The First Time For Diosa Canales: Do You Think It works?

April 12, 2012

Diosa Canales is a soft-porn star who did this ad for PanaVota.

Do you think it works?

Do you find it offensive?

I think my answer to both is ironically: Yes!

117 Responses to “The First Time For Diosa Canales: Do You Think It works?”

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  3. Juan Says:

    Well, diosa canales is the most beautifull woman in the world.

  4. Susana Says:

    So sexist and dull. It works in the sense that people will watch it all, highly doubt it will encourage people to vote, let’s face it: 14 year old boys can not vote (See also: her father, who is also her manager – yikes – is a hard core Chavez supporter)

  5. FrankPintor Says:

    I don’t really want to get into an ad-hominem spiral by talking about the mores and beliefs of a particular poster, but the most charitable spin I can put on Charles’ contributions is that there is an awful lot lost in translation between Venezuelan and US (Tejano?) culture (as a side-note: in fact there would also be quite a lot lost translating between modern Mexican culture – I lived and worked for some time in the DF, which in my opinion is the most liveable big city anywhere – and US-Tejano culture).

    I want to skip past the kids’ parties and the like (Miguel, I’m a regular reader but only occasional contributor: have you considered establishing a forum for people to comment?) and address the point at issue here.

    Let’s state some facts about the video and the culture here:
    1. this is a hot country, people do not in fact wear a whole lot of clothing
    2. Dios Canales is very well dressed
    3. Equally well-dressed young ladies can be seen in any shopping centre here
    4. There is no nudity or profanity in Diosa Canales’ video
    5. In fact compared with the other videos mentioned, this one is minimally suggestive
    6. Given 1..5 above: you know what… it’s all in your head.

    The video has a moral:

    7. As she votes she turns into a normal girl in jeans and blouse
    8. No matter who you are you have one vote: make it count

    Now I realize that point 6. above is likely to be akin to waving a red flag in front of a bull, but in fact the video is intended to be in your head, assuming some familiarily with Diosa and her.. ahem… body of work, while this remains unstated in the video, it obviously has its effect.

    Of course, given one person, one vote and an effort to bring presumably otherwise apathetic people into the voting booth (the intent of the video, if I’m not mistaken), then yes, the country and its voters will get the government it deserves. This would represent an advance on the previous election, as I hope you realize, and while this may be a problem for the elitists around us, you know, at some point Venezuela has to figure out what it’s people actually want. FWIW, I doubt if they are ready for GWB or someone of that calibre yet, much less a Rick Perry.

    • CharlesC Says:

      “As she votes she turns into a normal girl in jeans and blouse”
      I don’t see that- but I will stop. Sorry for irritating you, Frank

      Themusic video- was just a break- pal. Not seriously related although I meant to say -2 things-this is a remake of a song called “House of the Rising Sun”-first song I learned to play drums – anyway it is about a prostitution house in New Orleans I think and 2. when I hear this version – I think of
      “Hugoslavia”= the song says Yugoslavia….
      Again, I was getting bored with the thread- all the comments about how wonderful this ” thing- Diosa was/is…and how everyone is so sure
      that yes! this ad will get out the young voters.

      • syd Says:

        “when I hear this version – I think of “Hugoslavia”= the song says Yugoslavia…”
        Uh huh
        “.Again, I was getting bored with the thread- ”

        Since you are so bored, and obviously have trouple relating to the post at hand, do us a favor: don’t repeatedly bombard us with waaay off-topic inanities. If you need that much attention, find it elsewhere. This is not a day-care center.

  6. CharlesC Says:

    Frank, what I have covering my head and my arse and what I see at the beach and what I have for breakfast has nothing to do with voting.
    Let’s talk about you for a moment- stop pretending that “everything’s cool, anything goes” these days. That’s BS.
    I will confess I get into a lot of trouble in VZ with relatives-just like you. For exaample I don’t have children but I disapprove of babies wearing mini skirts
    and tons of makeup. And I disapprove of beauty pagents for children.
    My great niece just graduated the 1st grade and you would have thought she finished a Phd. –big party, speeches, big cake, hundreds of photos -everyone worshipping and fawning all dressed up. Rediculous. This is just some examples of “excesses” that really bug me. And, back to you. I certainly
    know you… Reality- yeah- show me..

    • syd Says:

      No, let’s talk about you for a moment, CharlesC.

