Chavismo’s Attack On Capriles And The Opposition Begins With Force

February 14, 2012

We all knew it was not going to be an easy road, but Chavismo has started its attack on Capriles and the opposition with  force. I did not have time to blog about the Supreme Court’s decision to order that the voting notebooks should be preserved, while the Mesa de Unidad (MUD) had promised the people they would be destroyed. Fortunately, there was a leak somewhere, as Bocaranda wrote about it this morning the possibility in his Runrunes and the MUD ordered the notebooks incinerated before the decision was announced. We note the same Supreme Court ruled in 2009, in a case of a Chavista candidate, that the voting notebooks are confidential and could not be handed out. But consistency is not a characteristic of this Court, which just follows orders. (Neither is precision, the decision has the wrong year on it!)

And in a second, very disturbing development, above I post the complete page of an article published in the webpage of the Government’s radio station, written by a reporter that goes by the name of Adal Hernandez. This so-called reporter, was present at Monday’s press conference by Capriles, asking questions in a very aggressive tone. But instead of writing about what Capriles said or the answers to his questions, he launches this attack on the opposition candidate. Just in case the article disappears from the webpage of radion Nacional in the upcoming days, I have included the URL in the picture. This article is certainly despicable and indicates the type of fanaticism and disregard for others that is present within Chavismo and working for the Government. That it is allowed to continue is absolutely reprehensible. I have translated the first few paragraphs, so that those that don’t speak Spanish can get an idea of the type of hate and extremism that is present in this Government and tolerated (and paid!) by it:

The Enemy is Zionism by Adal Hernandez

Capriles Radonski, son of Henrique Capriles Garcia, a descendant of a family of Sephardic Jews of Curacao, and Cristina Monica Radonski Bochenek, a Russian-Polish Jewish woman. Both families are linked to the country’s business oligarchy, among which are counted from media such as Cadena Capriles, entertainment industries and corporations as Cinex, to services and real estate.

Capriles participated in several courses in Europe and, of course, in the imperialism of the US, more specifically at Columbia University in New York. He worked for some time in the private sector at the firms firms Nevett & Mezquita Abogados and Hoet, Pelaez Castillo & Duque. Both firms linked to the interests of the Zionist bourgeoisie.

He was part of the paramilitary and fascist sect called Tradition, Family and Property, where religious rites were practiced and perverse crimes were planned, selective of all that does not represent the Aryan race and the high national Venezuelan bourgeoisie. This organization was directed by Alejandro Pena Esclusa, a confessed CIA agent.

In 1998, he was elected deputy for COPEI, the Social Christian Party, the son of a religious fascist organization linked to the Spanish Phalanx called Opus Dei, which came to Venezuela to take root in the early 50s of the twentieth century.

Capriles actively participated in the bourgeois coup of 2002, against the Bolivarian revolution, where he and his Baruta police, punished the revolutionary people in a fascist onslaught, which was however short-lived, but that showed what  the bourgeoisie can do to defend their interests. On April 12, 2002, with a group of enraged thugs, he led the assault on the embassy of Cuba, violating all international norms and endangering the lives of people who were in Cuban sovereign airspace . In December 2006, the Zionist was acquitted by a court of appeals.

To understand the candidate who embodies the interests of the Venezuelan oligarchy and the transnational one, Capriles it is important to know what is Zionism, an Israeli ideology that he covertly represents .

Zionism is hiding behind a religious and nationalist discourse

There you have it, Chavismo is on the offensive and has taken its gloves off, while Chavez has yet to resurface after Sunday’s primary, perhaps to distance himself from this relentless attack. However, I suspect this whole thing will backfire, and will only convince those that will vote only for Chavez come October.

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  1. […] state radio station’s web site (since removed, but reproduced and partially translated on an opposition blog), strongly attacks Capriles as a Zionist – not just sympathetic to Israel but disloyal to his […]

  2. Joseph Says:

    I am Jewish, raised Jewish in multi-cultural Venezuela. I feel as Jews as Venezuelan, both things are compatible 100%. I find a lot of encouragement and support reading this chat, and confirming that this blatant antisemitism andti-zionism (same thing) and even anti Homosezualism (Capriles was accudes of gay) is widely condemned. Being the descendant of a Holocaust survivor (my grandfather 7 brothers and sisters where assasinated by the Nazis, he is the only survivor) i read the gov’t lines and I do not take it lighty. Attacking Jews and using my religion to delegitimize a Presidential candidate, given his origins, it is low, ignorant, and dangerous. We have to do everything to stop this. Antisemitism is long dated, has many shapes and forms, starts with insults, ends with Russian progroms and unique man created “events ” like tge Holocaust. I leave you with this famous quotation from Pastor Niemöller:

    “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out —
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out —
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out —
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak for me”

  3. Kepler Says:

    Tz, tz….

