Some Of The Flaws In The Case Of Venezuela’s Supreme Court Decision to Order The Voting Notebooks Preserved

February 16, 2012

–Why did the Court give top priority to this injunction over others waiting?

–The candidate requesting the material be preserved did not argue that there were any irregularities.But he did say the “voting notebooks” were a fundamental proof of the results. The CNE has never used or considered the notebooks to be proof of anything and the Supreme Court has said that the proof s in the actas and machines..

–It was well-known and announced by both MUD and the CNE that the “voting notebooks” would be destroyed.

–The voting notebooks only contain the name, ID numbers, fingerprint and signature of the voter, they are not used in a recount. For that one uses the actas and the voting machines. These were not destroyed, only the notebooks because they contain the identity of those that voted and are thus pro-opposition.

–A similar injunction in a 2008 internal election of Chavismo’s party PSUV was rejected because it would violate confidentiality.

–The case was considered as one of protecting the “diffuse and collective” interests of the people, but it was only one candidate that introduced it, it would have been enough to order only the material from those polling stations to be preserved. At the same time, you could violate the “diffuse and collective” interests of 3 million voters, to preserve the interest of a single person, which is really what the case is all about.

–The party bringing the injunction to the Court did not express any inconformity with the results on Sunday and his lawyer happens to be a member of Chavez’ PSUV party.

–Burning the “voting notebooks” in no way violates candidates Velasquez’ political rights as he argued. In fact, the primaries are a private agreement, Mr. Velasquez can still register to be a candidate if he feels like it.Additionally, Velasquez accepted the rules when he registered to run, they included no fingerprint machines, optional use of the ink and the burning of the notebooks.

–Strange that the decision is from the Constitutional Hall of the Court, not the Electoral hall as it should be.

–The decision was not even reviewed, it had errors on the date twice as if it was made in 2011. Was it ready before Sunday?

–Bocaranda on Monday night knew the decision was coming and wrote about it for his Monday column, this was just hours after Velazquez introduced his injunction.

Clearly, the Government wanted to induce fear in voters for the October election, creating another Tascon/Chavez-like fascist list. It was all manipulated and ordered from above once the three million avalanche became known.

This time, the smarts were on the side of the opposition, while Chavez’ mediocre buddies in the Supreme Court handled the matter badly from a legal point of view.

That’s what happens when you don’t believe in “meritocracies”…like Chavez explicitly said yesterday: “Meritocracy will never return to Pdvsa”.

Hugo, don’t be so sure, tic, tac, tic, tac.

39 Responses to “Some Of The Flaws In The Case Of Venezuela’s Supreme Court Decision to Order The Voting Notebooks Preserved”

  1. firepigette Says:

    ‘Rubbish’ in English would describe him quite nicely

  2. Ronaldo Says:

    The majunche

    By: Enrique Ochoa Antich · Published on 13/05/2011

    I speak of Lieutenant Colonel in retirement Chavez, who claims to be President and actually strives to be only a faction of partiality, of a cult.

    Boasting of his unbridled, uncontrollable habit of insulting their opponents, called the next president of the Venezuelan even Chavistas with a qualifier who would cove is entirely himself.

    Perhaps it is this psychological phenomenon called “projection” and Freud to this part has been thoroughly studied. Let’s see:

    The dictionary defines the word “majunche” as a colloquial adjective typical of Venezuela means that someone or something is “substandard, lackluster, mediocre.”

    The story of Lieutenant Colonel in retirement Chavez honors that definition. It is time that history is written with ink on the truth and not the distortion characteristic of cults of personality (or impersonality, as in our case).

    Majunche was the head of the rebels who 4F, after two decades to plan a coup attempt failed in the remaining 500 meters stunned at Miraflores Palace cowardly hiding in the Military Museum while risking his own life.

    Majunche was the candidate who, truth be told, won the 1998 elections because their opponents and competitors were not to rise to the occasion and most well-tended bed: rather than take power, found him lying on the floor and only reached down to pick it up.

    Majunche is who after resigning his post was solicitous to surrender to those who were bringing down and only managed to return to power because of the immense stupidity of those who wanted to replace it.

    Majunche is who unworthily exercising the office of President of the Republic, and sitting on the biggest mountain of oil revenues in our history, have not resolved any of the problems of the country but on the contrary has deepened all the ancient and modern problems of Venezuelan society: neither insecurity nor the housing shortage, and the high cost of living or dependence on oil, no debt, and underdevelopment, and the crisis of health and educational systems , etc., etc., etc.