      You do NOT live in Vz. You have NEVER lived in that country. You do NOT have to live in a highly polarized and destructive society, where your voice does not count, and where violence surrounds your every waking day.

      These boards welcome all views. But if I may be so bold as to interpret the thoughts of others, we aren’t terribly impressed by foreigners who repeatedly hijack the views formed in the above-noted society.

      If you are equating the Diosa Canales ad (to get people to vote) with (a) the hoopla surrounding your niece’s first-grade graduation, (b) babies wearing mini-skirts, with (c) some damn mariachi performance, (d) a denouncement of masturbation (where did that come from?), I suggest that you find a blog better suited to your preaching rants, which have nothing to do with the specific topic being discussed. And when you find such a blog, I am quite certain that you will find, not only the like minded, but also the social club aspects that you seek.

      • CharlesC Says:

        “You do NOT have to live in a highly polarized and destructive society, where your voice does not count, and where violence surrounds your every waking day. ”
        And neither do you, Syd. I am very lucky that all of my family that do live in VZ and have not left-are in “safe” areas and have safe positions and occupations. And, furthermore am blessed in that none of them are drug users, and live in the streets… I worry about them when they travel and some travel a lot around the country. They ahve all been lucky and not a single one has been robbed or kidnapped or worse..However, all practically all of our friends families have someone who has been attacked.
        Syd, we lost more money than you want to know because of Chavez and while you appear extremely intelligent and love to research and bring great info forward- I confess I ahve become cynical and again I confess sometimes bored with the “group think” -of like minded,rather narrow-minded =group think. Yes, sometimes I feel like I am part of the “social club’
        and most of the time I feel like a foreigner -just say it “gringo” that is OK-
        all of my life -it does not bother me- I mixed in varied cultures and and
        unimpressed by your “cultural/artistic” expressions as a whole.
        In the past-when I first arrived at “these blogs” – my most repeated expression -to everyone was WAKE UP- that remains true today.
        I honestly feel that most Venezuelans are brainwashed and need
        deprogramming. Maybe even bring back “shock therapy”..I am sure
        that will set off bells and whistles in your pschological oriented brain. right?
        Just for fun, I suggest you say to yourself- “It’s ok if I don’t win every
        arguement, It’s ok if others see things differently from me”
        I shall not be expecting any invitations to your social gatherings and
        neither should you expect any from me, otherwise you are free to
        beach and moan and cry about anything and everthing I say and do.
        Good day, to you, Syd.

        • syd Says:

          “when I first arrived at “these blogs” – my most repeated expression -to everyone was WAKE UP- that remains true today.
          I honestly feel that most Venezuelans are brainwashed and need
          deprogramming. ”

          Yeah, and you’re the one with a finger on the reality button.
          Stop acting like a right-wing troll… or a clown.. Your repeated waay off-topic routines, or stretches to find a link so as to inform us about yourself, are getting irritating, indeed.

          • CharlesC Says:

            My experiences have been quite different from yours I can assure you of that. You are getting to the point-reality. Again, you are “way above average”. I get the point, you will not be voting for me. I do accept your one sticky label- that of being a clown at times…and,you hve never tried to be
            funny here, yeah right.
            Right-wing troll-I try not to let that side of me show.Sh-hhh.
            I am undercover paramilitary. One of those evil yanquis Chavez
            has been warning you about hiding behind every tree.

  7. loroferoz Says:

    No, I don’t find it offensive at all. Not this Diosa Canales ad.

    In fact, the message if anything is that she feels like the center of the world in going to vote, red carpet, limo, bodyguards and all. Then it segues into a photo shoot with some poses, no nudity and no sexual activity whatsoever. Again the camera loves her, the spotlight is on and so on. She is definitely having a fantasy, but not the sexual kind.

    Then, back at the voting center, the ballot staff are a bit shocked by her actions, also because she is a woman moving a bit too sensually. But her “daydreaming” is innocent, what the ballot staff must be thinking is just inferred.

    In fact, I think it’s an excellent ad that should not offend anyone and that it sends out the message that when you vote you take the center stage.

    And I don’t go for the kind of erotica that Diosa Canales sells usually, and following any of her activities is an activity I can leave to dumb oversexed people.

    • CharlesC Says:

      Maybe if she were a “blonde” it would have been more acceptable-ha.
      “Her ‘daydreaming’ is innocent” -My arse, Loroferoz.