    Y de vuelta al tema: qué piensan de que alguien pida un debate?
    No creo que Capriles se preste al juego de rebajarse al nivel de Hugo. Este, quizás en su desespero, podría exigir un “debate”, aunque sería más bien un monólogo para poder insultar a Capriles…o tratas de hacer algo como lo que sugirió con Vargas Llosa: escudarse detrás de una serie de tarifados.

  4. Ira Says:

    Kepler and I reached our reply limit, after he called me pathetic for calling him out on his nonsense anti-semitism analysis:

    I reiterate:

    Kepler is trying to equate Soviet anti-semitism with anti-semitism in the U.S., as well as persecution in Russia against Jews with that against Catholics.

    Can you believe this? This is what the man said…he doesn’t want to stand by it…so he runs away calling ME pathetic.

    Kepler, you know nothing about what anti-semitism is, because you redefine it to fit your agenda. You also claimed that “I see anti-semitism everywhere,” although I was the one who is claiming that anti-semitism DIDN’T exist in those areas you mentioned–most particularly, the U.S.

    Do you remember what we were discussing at ALL!?

    I’m the one who said anti-semitism never existed in the United States. You said it did. Yet you say that I’M the one who sees anti-semitism everywhere!?

    Try as you might, you can’t escape your words–as ignorant as those words might be. For God’s sake, if you want to start a discussion, have the cojones to finish it. Or do you believe that all of your thoughts are divined bu God as to be the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

    Because believe me, they’re not.

  5. jau Says:

    Majunche, what a lame insult…

    What an ass….

  6. Syd Says:

    I love an underdog. Majunches Unite!

  7. island canuck Says:

    Yo soy majunche!!

  8. Carolina Says:

    I think the worst part of all this attack is not even the content – which I think will be only be believed by hard core chavistas – but the fact the is published by RNV, paid by the government with taxpayers money.

    That means, OUR money.

    • m_astera Says:

      And doing so, using the citizen’s money for political gain on a government website, is illegal and a prosecutable offense in itself.

  9. ErneX Says:

    Latest comments from Chávez:

    Good they keep talking about Capriles all the time, they are very hurt from the primaries!

    • Kepler Says:

      Is that the second part of this?


    • Jerry Says:

      Confrontacion? Has he decided to accept a debate, then?

      (that, of course, was rhetorical question. I know the noise is just hot air escaping)

      • Syd Says:

        good observation, Jerry. There’s the perfect tie-in for Capriles.

        .. el presidente me invita a una confrontación, pero tiene miedo al debate.

        qué tal?

    • Syd Says:

      chavez is annoyed.
      funny, the crowd of mostly youngsters weren’t always cheering him when he was giving verbal latigazos to an imaginary foe. a few were waving to the camera, as though saying “hi Mom”. The older ones in the crowd were not too happy.

      • ximena saizar Says:

        an ass, will always behave lilke an ass…..Animal Farm….this thing is so scare, and afraid that he is showing it through his words, acts, an estupidity, which is not new…he knows that his reign of terror is close to an end, also, that many Venezuelans are going to go to court to sue the living hell of this ex president, and this time there will not be anyone, that will get him out of it,, caldera is already dead….their are so many things this guy and his close collaborators have to pay, that a new prison will have to be made…

    • Syd Says:

      Vaya valores de educador. Chávez habla pura política en una graduación de jóvenes.

      “Eres el candidato del pasado,” dijo Chávez … jejeje. Como que te picó duro la etiqueta que te puso Capriles (y MCM)?

  10. firepigette Says:


    Believe it or not there is a large international Buddhist community in Pedro Gonzales.Around half of the members are Chavistas, which I find quite suspicious and very weird.Among them : a large group of Russians and Venezuelans who support Chavez unequivocally….even though their teacher has been against it.

    Another strange anecdote she told me is :

    That there is a truck that rides around the countryside and small caserias near her house, broadcasting with a megaphone threatening messages towards non -Chavistas….

  11. Kepler Says:

    Firepigette, what kind of functions these Chavistas have? Folk or functionaries?

    • firepigette Says:


      Well, I am not sure….but I think( from what I know of her life) that they are just simply neighbors in Pedro Gonzales and fellow Buddhist practitioners, not functionaries….but I will ask her when I speak to her again next week…she usually calls about once a week.It’s a good question , but I didn’t think to ask her.

  12. firepigette Says:

    A friend of mine in Margarita called me last night.She has many Chavista acquaintances whom she sees on a daily basis.She remarked to me that they were all angry and claiming that no mater what they will NOT give up the power.
    as it seems that the voting turn out disturbs them just a bit.

