From “Vintinto” To “Un Solo Camino”

June 13, 2012

This is the original video of the young Venezuelan kid who is switching his allegiance  from Brazilian soccer to Venezuela’s Vinotinto soccer team:

This is the parody:

You be the judge…

17 Responses to “From “Vintinto” To “Un Solo Camino””

  1. Roger Says:

    When I read this all iIcould think of was the novela,_un_camino regardless I don’t understand where they come up with the mono fan thing. One can be a Lions fan and a Red Sox fan at the same time. Are all Canadians solely Blue Jay fans? Those who produced this are either stupid or are promoting some Rojo agenda. In the real world, Venezuela is to Brazil what Canada is to the US as far as population goes. In economics and technology, Brazil is decades beyond Venezuela. They make and do technology and science at a global level. i know I had a conference call with them the other day. did you know that English is a required subject in HS and colleges there? If these kids in these clips don’t speak English, all they will ever be are futball fans.

  2. Jessica Wabbit Says:

    are those drones and AK-47s good with hot sauce? forget food production….. we wants to be mucho macho..macho mucho… kepler dont forget your meds

  3. Carolina Says:

    “Todos los días ofendía para ser como tu..” Priceless!

    I laughed a lot, although I am not sure that mocking chavistas would do any good.

  4. Deanna Says:

    I laughed a lot; I liked it and I agree with deananash, the opposition should do more of this type of mocking campaign publicity.

  5. deananash Says:

    AWESOME….this is an important part of what the opposition needs to be doing. Specifically, MOCKING El Supremo. Narcissists such as Chavez can’t stand to be mocked.

    And many people learn from this type of teaching…it’s particularly effective with the less well-educated.

    • syd Says:

      You’re right. Narcissists don’t like to be the butt of jokes. On the other hand, the mocking is so gentle that I doubt this ad would affect Chavez. For those who aren’t narcissistic and still believe in Chavez, this ad may or may not get them to reconsider.

      I agree that the oppo should consider more of these types of gentle mockeries, and that they may be especially effective on the less well-educated.

  6. caraqueño Says:

    Devil … can you tell us why you took down the Derwick Associates post ?

    Setty says the post and the comments are gone …

    Will you be able to tell us later ?

    I had a quite reveling string of comments in that post.

  7. Roberto N Says:

    Both of them clocking in at 2 minutes are rather long, so they kinda get boring.

    Each could have been cut in half and still have been just as effective.

    The Addidas ad is a thinly disguised swipe at Nike who make the Brazil uniforms.

    The parody is going to go down well in Venezuela’s jodedor culture

  8. Bloody Mary Dry Says:

    There is contradiction between both promos: the first character is shifting from the rational choice to the irrational (sorry for the Vino Tinto’s fans); While in the second, is doing quite the contrary. In other respects is a good parody.

    • megaescualidus Says:

      We shouldn’t over analyze the clips, particularly the Adidas one since (similarly to Andres F’s comment) it seems a quick and cheap half-effort advertisement by Adidas. And the parody clip is just that: a parody, no more and no less.

      What’s more important is Capriles’s “poder de convocatoria” who without much fuss and/or effort gathered 1,000,000+ people (voters) on Sunday for his sign up in the CNE. The other very important point is that (as far as I know) no one died during the event.

  9. What can I say?, it’s never too late to open your eyes and your mind, I’ve been against Chavez since 1992 when he tried an failed in a bloody “coup de etat” against a democratic elected President. I don’t like the military, that’s one of the virtues I admire of Costa Rica; they don’t have an army. I wish all the military forces of the world would disappear, and that the war industry be transformed into life giving and life preserving industries, and like Lennon sang: “You may say that I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one…”

  10. Andres F Says:

    I don’t think even Adidas spent much money on this. With this in mind, I think they both accomplish their goal quite well.

  11. ErneX Says:

    The Adidas-Vinotinto spot is cringeworthy. They spent 3/4 of the thing speaking of another selection to make their silly point, and saying it’s “super cursi” is an understatement.

  12. captainccs Says:

    Copy cat and boring.

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