  8. FrankPintor Says:

    This thread has become seriously sad. CharlesC… you are getting all hot and bothered, given your randomly interjected post about the Mariachis, at this point I do suspect it’s the too-big hat and the too-tight pants that have led you to expound your beliefs as you have here. I hope (to God?) you never have the occasion to visit a beach down here, because what you will see will leave nuestra Diosa seriously in the shade.

    I am sometimes careless with expletives and superlatives, but let me modify my previous “whatever it takes…” comment to “if that’s all it takes…”. Really, your attempt to waggle your straw men in our faces (that quintessential US-American concept of the “stripper”, added to “coke” as a motivation for voting… I mean, for heaven’s sake, what on earth have you smoked for breakfast today, Charles?) says so much more about you and your mores than about any actual event here.

    Get real. There will be a serious election here in the Autumn. If everyone, for once and however motivated, expressed his or her preference it would be a major advance on the previous ones.

  9. syd Says:

    There is something wrong with being required to prove you understand what you are voting on before being allowed to vote? Why would that be wrong?

    I think it’s an excellent idea to require proof from those voting that they understand what they are voting for. I don’t know if that’s ever been done, in any society. And for good reason, from the point of view of political machinations. What politician really wants its electorate to ask hard questions? What politician really wants to be explicit about how he or she will deliver the promises?

    Until the whole political system is reformed towards transparency, Diosa Canales will have to do — for a certain segment of the population (plus another which would not readily admit that they’d follow the Pied Piper …).

    • Carolina Says:

      m_astera & JW (and Syd to an extent)- filtering the voters it’s not an excellent idea and it will never be.

      First of all, is against human rights!

      I could elaborate quite a bit but right now I don’t have the time nor the energy, so I am just going to list few things that come to my mind and let you think about them:

      1. Aldous Huxley – Brave New World
      2. Electoral Cadivi anyone?
      3. Venezuelan Electoral Inquisition

      JW – You went back to Roman practices: sure, maybe we shall also consider Table four of the Twelve tables, when a father “was to right to kill his deformed child”. Or maybe just bring to this age the Hammurabi code, I like that, lets chop the hands of those who steal, yeah!

      It’s absolutely absurd.

      But I guess trying to put these comments in today’s venezuelan context, it makes me very sad that you guys have not learned the lesson that one of the reasons why Chavez is in power, is the arrogance of many who look down at the majority of the population, without stoping for a moment to think about the circumstances they have had to go through in their lives.

      I’m done with this.

      • Johnny Walking Says:

        Let’s see if you can understand it this time, though I seriously doubt it. Your solution to get the brainless by choice to vote was employing a marketing trick. I sarcastically responded to you that if that is the way to get their vote, then why don’t we bring back the Greek and Roman practices of selectively conferring the right to vote to the people they considered fit to do so. You obviously DID NOT get it. Then I stated that if anyone forfeits the privilege of having a thinking brain, then that person should not feel entitled to have a role in any political decision taken in a democratic society. That is, you made a CHOICE. Why? Simply because you become the mob and thus you are very easily manipulable by any thug that wants and is afforded the means to grab power. Does it sound familiar? Why do you think the American electoral system was designed to work in the way it does?

        I also stated that when you vote, you assume a political position, because you think that the person for whom you vote is the one better equipped to deal with the problems your country faces. You DO NOT NEED to be a genius to become acquainted with the issues. What you need is a modicum of common sense. Your choice may be right or wrong, but you need to BECOME INVOLVED; you need to CARE. So, the main problem here is ATTITUDE. But, if you just don’t care and need to get sexually aroused to be persuaded to vote, what does that say about the quality of your vote?

        Bringing back the Greek and Roman practices of selectively conferring the right to vote is as absurd as having to resort to marketing tricks involving very primal instincts to “persuade” people to perform their duty. You may use it as a desperate measure because you may feel that if you do not win an election, then it is all over. And, you may win the election using the trick. But, you know what? You may see more of that in the next election … done by your opponent. In the process, the young will have been so dumbed down that in effect you will have created a brainless mob bent on electing any thug that promises anything. They will have become the instrument of their own destruction. So much for the new generations that will have to take over.

        You know what? I don’t think you will be able to understand this either. Your comment filled with absurdities glaringly demonstrates that. So yes, let’s leave it at that, and let’s make a deal: I don’t reply to your comments and you don’t reply to mine … forever.