    ¿Commander President, as his acolytes call him? Nothing to do: Commander Majunche, if at all.

    • guest Says:

      The whole “majunche” thing is yet another proof that Chavez and his minions are essentially five-year-old children that, whenever they hear a “cool” new word, repeat it over and over again with the glee of a little boy who just learned his first “bad” word..

      Does anyone keep track of the many words that have become “fashionable” for chavistas to use as insults over the last 13 years? Golpista, pitiyankee, oligarca, fascista, majunche. What else can you remember?

    • CharlesC Says:

      Beautifully written, but no “majunche” is too mild, too nice of a word to
      describe Chavez….

    • An Interested Observer Says:

      Nice. I’d like to see the following sign at a few marches this year:

      4F = MAJUNCHE

  3. moses Says:

    Funny how Jorge Rodriguez makes claims that the voters had a peak between 300 and 400 o clock; he even drew some graphs.

    Were did he get that info ? (Exit polls my foot ….)

    Are the voting machines sending info to the CNE “live” ???

  4. Paul Says:

    Great post, as always. As with most of the actions by Thugo and associates, flaws and logic defying behavior abounds. Like most here, I’m thrilled at the turnout for the opposition and the possibilities for a win in October.The question is…what happens then? I can’t imagine a voluntary exit from Miraflores or do I believe the Cubans, who have a HUGE interest in Venezuela’s support, will allow it.I hope to God that Venezuela can get rid this tyrant.

    • Dr. Faustus Says:

      Exactly correct.

      Who has a stake in keeping Hugo Chavez in power? The Cubans, no doubt. But let’s not forget the Chinese as well. Er, how many billions have they ‘loaned’ Chavez? Hmmmm. Or, how about the Persians? Who’s gonna pay the Iranians ‘real’ money for their car assembly plant and other silly investments? The Russians,….and that goon Putin. Can you say Kalishnikov? They have an interest in future weapon sales. The list goes on and on.

      But, yes, the Cuban Intelligence Services are no doubt working behind the scenes to rig this election. The Venezuelan opposition better recognize this fact, or they will never get another political chance to unseat the tyrant. For God’s sakes, pay attention to what the Cubans are doing in Venezuela.

  5. Alexander Says:

    No comments you did it fantastic!!!

  6. Jsb Says:

    Can’t the fingerprint machines show how many unique scans were performed?

  7. Roy Says:

    I have seen some comments that suggested they were going to do this all along. If that were true, the TSJ decision would have come down on Monday. But, it took them all of Monday to come up with the plan, and when the decision was announced on Tuesday, it was too late.

    The Opposition has the initiative right now, and Chavismo is playing catch up. However, with all the structural advantages on the other side, that can’t last. Now is the time for the Oppo campaign to go into stealth mode. No big national events. Lot’s of local events and appearances. Lot’s of network building. Let the Chavistas burn themselves out with cadena after boring cadena. Pacing and timing is what it is all about.

  8. NET Says:

    Velasquez was seen dining with two PSUV biggies Sunday night after the Primaries. He lost in 7 of the 8 voting “mesas”. He never was a member of the Opposition. He claimed “many others” from the Primaries were complaining similarly. The ROBOLUCION at work!!!

  9. GeronL Says:

    Your nation is ruled by a tyrant. You know he has plans for that list. AGAIN…

  10. Albionboy Says:

    Central planing, cant produce enough milk, or correct and timely court decisions, because nothing can happen till the almighty Hugo gives the say-so

    • megaescualidus Says:

      Even when he gives the say-so, a lot of things don’t and will never happen, such as building housing, year after year promised and re-promised to reach a certain number (usually unobtainable), which never does.

  11. A very clear summary of the arguments against the decision by Carrasquero. The couple Chavez-Carrasquero is the same one that started the Tascon List rolling (see my blog

  12. island canuck Says:

    Today he repeated the word majunche dozens of times as a slur against Caprilles.

    Yo soy majunche!

    Majunche= MAyoria JUntos Con HEnrique!!

  13. Ronaldo Says:

    Maybe Chavistas will realize that Chavez is not invincible. He has to resort to thuggery and fear to keep power. On Chavez record and the issues, Chavez has little to offer.

    Great move from the opposition. Chavez was exposed. There will be no fear in the October election when all will vote.

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