picture in Libyia taken within Gaddafi’s compound, which has me mesmerized.

That is what autocrats do in the name of the “revolution” and the “people”.

Does it get more ridiculous than that in Barinas?

8 Responses to “What autocrats do in the name of the “people””

  1. Roy Says:

    Middle-Eastern oil-rich countries are noted for a “tacky” sense of style. Expats in Saudi Arabia long ago coined the phrase “Saudi Gaudy” to describe the phenomenon. It is what tends to happen when previously poor and uneducated people suddenly become wealthy.

  2. Andres F Says:

    Doesn’t surprise me. I’m sure Chavez would do the same.

  3. John Barnard Says:

    Kind of off-topic: just this week venezuelans created the Libya Resistance News Agency. WTF?

    • CharlesC Says:

      Another O/T -did you hear about the 10 Colombians
      (FARC) executed in Libya by the rebels-they were tried
      and convicted “on the battlefield” for being
      mercenaries. (Along with several others
      from European countries-83 total I think.)

    • Alek Boyd Says:

      Surely, another true beacon of objective chavista journalism in the works!

  4. Kepler Says:

    Honestly: it may look tacky but if that is for the children of the country, it’s just that, tacky. I have seen similar things in opposition municipalities in Venezuela, payed by Venezuelans’ taxes…imported from Europe or the States. Quite a different thing are the palaces of the Gaddafi clan. That is not just tacky but a huge, really huge waste.

  5. metodex Says:

    was he a friend of Michael Jackson?

    • CharlesC Says:

      Strange I hve always thought there was some sort of connection
      between Qadaffi and Michael Jackson. Their fashion-maybe they
      copied each other in some ways..Qadaffi the stronger twin…

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