Last Official Primary Post Closes, All Above Expectations, Great Day!

February 12, 2012

It is 4:00 PM in San Francisco, the last official time for a poll to close, some people are still voting in Caracas, but we can now officially say it was a great day, turnout was sensational and likely to be a landslide, but let the official numbers tell the story. Let’s say the winner only lost one state. This pictures is from San Francisco, California, they were voting right near the Simon Bolivar statue. Thanks MK! And thanks to all the people that sent pictures! Emocionante!

17 Responses to “Last Official Primary Post Closes, All Above Expectations, Great Day!”

  1. mgh397 Says:

    I don’t really see how people still go and repy to the chavista trolls that pass by every now and then when that’s exactly what they’re looking for. Don’t reply to then, don’t feed the troll. Remember, they have nothing else in their lives beyound their master and, obviously, any threats to the master send them berzerk. In their state of non-existant mind, all they have left is just that, to defend the master so, what to do? Don’t pay attention to them, don’t reply to them, treat them the way they have become by choice: nothing.

    • Isa Says:

      This guy is a fascist fanatic and they have to be told the truth. If Chavez has been lenient with the opposition, Chavez then should be in jail for the rest of his life for the deaths in the two coups in 1992 and the many deaths in marches due to police repression.

      The only thing worse than a PSF is a fascist PSF and Curt is one.

  2. Isa Says:

    Hey Cort, The oppo in a primary got more votes than PSUV in the regional elections altogether.


    You should be…

  3. GeronL Says:

    Sounds like the opposition voters have decided to unite behind one candidate. Now if only the oppo parties will honor their wishes. I would have liked to see MCM do better though.

  4. Bob Taylor Says:

    Island Canuck, You saw voters! I was around Porlamar and there was no one around, no signs for voting stations and people I asked knew nothing. I was worried i had the wrong day ! I always enjoy your comments from the Island !

  5. moctavio Says:

    Yes, all fascists like you are the same. The only one that has killed people is your adorable leader. And there will be a coup when teh oppo wins. And you will back it.

  6. Cort Greene Says:

    Another coup monger, didn’t work out to well last time for y’all did it and if you are so stupid to do it again you will be taken out for sure this time.

    If anything Chavez has been to Liberal with the opposition.

    Ted Grant a great Marxist, said before he died “Tell Chavez to take power”


  7. Cort Greene Says:

    Like I have said before you all better get those tickets to Miami or Doral ready because the future is not that bright for the opposition maybe say some prayers because you don’t have a ghost in hell of winning and will be just disuntited.

    Not enough votes to takeover the government, lets review 2006 when I was an international observor their.

    Votes for President Chavez

    States carried 24 0
    Popular vote 7,309,080
    Percentage 62.84%

    Major Opposition vote:


    Rojo Rojito


  8. island canuck Says:

    Twitter is saying more than 2.600.000 voters.

    A real win for the future of Venezuela.

    I was outside a voting staiton in Altagracia in Margarita for almost 2 hours & the people lined up to vote were pueblo not middle class. Chavez has a lot to worry about tonight.

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