    • syd Says:

      Carolina, you raise some good points. My comments have to do with political education, or currently the lack of it, among the youth.

      In an ideal society, first-time voters, if not all voters, would know exactly what the political issues are, and would be able to vote for those issues that most closely matched what they had learned up to that point, both in the home and outside it.

      In an ideal society, politicians would be forced to reveal with crystal clarity, what their platform is, exactly, without waffling or fillers. And then, they’d be expected to carry out that platform to the best of their abilities, providing status reports along the way.

      Violations to human rights would occur if the political education of first-time voters were slanted towards one party, or, if first-time voters were barred from voting, for any number of reasons.

      • Johnny Walking Says:

        It does not have to be an ideal society. We will never reach that. Utopias are exactly like lighthouses: they just show you the way. Not all voters will provide a quality vote. That is impossible. But we need to teach to think and stimulate our young to become involved. As many of them as possible. We do not need to give them a political education: we need them to learn to think independently, something that requires much more than Ms. Canales tits and ass. Also, I do not need politicians to reveal things with crystal clarity. That is as difficult as trying lo live without breathing. How do you know when a politician is lying? Because he or she moves his or her lips. However, if people become involved, there is a better chance of not getting duped. Our goal? Sadly electing the one who would do the least damage.

  10. m_astera Says:

    Reposting here so it isn’t lost in the thread above:

    Most of the posters here are openly admitting that they don’t care at all about a free and informed citizenry wisely choosing their own government. Whatever sort of manipulation of the morons that will get them to vote for your program is fine. I find that kind of thinking sad and corrupt.

    There is something wrong with being required to prove you understand what you are voting on before being allowed to vote? Why would that be wrong?

  11. LD Says:

    And he is not going to Colombia too.
    he has created an “Anti-Golpe- Comando” (or something like that) If the oppo doesn’t recognize his assured win the 7O.

  12. LD Says:

    Yup, has anybody watched the last (maybe really last?) speak?
    Horrible hate speech…
    He will stay in Cuba for the next time (supposedly 2 * 5 day radiotherapies)

  13. Johnny Walking Says:

    And before some smart ass replies stating that we humans are also primates, it is clear to whom I was referring.

  14. Johnny Walking Says:

    When I turned eighteen, I was elated because that same year I was going to be able to cast my vote in the national election. Nobody had to “persuade” me to do so, as I viewed the chance to vote as a privilege afforded to me by the fact that we lived in a democracy, however imperfect that one was. We were then – as a country – a “rara avis” in LA. I even had friends who were extremely envious because they would not be allowed to vote for the first time for several years. Being able to vote was kind of a rite of passage. You felt that you were well in your way into adulthood, and that your grain of sand mattered because you were deciding the future of the country. I took this very seriously because my decision would impact the outcome of the country for the next five years. So, I began a series of discussions with my father with the intent of reaching an informed political position regarding the elections. My father recommended me to read the “programa de gobierno” and get any info available about the candidate challenging the incumbent president. We weren’t very impressed with the opposition candidate at the time, but we and also a lot of people understood that we weren’t going to award the prize of another term to the party in power, because corruption was blatant and widespread, and the country became heavily indebted in the few previous years to levels never seen before.

    Fast-forward several years. Chavez was already in power and Arias Cardenas challenged him. I was called to be a “miembro de mesa.” Nobody had to persuade or force me to do my duty. I did it gladly, and I must say that chavistas and no chavistas got along pretty well the day of the elections. When I went home, I felt very good because I did my duty. I was not happy at all with the result, but I had to accept it. My contribution was of course another grain of sand, but I felt really well because I had served my country.

    Back then when I cast my very first vote, nobody thought about relating sexual imagery with the duty to cast a vote. It would have been pretty ridiculous. Of course, political parties resorted to “romerias” and what not to get the vote of the lower classes. It was kind of a vicious circle because those classes, then as today, did not have a lot of brainpower. So, they were reinforcing very primal behavior. But it made some sense. They gave people free food and stuff with the intent to imprint in their minds that prosperity would ensue if they voted for them.

    We are now in the second decade of the XXI century and we need to persuade people to vote using sexual imagery. I enjoy sex as much as anyone, and I am certainly no puritan. God forbid! But if we need sexual imagery to persuade young people to vote, what does that say about the quality of that vote? If we need to stimulate a behavior through the use of a primal instinct, what are the chances that a young voter will think through his decision? For all I know, Ms. Canales could then run for the presidency and win the election easily. Right? I certainly would not want to live in a country where people have willingly replaced their brains with their genitals. We already have in this planet a species that pretty much does that: they are called PRIMATES.