  13. moctavio Says:

    My rules are simple: If it stays on topic, is not multiple posts and does not insult people, I allow it. If the person starts trolling, then I may warn, then block. Only two people have been blocked in nine years. Some have been censored, on both sides pro- and ant-Chavez.

    This guy had disappeared, was an old troll by the nickname of shipmant, he means to annoy, but what he says is so stupid that I think it makes a great argument for our side.

  14. loroferoz Says:

    And Pastor Jones said:

    “Roll out the Kool-Aid!”

  15. […] Chavismo’s Attack On Capriles And The Opposition Begins With Force has a capture of the page where the anti-Semitic article was posted, and a translation. blog comments powered by Disqus /* */ /* */ /* */ Business Checks by […]

  16. m_astera Says:

    OK, someone tell me. Did Capriles really climb over the wall at the Cuban embassy and threaten the ambassador? If it’s true, maybe he really is presidential material and not just a rich kid with connections.

    • Roberto N Says:

      He stopped the mob from overrunning the embassy is what he did……

      • moctavio Says:

        The Cuban ambassador has testified that Capriles was trying to help him, taht is why he never was convicted.

      • jau Says:

        I was at the Cuban Embassy event. Capriles went waaaay out of his way to calm down the crowd, and he did climb the wall and after a while he did go inside to, I guess, assure the people that were inside that nothing was going to happen. HUGE mistake on his part, because it was clear, to me at least, that the people who were outside, were mostly blowing off steam macho style or plainly celebrating Chavez demise by teasing the Cubans. No one was really going to bust inside the Embassy shooting from the waist like Butch Cassidy, no one.

        That Capriles went to jail for that is a great injustice. That the Cuban ambassador never uttered a word to stop that injustice is just another example of how Cubans operate in Venezuela.

        Somehow everything is turning now, Capriles candidacy has been validated by his jail time and now he is the unquestionable leader of the opposition. I talked to Capriles a couple of years ago and asked him about his jail time and why did he go through with it. His answer was zen like, he told me something on the lines of “Pana, yes, I could have ran away and avoided jail time, the decision was not easy, but I am a politician; and I rather be confined in jail or dead than stop being able to keep on being a politician, I am in this for the long haul, that is what true politicians do”. I hugged the guy and he won my vote for life.

        M-Astera, please name me another politician from the opposition who will do that? The guy is for real.

        • jau Says:

          Miguel, I didnt know that the ambassador vouched for Capriles…. Well you could erase that part of my comment. The rest is all facts

          • moctavio Says:

            You are right and you are wrong 🙂 The Ambassador refused to go testify in Court, but he had said in an interview on TV (VTV) that Capriles came to help.

            • moctavio Says:

              If I recall correctly, two ambassadors, one was either Norway’s or Sweden’s actually testified in Capriles favor. They said that they called the Cuban Ambassador offering help and he told them that Capriles was there helping and things were under control and no help was required.

    • m_astera Says:

      Thank you all for the details. Fascinating story.

      One comment: In English, “politician” is not a polite word to describe one’s self or to call another. Perhaps it has a different meaning in Spanish?

  17. Pedro Says:

    Mr. Cort Greene perhaps has forgotten that there is an imperialist tool called “Google” (started up by two Jews!) that magically digs up the past. Mr. Greene is a TROLL, for example see this: and a google search also turns up similarly idiotic contributions of this chavista. Go away, TROLL, to kiss the ass of your Chavista master.

  18. CharlesC Says:

    Green-you are a cold-blooded liar to come here spouting a big bunch of garbage. Not one single thing you say is true. You can pile high and pile i wide
    but it remains garbage. You wouldn’ t know a “cuban-american” terrorist if he bit you on the rearend. I just don’t get it -why there are so many like you who support Castro and Chavez with any and all lies imaginable..even without
    getting paid probably..
    You are just a troll who shows up to be an irritant, Ask anyone here,Green?

  19. Isa Says:

    But a coup led by Chavez with 200 dead is justified. The end justifies the means in the twisted minds of fanatics.

  20. Cort Greene Says:

    Venezuela: a good look Capriles Radonski, opposition candidate(read: thug and terrorist) against President Chavez

    by Jean-Guy Allard (special to

    The right-wing leader Henrique Capriles Radonski, who, amidst the coup d’etat against President Hugo Chávez in April 2002 , led the assault on the Cuban Embassy in Caracas along with Cuban-Venezuelan terrorists, and who was unmasked by Wikileaks as a collaborator of the USA Embassy in Caracas, will be the candidate for the presidency that will confront President Hugo Chavez in next October elections.