      • Johnny Walking Says:

        Well, then: let’s bring back ancient Greek and Roman style democracy. If you forfeit the privilege of having a thinking brain, then you should renounce your right to have a role in any political decision taken in a democratic society. In effect, you have to be banned in any decision affecting your society. If you want to behave like cattle, then you have to accept being treated as such (let’s be clear: I am talking generically, not about you).

        • Carolina Says:

          So, according to you, every person over 18 shall first, get an IQ test. Whoever is under..what? a 100? can’t vote.

          And second, they have to pass some sort of an admission test of their knowledge in politics, right?

          Right. LOL.

          • Johnny Walking Says:

            Would you be so kind as to not distort the message that I am trying to convey here? Who is talking about IQ tests or political knowledge admission tests? Do you have problems acquiring the main point of a message?

            When you vote, you assume a political position. And that is because you think that the person for whom you vote is the one better equipped to deal with the problems your country faces. You do not need to be a genius to become acquainted with the issues that need a good problem solver. What you need is a modicum of common sense. Your choice may be right or wrong, but you need to become involved; you need to care. But, if you don’t care and need to get sexually aroused to be persuaded to vote, what does that say about the quality of your vote? I would prefer that such individual stayed at home masturbating to death before the plastic tits of Ms. Canales. Society has very little use for such individuals.

            Next time, please, address my main point. If you don’t, I will simply ignore you … forever (LOL).

      • captainccs Says:

        >>>Again, it’s all about the market target:

        Over-sexed teens?

      • Johnny Walking Says:

        So, according to you, since there is a segment of the population that is clearly dumb, we have to dumb down the message for everyone? Brilliant!

        • Carolina Says:

          We need their votes.
          We can work on their education after.

        • syd Says:

          precisamente, Carolina.

          • Johnny Walking Says:


          • syd Says:

            Look, JW. I’m a pragmatist, as well as a realist. When I look back at my late teens, even early 20’s, a long time ago, I really didn’t have much of a clue as to what was happening on the larger political stage — the different political actors, the countries, etc. I also was away from home, so I was grappling with all kinds of new realities, new country, etc.. But regardless of geographic and other concerns, I truly believe that I was not alone in my confusion over the political tugs of war.

            Those in their late teens and early twenties, today, have different preoccupations. But I suspect that politics for this age group continues to be as confusing as it was during my day.

            Do you think that it’s an accident that leftists focus on university students when they’re aiming for market share of their ideas?

            No! Not before. And not now. Leftists know perfectly well that this age group is extremely vulnerable to manipulation, especially those who don’t receive good training on the home front, or at school.

            Clearly, the best antidote is education — in the home, and or in school — so that new voters know exactly what they’re voting for. That said, reality is way different than the wish.

            So now, in Venezuela, we have a huge group of new voters and ni-ni’s, some who may or may not understand the issues, others who simply are lazy and resort to excuses. The stakes are high, even if we could be assured that the government would play fair with our votes.

            Enter Diosa Canales who through this ad has potentially piqued an interest in the voting process. Hopefully it will be the only ad of this nature. If that is the case, I honestly think that a little levity in the political process, 6 months prior to voting, is no crime.

            From an advertising point of view, I thought the ad was well executed. Sure, DC was on the vulgar side. But … as I said earlier, the stakes are high.

            I hope that answers your question.

            • Johnny Walking Says:


              Upon reflection, I must say that you have a point. I guess desperate times call for desperate measures. I do not like it, but I have to face reality. What we have is exactly what we have. But I have to say that the notion that next generations are always better than previous ones is clearly false. The history of humankind confirms that. That is sad, because I want my son and daughter, and everyone younger than me to be infinitely better than what I am. In fact, that would make immeasurably happy. We need to make our youngsters feel a strong passion about the things that really matter to a society. Only then, a society will be able to advance. Facebook, twitter and etc., don’t help. Not that they wouldn’t at some point be useful instruments. But sadly, they appeal to the baser instincts of humankind. As I said, I do not like it, and I have to face reality, but I am very concerned about the fact that we have to dumb down our youngsters to achieve the goal of getting these thugs out of power. I just hope it doesn’t backfire. May you have an excellent weekend.

    • m_astera Says:

      Most of the posters here are openly admitting that they don’t care at all about a free and informed citizenry wisely choosing their own government. Whatever sort of manipulation of the morons that will get them to vote for your program is fine. I find that kind of thinking sad and corrupt.

      There is something wrong with being required to prove you understand what you are voting on before being allowed to vote? Why would that be wrong?

      • captainccs Says:

        >>>There is something wrong with being required to prove you understand what you are voting on before being allowed to vote? Why would that be wrong?

        Because it would require some kind of “elite” to decide if you are “eligible” to vote. Who names the elite? It’s exactly the same mistake Uslar did when calling for a bunch of “notables” to take over from CAP.

        Democracy is the art of muddling through and letting morons vote is part of the muddle. Before we had many exclusions: wealth, gender, race, literacy. Which one of these is a valid reason to exclude people from voting? None!

        • Carolina Says:

          Imagine to start with, that the “elite” is appointed by the current government!

          The idea is so wrong in so many levels.

  15. concerned Says:

    She would have my vote. If you have it, flaunt it…silcone or not.

  16. Bill Clinton Says:

    she’s pretty hot….must be Columbian……got her number?

  17. Kepler Says:

    I realised that right away, but then I am left-handed myself.

  18. Bruni Says:

    Miguel, you are getting puritan…soft-porn? Come on! I must admit that I like Diosa. I find her smart. She uses her body to make fun of everybody else.
    I like that.

    BTW, did you realize that she is left handed? For those that wonder why that is a special feature, read my old short story

  19. captainccs Says:

    The “problem” is not Canales, a fine looking specimen, but the culture that thinks she is needed to get out the vote.

  20. Kepler Says:

    CharlesC me recuerda el chiste del hombre al que un psicoanalista le muestra un dibujo con dos líneas y le pregunta qué es eso. El paciente dice: una pareja acoplada teniendo sexo. El doctor le muestra un dibujo con una cruz y el paciente dice: esas son dos mujeres teniendo sexo así y así y así. El doctor vuelve a mostrarle otro garabato y el paciente: esos son unos en una orgía haciendo esto y aquello y esto otro. El doctor le dice: amigo, lo que Usted tiene es una fuerte obsesión producto de impulsos sexuales reprimidos. A lo que el paciente le dice, molesto: ¡el perverso es Usted que anda dibujando todas esas porquerías!

    I don’t know this Kardashian person but I agree with Roberto about the Venezuelan. I did see a couple of pictures of her after I read about her in El Universal…it gets boring after a while but apparently a lot of Venezuelans go literally bananas when they see her. For me nothing like an Audrey Tautou-like girl talking in a cute, intelligent way.

    • geha714 Says:

      That kardashian woman is an attractive but not very bright lady who’s is kept in the public spotlight by the press by no apparent reason than selling magazines and reality shows, beacuse sadly, there’s an audience inetrested in that, even if she doesn’t have a worthy talent beyond her looks.

      • Kepler Says:

        Oh, I see…it’s a booby trap.

        In any case: I hope lots of young people manage to register. I hear from Carabobo the CNE-PSUV are setting up registry posts in PSUV-areas and slowing down the registration process in the most urban centres.

        • CharlesC Says:

          “Oh, I see…it’s a booby trap.” -Ja jaja -too funny.How
          can Chavez compete with that?
          So, Chavez wants to appear sexy to get more votes?

      • captainccs Says:

        Kardashian has lots of talent, front and back!

    • CharlesC Says:

      Mr. Kepler, thanks for the joke.Here’s one for you-
      “Don’t have sex man. It leads to kissing and pretty soon you have to start talking to them.” Steve Martin quote.

  21. Roberto N Says:

    Is it going to work?

    For the younger voter, I would have to say yes, it’s going to work alright. Love her, hate her or anything in between, Ms. Canales has proven to know how to stay in the public eye in Venezuela.

    Sort of like a Kim Kardashian but slightly sluttier. Famous for not much except that she is all over websites and social media. Unlike Kardashian, Canales does show her “natural” attributes often and shamelessly. Personally, I disagree with the way she has chosen to get exposure, and frankly after the first two or three times that she appeared in reveal all mode I now yawn when I happen to run into her images.

    CharlesC, you don’t have to look if you don’t want. You can change the channel or surf elsewhere if you don’t like what you see.

  22. Kepler Says:

    Syd, Caro,

    FrankPintor says here the video of that Venezuelan woman was much less risqué than the other two.