    As was anticipated in view of the alliances between candidates, Capriles won the majority of the votes in the election carried out last Sunday by the so called Democratic Unity Table (Mesa de la Unidad Democrática) or MUD. According to observers, its campaign commanders were characterized by voting delinquencies such as illegal party propaganda near the voting centres and the buying of votes.

    Capriles is the leader of the party Primero Justicia and was born on 11 July 1972, in Caracas to one of the most privileged families in Venezuela. His mother, Mónica Cristina Radonski Bochenek, of Jewish (Russian-Polish) origin, is the owner of a well-known cinema chain. His father, Henrique Capriles García is from a Jewish-Dutch family from Curacao.

    Both families have interests in the media, own various industries, services and real estate. Capriles Radonsky graduated from the conservative Catholic University Andrés Bello (UCAB) in Caracas, and also studied at Columbia University, New York.


    In reports published by the USA State Department on Venezuela and published by Wikileaks, Capriles was linked to the assault on the Cuban Embassy in Caracas, and as a suspect in the assassination of the Venezuelan Prosecutor, Danilo Anderson.

    The documents demonstrate the complacency of the USA Embassy in Caracas towards this leader of the Primero Justicia Party of fascist bent and whose role in the assault to the Cuban Embassy and other illicit activities has been censured in the text.

    These documents show that the USA Embassy not only recognizes Capriles, who is now the governor of the state of Miranda, but also offers him cooperation and the many paragraphs that are blacked out by the censors in Washington reveal collaborations that is beyond what they are prepared to confess.

    On April 12, 2002, during the most tense hours of the coup d’etat, the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba was assaulted by a group of extreme right demonstrators that were led by two individuals identified in Venezuela to terrorist acts against Cuba, they are Salvador Romaní and Ricardo Koesling. These two were soon after joined by Capriles and the former commissar of the DISIP (former secret police), the assassin, Henry López Sisco.

    They cut the electricity and water supply to the diplomatic headquarters, they destroyed the vehicles of the diplomats and they surrounded the embassy so that no one could leave it. Capriles Radonsky was caught on film by the Venezuelan TV stations climbing a ladder and jumping over the embassy fence, then enter the embassy and threatening the Ambassador of Cuba in Venezuela, Germán Sánchez Otero, with more violence if he did not give up the Venezuelan officials whom they thought were hidden in the Embassy.

    On that same day, April 12, Capriles -who was then mayor of the municipality of Baruta where the Cuban Embassy was located- not only refused to take measures to stop acts of violence, but witnessing on site the violence, insisted on “inspecting” the Embassy, something completely against international conventions, and then made provocative statements.

    Capriles Radonski was also an accomplice in the arbitrary detention of Ramón Rodríguez Chacín, then Minister of Justice and the Interior and took part in the illegal sacking of his home.


    After many lies and spins of the right concerning the circumstances of the assault, on March 16 2004, the prosecutor Danilo Anderson, in charge of more than 400 cases of people suspected in the coup d’etat of April 2002, issued an order of arrest against Capriles, accusing him of violating the fundamental principles of international law, violating private property and of abuse of power. While these proceedings were going on, Capriles was kept in detention until September.

    On November 18, the young prosecutor died when his car exploded, destroyed by a bomb that contained the explosives C-4, a powerful artifact the type that has been used en in numerous occasions by Cuban-American terrorists.

    A list was published of the intellectual authors of the assassination, among whom was Salvador Romaní, a Cuban lawyer, along with the financial swindler Nelson Mezerhane, shareholder of the private TV station Globovisión, the journalist and supporter of the coup d’etat Patricia Poleo, the traitor Gen. Eugenio Áñez, and Henry López Sisco. They are almost all now living in Miami.

    Another accomplice of this gang, Ricardo Koesling has been linked with Cuban-American terrorism since the 1970s and was even an accomplice in helping the terrorist Luis Posada Carriles escape from the Prison San Juan de los Morros, in 1985, while at the same time he was a very high placed collaborator of the government of Venezuelan President Jaime Lusinchi.

    Henry López Sisco, fomer commissariat and torturer of the secret police ex “DISIP”, worked for years along side the terrorist Posada.

    Among the suspects –all of whom are linked to Capriles – that sought sanctuary in Miami- is another former “DISIP” official , Joaquín Chaffardet, who, along with López Sisco was trained by the intelligence services of the USA in the infamous School of the Americas.


    In 2000, Capriles formed the political party Primero Justicia, along with Leopoldo López. The policies were developed with financing and assessment of USAID through the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and the International Republican Institute (IRI), that have provided experts of the Republican Party of the USA who design its political platform and communicatin strategy.

    USAID has this year given a donation of five million dollars to right wing Venezuelan groups under the pretext of “supporting democracy”. This measure which was announced in Miami by Mark Feierstein, head of the US organism for Latin America, violates the Venezuelan Law of Political Sovereignty and National Self-determination, which since 2010 forbids foreign financing of Venezuelan poitical parties. venezolanos.

    Capriles Rodonski belongs to the same extreme right wing ideological group whose main leader in Venezuela is Alejandro Peña Esclusa, who was arrested in Caracas carrying 900 grams of C-4 and detonators, having been denounced by the Salvadorean Francisco Chávez Abarca, a specialist on C-4 who was trained by Posada, and was extradited later to Cuba.

    • moctavio Says:

      ja, ja ,ja.

      This whole thing is written by someone who clearly has never even been in Venezuela, the facts are not what they were and funny, even the Chavista Courts exonerated Capriles.

      As for Anderson, funny, everyone agrees the Government killed him, after all, they never accused anyone of doing it. Cort, you are shooting up your ignorant A-hole.

    • Roberto N Says:

      Miguel, this kind of downright BS has no place anywhere. This is your blog and you will do with it as you will, but if it were my blog I would erase this comment as spam, because that is about what it’s worth.

      I don’t mind reading opposing points of view, but Cort’s comment is garbage

      • HalfEmpty Says:

        Agreed, just a link to the trash would be fine, to much wasted bandwidth with the entire article cut and pasted.

      • Moe Joe Says:

        I hate to disagree and play the devil’s advocate, but everyone should get a voice. We shouldn’t have only ears for those comments that do not anger us. Yes, Cort’s comments are stupid and ignorant, but that’s the kind of BS we should be on the lookout for.

        We alone cannot win on October 7th, we need to win the hearts of the light-chavista (who is willing to reason), with strong arguments and logical reasoning (and a dash of populism.. hate to admit it, but it’s true), and exposing this kind of BS.

        BTW: I think the more BS they make up about HCR, the more they discredit themselves, one person cannot hold that many adjectives… by now (if they really believe all of that), they must think that HCR was responsible for the Bermuda Triangle disappearings, for the loss of their TV’s remote control, traffic… you name it…

      • megaescualidus Says:

        Roberto N,

        We (Miguel’s blog readers) should be the ones censoring Cort Greene, by simply not bothering to read his written garbage ever again.

        Don’t seat it. Every time you see Cort Greene’s comments, just scroll down past them. It’s very easy, and it takes almost no effort.

    • Roy Says:

      Let’s take a look at the guy who wrote this crap:

      Jean-Guy Allard
      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      Jean-Guy Allard (1948, Shawinigan, Quebec – ) is a Canadian journalist who as editor and reporter worked for Le Journal de Montréal and Le Journal de Québec from 1971 to 2000.[1] He retired to Cuba, and now who writes for Granma.[1] He has written several books, including one on Robert Ménard and Reporters without Borders, and one on Luis Posada Carriles.[1]
      [edit] Books

      (with Marie-Dominique Bertuccioli), Le dossier Robert Ménard: pourquoi Reporters sans frontières (RSF) s’acharne sur Cuba, Montreal/Paris: Lanctôt éditeur, 2004
      La filière terroriste du FBI, Timéli (Ginebra), 2005
      Posada Carriles, cuarenta años de terror, Editora Politica (La Habana), 2006
      Washington – Miami: la conexión terrorista del FBI, Editora Politica (La Habana), 2008
      (with Eva Golinger), La Agresión Permanente: USAID, NED y CIA, Caracas: Ministerio del Poder Poder Popular para la Comunicación y la Información, 2009

      [edit] References

      ^ a b c Jean-Guy Allard and Eva Golinger (2009), La Agresión Permanente: USAID, NED y CIA, Caracas: Ministerio del Poder Poder Popular para la Comunicación y la Información, p5

    • Roy Says:

      In particular, he previously co-authored (with Eva Golinger) a lovely little book called “La Agresión Permanente: USAID, NED y CIA” which was published by… wait for it… the Venezuelan Ministerio del Poder Poder Popular para la Comunicación y la Información.

      Click to access libro_completo_la_agresion_.pdf

      This guy could hardly be considered impartial. His bread and butter is coming directly from his Cuban/Venezuelan benefactors. Expect to see more from this journalistic hit man.

  21. Cort Greene Says:

    Palestinians and the people in southern Lebanon in Biblical terms and in history are considered Semites also but y’all do not speak of the Zionists Anti-Semitism and their role of working with the Fascists in Germany.

    In fact as many millions of Jews were going to gas chambers or being told to get on the trains to them by the Zionists, who were selling out their own and conducting business with the Nazi’s. Read the book “Zionism in the Age of Dictators” by the jewish writer Lenni Brenner.