    As I said: I found it rather tacky, but I can see why it would motive many men to give their best for the motherland.
    If it works, use it.

    The Russian one is OK and what I see is that the girl is taking the initiative.
    I just thought Russian elections are a sham, though.

    In the Catalan one the girl is showing less of her body than in the Venezuelan one but the ad tries to show the girl is having a lot of fun.

    Somehow I find the Catalan one both good for male and female viewers, cheeky but not risqué…

  23. Bill S. Says:

    They forgot the go-fast boats. I would vote for her anyway. Hey, Venezuela doesn’t have nukes. Who cares what she does in office? You think Hugo has a big TV audience. She could have a press conference, or give a speech every day and I would tune in. Not that I would remember much of what she may have said.

  24. maria gonzalez Says:

    Bueno es la primera vez que veo a DC haciendo algo que vale la pena…

  25. CharlesC Says:

    I lived near Mexico (in Texas) a few years and I like mariachi bands. My friend’s wife’s family is a great one..Anyway, I have a mariachi hat like the one in this video:

  26. FrankPintor Says:

    oh really… the video by Diosa Canales is pretty tame compared to the other two. Might I suggest that lessons from other LatAm countries regarding young voter apathy (Chile, anyone?) need to be, and in this case are in fact being learned. Whatever works, people…

    • CharlesC Says:

      “Whatever works, people”—Frank -I don’t think you really believe that…
      Honestly, do you think a young girl equating voting with masturbation
      will encourage apathetic teens to get out and vote? That is rediculous!
      Maybe they are right – the most idiot politicians are out to screw everyone-so why not just screw yourself first-since that is what everything is all about =
      you think so…

  27. CharlesC Says:

    Amigos, I like my share of loud, wild music, etc. but- no nudity, perversion, drugs, tatoos, disgusting cursing rapping threats, etc. Man, I don’t want to be a part of the “freak show”, really. Everyone is responsible for their appearance -that means no showing the hinney,etc. and no humping each other in public and on and on- just don’t do it and don’t fall for the attraction of it.
    Did any of you enjoy the display by J-Lo and Pit Bull? I suppose you all did.
    I thought they should be jailed for that!

  28. CharlesC Says:

    Think for a moment about for example-Sophia Loren and Raquel Welch.
    Absolutely stunningly beautiful-still are. They never behaved like this, right?
    That is the point- this type of sex pervert display in public is -frankly should be illegal. TV should be fined big time for this. Nobody, nothing sells this way.
    This is abuse of everyone involved. Trust me, I am no prude. Just stating

    • Kepler Says:

      You are not prude and you want us to think so because we trust you? ANd you are stating reality? Oh, boy…perhaps in Florida and in the Mid West.
      I found the first video, with that soft porno woman, rather tacky. The one from Spain is cheeky but that’s all. I found the first one, as I said, tacky, but I would definitely not prohibit it. That’s for Puritans and fascists.
      Let people choose.

      • Carolina Says:

        I honestly find it very tacky, but not offensive. What did I miss?

        • CharlesC Says:

          Carolina, I don’t have children. Maybe you do, would you think
          it OK if your young daughter “acted out” this way?
          You missed the point- people in the past did not act this way’
          and their is no reason to behave this way now.
          I am not one given to watching someone masterbate in public, are you?

          • CharlesC Says:

            Sorry,I guess it is spelled “masturbate”….

          • Carolina Says:


            I don’t see any difference between what she’s doing with how Michael Jackson danced in the 80’s.

            She is a vulgar person, on that we agree, but that she is masturbating in front of the camera? I wouldn’t take it that far. She is just being provocative in her own way, and it’s directing her message to the market that dances reggaeton. Have you ever seen that?

            Regarding masturbation, most sexologist would agree that is a very healthy practice. Maybe I would I used somebody like this to the ad, but i don’t think it would have been a very effective ad.

            • CharlesC Says:

              OMG -Carolina- the point is -keep it private!!
              Did Dr. Ruth ever say -Hey go out in public and do that?
              Dr. Ruth- what a joke…

            • syd Says:

              OMG Charles, Learn to define masturbation. If you’re saying DC is masturbating because she suggestively caresses her dress, you’re under some heavy indoctrination. Southern Baptist perhaps?

        • syd Says:

          Perhaps you are seeing much more than what is displayed, CharlesC. As such, the performance is a regular Rorschach test.