    And yes Marx and Trotsky were both the children of the Jewish peoples and never thought they should have their own state or be junior partners with imperialism at the expense of the native peoples.

    • moctavio Says:

      As usual, bobo, bobito, zero contribution, just empty BS.

      How does this relate to Venezuela you idiot? Only in the twisted mind of ignoramus this is related to Capriles or Venezuela, but you just come and throw BS, which only helps prove our point.

    • Ira Says:

      Wow–you have to read a few more books.

      Or please tell me about the Zioinst Jews who prospered under Hitler by helping him get the other Jews on the trains.

      Let me guess:

      You think Bush was responsible for 9/11?

  22. megaescualidus Says:

    As we get closer to October we should expect things to get uglier. And, as I’ve mentioned before, we shouldn’t be surprised at some point HC pulls off some pretty nasty trick on the opposition.

    The important thing will be to see whether HC, if it is true he’s as sick as it’s been said, can go around campaigning as it is expected he should. If he’s able to go around (propped up by drugs, or be it that after all he is “cured”) then things will be really really uphill for the opposition.

  23. guest Says:

    And don’t miss the “Mas noticias” links at the right of the pic.

    – “La nieve pura del monte Hermón no puede ocultar el oscuro pasado de Israel” (The pure snow of Mount Hermon cannot hide the dark past of Israel)

    I’m sure that piece is as rational as this one.

    – “EL SUICIDIO PRIMARIO DE LA MUD” (MUD’s primary suicide.) In all caps.

    Just remember that, psychologically, there are two basis for the chavista personality: projection and envy. These are the same people who took part in not one but two coups and yet their greatest insult for their opponents is to call them “coup-mongers”. There is absolutely nothing that they accuse the opposition of doing that they haven’t done themselves. And pay attention when they describe how the “electoral fraud of the MUD’s primary” took place. They’re actually describing the things THEY have done in past elections.

    And even their attempts at insults are coated with undisguised envy. Their opponents are always members of hyper-powerful, world-controlling organizations. The USA is “the greatest empire in history”. The CIA/Opus Dei/Israel is an “all-powerful organization that controls everything in the world.” It’s not that they see themselves as a David fighting a Goliath, and they feel the need to make the Goliath look bigger to make themselves bigger heroes for fighting him. That’s not correct. They don’t hate Goliath. They fight him because Goliath didn’t invite them to his birthday party and refused to answer their request to become BFFs.

  24. m_astera Says:

    I wrote the following last night when the post first appeared; somewhat redundant now, but I’ll post it anyway.

    Hmm. “Sephardic Jews….paramilitary and fascist……Zionist bourgeoisie….the Aryan race….the Social Christian Party…..Spanish Phalanx…..Opus Dei…..bourgeois coup of 2002, against the Bolivarian revolution…..Venezuelan oligarchy….

    Quite the guiso there. Seems the only thing the oppo isn’t guilty of is being communist liberals.

  25. Pedrop Says:

    A number of years ago I remember a rare conversation with my Grandfather on the subject of his war experiences.

    It was the only time he spoke of Belsen. He was with the first British army Medical Corps convoy to enter the camp.With a tear in his eye he described the scenes and told me what he had to do. I believe he suffered from those memories every day of his life.

    He never once spoke of religion or of the Jews as a people in his conversation.

    It didn’t matter to him.

    How outrageous, cowardly and ignorant are those who echo that past for justification of puerile policies.

  26. Roy Says:

    These attacks are despicable, but they were so uncoordinated and contradictory, that they nullified themselves in the eyes of anyone but the kool-aid drinkers. At last count Capriles has been painted as a gay, homophobic, zionist, nazi, criminal, terrorist. Preposterous! And more importantly, not credible to anyone not already hopelessly disposed to believing the B.S.

  27. anonymous Says:

    Miguel, what the article article fails to mention is that on that ZIonist Bufete…also worked at full time lawyers, the Dra Hildegard Rondon de Sanso, and her daughter, Beatrice Sanso de Ramirez, wife of Rafael Ramirez…the PDVSA supra minister…both worked there for more than 5 years. how convenient that they fail to mention this in the article…..
    best Miguel

  28. Rudy Says:

    It seems to me that this article whas truthfull !

  29. […] Chavismo’s Attack On Capriles And The Opposition Begins With Force has a capture of the page where the anti-Semitic article was posted, and a translation. […]

  30. Ronaldo Says:

    Capriles is Catholic. He said it. That settles it. His life and actions agree.

    Chavez is the big liar. How can a thief, a liar, a man compiicit in the murder of 80,000 Venezuelans, a married person with many ‘girl friends’, a person who attacks the Catholic church leaders, a person that spreads hatred, a person who supports dictators that suppress the Catholic Church (i.e. Amendinajad, Castro, Qaddaffi, Mugabe) be considered a Catholic?

    • CharlesC Says:

      Ronaldo, I think the question”How can Chavez…be considered a Catholic?”
      is a fair and important question. I do not consider Chavez a Catholic and nor do I consider Castro a Catholic. (In fact, Castro was excommunicated long time ago)
      I don’t know if Chavez was ever a member, good chance he was…and I have seen some priests of late giving Chavez their blessings. [There are a lots of communist priests these days..] I do believe Chavez should have already been
      excommunicated from the Catholic church.
      I myself have decided if IF the Pope comes to Cuba in May and absolves Castro,
      then I will never set foot in a Catholic church again. I have never disrespected a Pope before but, if this Pope whom I thought was working hard does this then he is utterly misinformed by those around him or has lost his mind. I cannot accept Castro sitting beside me in a Catholic church, Nor, a Chavez…

      • Ronaldo Says:

        I share those sentiments and pray that the Pope does not dishonor all the victims of Castro by absolving Castro. Thank you.

  31. jau Says:

    But you have to hand the prize to Henrique, I mean, a jew of the aryan race leader of the opus dei. WOW

    Adal sure thinks that Obama is the leader of the Black Panthers and the KKK

  32. Ronaldo Says:

    Thanks for the interpretation. Reading this trash should convince everyone that Chavismo is a lost cause. I agree that names should be taken for future prosecution. Criminals need to be held responsible.

    Hugo Chavez must be extremely afraid to stoop this low. What part does Amendinajad of Iran play in these anti-Semitic actions?

  33. HalfEmpty Says:

    He’s OSS or perhaps CID, but not FBI

  34. Virginia Laffitte Says:

    And the beat goes on!! Is this really any surprise to anyone?!

    Chavez doesn’t have the mind to have had a hand in writing any of this..he’s been giving his orders to those who might be able to reach out and pull the hood over the eyes of the people. ANYONE, who believes one iota of his
    accusations, threats and the like, are poor uneducated people who can be led by the nose to the slaughter. The poor of Venezuela..Aren’t thirteen years of this psychotic MORE than enough?!

  35. Wait, he is Zionist, protector of the Aryan race, and Opus Dei! Is that at the same time or a “logical” progression? The sad thing is that someone thinks those attacks will work in this country…

  36. Coriolis Effect Says:

    I find two things ironic in the piece. First he links Radonsky, a Zionist, with Opus Dei – hardly a bastion of semitic love. The his description of zionism – an ideology of terror, of feelings most rotten in humanity, supposedly spurred by patriotism, but based in greed…. Sounds like Chavismo to me.

  37. Kepler Says:

    Miguel, thanks for translating this. I had written about the anti-Semitic tweets of some Chavistas earlier and send those pages and the comments in Caracas Chronicles to the German media and to BBC-The Guardian.
    The Guardian published a good article (through Reuters)

    I will translate what I can into German for more people to read about these attacks.

    They definitely need to be documented.

  38. OldSouth Says:

    Sooner or later, Anti-Semitism rears its head amongst those who love totalitarian government. It remains a mystery to me exactly why this is the case.

    Best wishes to you all.

    • Pedro Says:

      The answer is that the dictators have to deflect public attention from their incompetence and corruption, be it Arab dictators who have done this for 60 years, the Soviets, or, in this case, the Chavezito del Ocho.

      • Kepler Says:

        Well, the record is a little more mixed on the whole line of “the Soviets” (which was not just one group but a whole era evolving) as you can see
        There was a horrible religious persecution against every group, whether Catholics or orthodox or Muslims, there was Stalin using the remaining anti-Semitism to go against Trotsky and other leaders (specially shortly before his death).

        Still, Jews were highly represented in the Bolshevik cadres and Lenin – not my cup of tea – openly went against attacks to Jews. Anti-Semitism was virulent in Czarist Russia. Among the Council of People’s Commissars, the top of the top, 5 out of 23 were Jews (including Trotsky)

        Stalin was a rabid anti-Semite.

        Anti-Semitism was also present in institutions in the US until WW2. Richard Feynman was turned down by Columbia university because he was a Jew (actually, his mother was) and there were Jewish quotas there.

        • Ira Says:

          You’re comparing Soviet anti-semitism to that in the U.S.?