          • CharlesC Says:

            You need freakin’ glasses, Syd.
            Take your psych rorschach (ink blot)and use it on somebody else, pal.
            Syd, do you remember Raquel Welch acting out like this?
            Would you approve of your daughter acting trashy like this?

            • Carolina Says:

              Oh CharlesC, one thing I forgot.

              You don’t have children you say, so please don’t try to lecture me on how to raise my children.

              One thing just to clarify, I have raised them to be comfortable within their bodies, just as they are. They also happen to have more brains that Diosa Canales though, and they don’t have the need to use their bodies as the only resource they have, which is what she does.

            • Kepler Says:

              Caro, one thing I am surprised about is that Charles didn’t talk about “onanism”…somehow his parlance is one where one would expect that word

    • syd Says:

      you mean, something like this, CharlesC:

      Good Gawd, man. Learn to analyze with some detachment from your morals (are you Mormon, by the way?).

      We’re talking about a dire need to get people to vote, in this case, young-ish men. If Diosa Canales helps in this regard, by putting on a very campy and suggestive ACT, then so be it.

      It’s an ACT not a real-life scenario (except for DC who like Raquel Welch, in another era, has created a risqué PERSONA and loves to flaunt it).

      • CharlesC Says:

        Ok, Syd. Yesk Sophia Loren has a “risque persona” but, you must agree
        that Sophia never-NEVER “flaunted it” to the extreme degree that young
        people do today. Even Sophia talked about this recently saying something like “porn is ruining men these days”…check that out..
        There are limits, but, young people these days don’t think so esp. when it comes to exhibiting themselves. I know these types of things will always happen in some environments-stripping and more, but -not to be accepted
        in front of the whole world- children and decent people reject this.
        For example, I have no doubt that you do not go to thegrocery store wearing a thong? Well, I saw a man with a “see-through” dress in the grocery store
        the other day…
        So, Syd, ‘so be it” -is not good enough for me. NO,I will not leave my morals behind. I do not consider them to be any particular “religion”/
        As far as the “dire need to get people to vote”-would you give them cocaine to vote?No,.seriously why not ask them to WAKE UP and be responsible

        • Kepler Says:

          Charles, como decían los chicos a comienzos de secundaria en Venezuela: tú como que estás más turbado que otros aquí.

          • CharlesC Says:

            Ok, Sigmund- you got me! But, what does that have to do with
            the issue of young girls and boys displaying themselves “over the
            top” sexually? And, seeing an out of control pervert acting out-
            makes you want to run out and vote for a President?

      • syd Says:

        Sofia, CharlesC? What happened to Raquel? Or, as you put it: “.. do you remember Raquel Welch acting out like this?” Has she now conveniently dropped out of the argument you can no longer make about her?

        I’d have to agree with Kep. ‘tas mas turbado que otros por aquí ..

  29. firepigette Says:

    Making light of the voting process is childish under the circumstances in Venezuela.Acutally right now, I would say in any country in the world today.

    If people aren’t serious at this pointi n the process,and considering the serious and devestating nature of the Venezuela situation….

    We might as well just give up.

  30. Victor Says:

    Will Phil Collins sue?

  31. captainccs Says:

    If that’s what it takes to get out the vote, the country is sick. Does she charge by the hour?

  32. Kepler Says:

    Este es el aviso publicitario ibero:

    Me pareció genial

  33. Glenn Says:

    It doesn’t have to to work for everyone. It only has to work for the target audience. Does anyone think “oh my God, I won’t vote because of her!” Hell no.

  34. island canuck Says:

    She’s an attention whore.

  35. julicarbonell Says:

    viva voto joven for thinking and acting out of the box

    • syd Says:

      agree. I think it’s a great ad. DC does a fine job of strutting her stuff on the red carpet, and then a little extra, before getting serious at the ballot box. The last caption was cheeeeky.

      Overall, I give the ad an ‘A’. Much better than the pilot ad that interviewed the ‘C’ grade actors from USB. God that was painful. This, by comparison is sassy and is bound to capture the imaginations of youth and the not-so-young men.

      Now, what the ad team need to do is perhaps create another gem with a some gender role reversal.

  36. Mike Says:

    She’s not really a soft porn star. More like a vedette. She hasn’t really acted in any pornographic movies, softcore or otherwise.

  37. clobber Says:

    So do I – but isn’t that the idea?

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