          I mean, how on earth can you make that analogy, especially since Jews prospered beyond belief in the U.S.? The fact that Columbia U didn’t hire a Jewish professor, or that Florida hotels didn’t accept Jews, does not in any way constitute true anti-semitism:

          What you’re trying to do is minimize Soviet anti-semitism where it was state policy, by equating it to certain prejudices in the U.S.:

          In the U.S., there were no anti-semitic state policies, and Jewish integration into both the public and private sector is the proof of that. (Fucking GOOD proof of that, too!) True anti-semitism doesn’t exist where Jews allowed equal access to opportunity and the law. Otherwise, it’s just prejudice–and what ethnic group hasn’t suffered from THAT in the U.S.?

          I mean, what kind of analysis are you trying to bring to the table here?

          Try harder next time, because this time, you really struck out. It is VERY stupid to bring up the case of Richard Feynman, especially since he worked on The Manhattan Project.

          • Kepler Says:

            As a student, not teacher. Ira, I let you talk to yourself.
            I am aware now it is the other way around in the US:

            any criticism towards the Israeli government is perceived as anti-Semitism, something that doesn’t occur with any other nation.

            Whatever. Go talk to yourself.

            • Ira Says:

              I was talking to you–not myself. You see, your whole view of anti-semitism is wrong.

              I understand that any criticism towards the Israeli government is viewed by some as anti-semitism, which of course is not true. However, much of the criticism against the Israeli government IS based solely on anti-semitism.

              Would you actually deny the truth of the above two statements? If so, please explain how. The people have a right to know your views on the subject!!!

              You labor and preach under an outdated definition of anti-semitism, and you use it to justify, or equate, Nazi anti-semitism with what happened elsewhere in the world. This view is based on revisionist history…what is convenient to your argument…but in the end, it’s meaningless.

              Jews were NOT subject to significant anti-semitism in the U.S. Their very success in the country proves this. In addition, the science of eugenics ORIGINATED in the U.S., but it wasn’t America that banned certain marriages, pregancies, and murdered the “inferior.”

              It was Nazi Germany.

              Kepler–maybe you should spend more time studying what actually happened in the world, instead of pasting Wikipedia links to subjects you know nothing about. Or as a German, you know about–but don’t want to admit the truth.

              Now THAT’S real anti-semitism!

        • John Barnard Says:

          Wow. Comparing prejudice to pogroms. Moral relativism. Fail.

          • Kepler Says:

            Pogroms were not a Soviet initiative. It was a Russian (and generally European) crime happening since the Middle Ages.
            Learn your history. History fail.


            • Ira Says:

              Gee! Another Wikipedia link!

              It takes a great mind to do that!

              Especially since anyone is allowed to edit Wikipedia entries.

          • Kepler Says:

            By the way: what I am saying is Stalin was a fucking anti-Semite, and there were others like that, but the backslash against Jews before and after that was as a religious group, just like there were attacks against Christians, against Muslims, et cetera, nothing more and nothing less.

            • Ira Says:

              You’re saying that the discrimination against Jews was nothing worse than what happened against Christians and Muslims?

              Exactly how anti-semitic are you?


              And spare the Wikipedia BS.

            • Kepler Says:

              Ira, I am as anti-Semitic as you are.
              Hundreds of thousands of Christians were murdered by Stalin. I don’t have time to go on answering to your eternal “my people have suffered more than anybody on Earth”.
              You are pathetic. End of conversation.

    • jc Says:

      George Orwell laid it out in 1984. It’s an Emmanuel Goldstein. People who read Orwell take him as a literalist, but the Emmanuel Goldstein he writes about is not just some man, it is some concept, some thing. “Imperialism” is also used in this way. The “Two Minutes Hate” must be preserved by all totalitarian governments. So, it goes from Zionism, to Imperialism, and even, in the case of western states, Terrorism. It’s all about fear, intimidation, and subordination. Orwell’s Emmanuel Goldstein was ironically used by Trotskyites as an example of some poor minority being “persecuted,” but Orwell himself pointed out that there wasn’t “much difference” between Trotsky and the others in power. People really miss what he meant by it. It’s not whether the force is “good” or “evil” but whether it can be used to subordinate the masses.

      • Pedro Says:

        Yes that is so true. I had forgotten about the Goldstein character in 1984 (in my opinion, the finest book ever written). Indeed , what a literally classic example of how Chavez is heading a 1984-type totalitarian government.

      • Ira Says:

        I have to read it again as an adult.

        In the U.S., they “make” you read it in High School, but it’s too heavy for us at that age,

  39. ximena saizar Says:

    We should start making a list, with the names of this humans…not to call them animals, and when the time comes, sue them, take them to court, to the new judiciary system that will come alive after these scoundrels are taken out of the goverment…this kind of reports, show so much hate, lies and nonsense that it revolts anyone who has the capacity of finishing reading it…and does not vomits before…I wonder how this thing, looks at himself in a mirror every morning, what does he see..?, an elephant, a mice, a rat, a goat…sure he does not see a human being…

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